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    Genesis 3:15 Bye Bye Babylon - Part Two

    in Spirituality

    Genesis 3:15 Bye Bye Babylon, part two, Read full transcript on HebrewsWakeUp.com or HWUNET.com download audio files and pdfs. All praise AHYAH. Much love Dawid Yacob Maccabeus,

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    Victory- Genesis 3:15 - Bye Bye Babylon! Part One

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    The Revealing Chapter 18: - " And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and AHYAH our YAHUAH our YAH hath remembered her iniquities.Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double."

    rev·e·la·tion - (Webster's Definition)
    a usually secret or surprising fact that is made known
    an act of making something known : an act of revealing something in usually a surprising way
    something that surprises you

     a :  an act of revealing or communicating divine truth b :  something that is revealed by God to humans. 2 a :  an act of revealing to view or making known b :  something that is revealed; especially :  an enlightening or astonishing disclosure <shocking revelations> c :  a pleasant often enlightening surprise <her talent was a revelation> 3 capitalized :  an apocalyptic writing addressed to early Christians of Asia Minor and included as a book in the New Testament —called also Apocalypse. JUDGMENT STARTS AT THE DOOR....YOU...Are being JUDGDED...YOU.

    Some more Advice from a Friend. - Plahu the Teacher.

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    Rise of the Black Messiah - Ezekiel 37 - Thank AHYAH we are Free at last.

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    VISIT HWUNET.ORG or HEBREWSWAKEUP.COM for Downloads and Transcripts.

    Rise of the Black Messiah - Ezekiel 37 - Thank AHYAH we are Free at last.

    AHYAH thank you for creating my eyes so I can see, you created this thing man calls organs to reflect the thoughts into this thing man calls a brain- PROFOUND. O AHYAH...how dose this matter calculate? How dose it calculate with mathematical equations that will put the most powerful man made computer to shame. This Man that you made, perfect and profound, NOT profane or vain. Man that you made, perfect and profound, NOT profane or disdained. O AHYAH. How these eyes see, to compare, to calculate these things you created? O AHYAH...How you created this brain to think, think upon the things you placed in time? Time that you AHYAH created when you created this thing called man. And now man can see. O AHYAH NOW man can see.

    I ask that you are with me today, help me tear-down the deceptions of this beast, help me expose the weakness of the system of Babylon. Take this system apart bit by bit and piece by piece. Reverser and de-program your children. Open the eyes of those you destined to see. O AHYAH my YAH our YAHUAH. Thank you for YAHUSHUAH and all of your Righteous teachers. Thank you for YAHUSHUAH and all of your Righteous messengers. Thank you for showing me that it is not the quantity of man, but the quality of the seed. That special few that passed the test. O AHYAH For you said in your word: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

    Thank you AHYAH all Praise AHYAH, all Praise AHYAH all Praise AHYAH!

    - Daweed Plahu Yacob ZakkiyYAH

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    VICTORY - "Your Wish Is Your Command" - Bye Bye Babylon!

    in Spirituality

    Message To AHYAH:

    OH AHYAH, the definition of Love, how you made the seas and the things there in. AHYAH thank you for the air that I breath. OH AHYAH, thank you for opening my eyes to whom we are and showing me how you NEVER left our side. OH AHYAH thank you for naming me a teacher(Plahu) and helping me show my people the WAY. OH AHYAH thank you for guiding me and never letting me down and being with me in the brightest of days and in the darkest hours of the night. You are the Air that I breath, the Sun that I enjoy, the water that natures my Spirit AHYAH AHYAH AHYAH I am humbled by your glimpse. You are magnificent and none can comparer. Thank you AHYAH for always being there. OH AHYAH on this day Father, Mother and Friend I ask that you Open the eyes that need to hear this message. Give me the power to articulate the destruction of this beast of Babylon this day my dearest and best Friend. Break the power of the parasitic demonic elite class, flush them out of their hiding places. Give us the wisdom, knowledge, skills and power to take back our Planet, put your world back in the hands of your children, and this time, do not let them (fool) us again. Father, Mother and Friend this day, OH AHYAH break the power of the Demonic 72 and the hidden powers of the demonic make it null and void. Thank you AHYAH for my sound mind and the feeling of joy and love in my heart, for you have shown me...We Have The Victory. ALL Praise AHYAH ALL Praise AHYAH ALL Praise AHYAH. Dawid Plahu YACOB Zakiyyah

    NOTE: Make sure you check HWUNET.ORG or HebrewsWakeUp.com. Also make sure your file is like the ORIGINAL FILE!(Check the words I write with the words I say! Read Transcript

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    Kevin Trudeau & Natural Cures AGAINST the Parasitic elite.

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    On HebrewsWakeUp.com you may have noticed on the front page I have a link to a video of a man by the name of Kevin Trudeau. The video says “He will be Acquitted! - Stand Up For Your HEALTH - Natural Cures”. Now many of you are probably wondering why I have this link. With the message “He will be Acquitted! - Stand Up For Your HEALTH - Natural Cures”. Listen and find out why.
    ( Also Read: Natural Cure for the Parasitic elite Class. BLOG.) Plahu A.K.A Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

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    Open Talk & Reflections, America America why you failed.

    in Spirituality

    Open Talk & Reflections, America America why you failed.

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    Our Story time for the New Wine

    in Spirituality

    Our Story time for the New Wine
    Who is Malachi Z. York, Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi? What is Tay Sach Disease? What is the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the House of Habsburgs? What dose all this have to to with this broadcast? I will answer all of these questions in "Our Story Time For The New Wine". Listen learn and teach.
    Much Respect  Teacher PLAHU. All Praise AHYAH.

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    Who Murdered Michael Jackson?

    in Spirituality

    Who Murdered Michael Jackson?  My personal initiative to uncover the truth By Plahu Yacob Zakiyyah
    Welcome friend and family I am your host Plahu Yacob ZakiyYAH, today’s date is June 22 2013 I am speaking to you live from Sweden. You are listening to Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came right on time. I ask AHYAH to send this message to the ears that need to hear it. I ask AHYAH that the spirit of justice will flow and peace will settle on the Jackson Family and they bring to justice those responsible for the death of their Son, Brother, Father and Friend. Be with them on this day as they remember Michael. Give them strength and knowledge in knowing that his death is not in vain. Thank you AHYAH for this opportunity to speak to your children, I ask that you bring your people together in African and on the contents of the Americas and help us to heal this world. All Praise AHYAH All Praise AHYAH All Praise AHYAH
    This broadcast is called “Who Murdered Michael Jackson, my personal imitative to uncover the truth”. You know on June 25 2009 my sister called me from the United States, she said David guess what?...
    FOR FULL TRANSCRIPT go to HebrewsWakeUp.com or HWUNET.org. You can also download Audio and listen on my Shoutcast station. Dawid

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    Revelation the True meaning of the Name ZION

    in Spirituality

    REVELATION the meaning of the name ZIONHello Family and Friends,If you listen to this recent broadcast and understand it then you will see that this present Global Prison Planet, NWO, Old World Order, pathetic elite ruling class aka Nazis can put a fork in their plans. I found  that we have been taught Revelations wrong. We have already WON! It is clear as day. Listen and learn Hebrews / Egyptians we have already WON! They are running on fumes.PLAHU YACOB ZAKIYYAH

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    Hello Friends, Family and the enemy,
    I want to write this open letter for two reasons one to explain why I am, so concerned
    about this right wing Republican, fake Libertarian,so called Tea Party founder, the questionably racist, Truth destroying and Zionist supporting talk show host Alex Jones. Let me explain. I have had love and hate for this guy since 1999. Yes I have known about him this long. From the time I started studying computer science in 1998 and stated downloading my first conspiracy information I started seeing this world with new eyes. Alex Jones was the first radio host that I knew of that would speak about this information. He was one of the first to expose and make sense of my suspicions. The first books I read about the subject was “Circle of Intrigue The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy” and “Project L.U.C.I.D The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System” both written by Texe Marrs back in 1995 and 96. Both of these books if you read them will make anyone a conspiracy theorist. Now lets fast forward to 2000. I am online finding things about FEMA, Bechtel and the controlling of water in Peru, IMF, EU and World Bank policies and I am not sure what all this means. Then as I am surfing the internet I come across Alex Jones exposes Bohemian Grove. I watch his very rare and one of the first internet videos on the internet. He is explaining about this Secret society where former and present Presidents go into the woods and Sacrifice to their god Moloch which is the same religion of the Hyksos under their goddess Anat. This religion requires human scarifice. War is that sacrifice....etc
    Plahu Yacob ZakiYYah aka Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

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    Religion,Mind Control and a IGNORANT People

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    IG.NO.RANT - | A - uninformed; unaware. B - lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact. C - lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man. D - showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

    I was very IGNORANT around November 28 2010. It was not until 2 years later I started to study Akhenaten. As you can hear, I still called myself an Israelite. This was right before "They Live Because We Sleep"....after everything changed! 

    Perfect Example of Ignorance:
    " You may say “The Ancient Egyptian religion or Khemeticism.” This is from Akhenaten or (Amen
    hotep) and If this is the case then at this moment this studied is not about that. And I can not speak on this because I did not focus this lecture on that, But I will say this! If you try to blend Akhenaten A.K.A Amenhotep with the Hebrew Israelites.Then I have to take issue. The Hebrew Israelites do not worship the sun. We give praise to the creator of the sun. Case in point. The “Great Hymn to the Aten” this poem speaks about a diety called Aton which is the sun. Many Egyptologist like to say that the “Hymn of Aten” was the inspiration or that Psalms 104 derived from this HYMN they say this because of the simlarities. Well I have both version on my website for you to compare. And this is the point I would like to make. I will do this by reading Psalms 104." 

    Although the rest of the Broadcast is all good! (Dawid Yacob - a.k.a - PLAHU 12/05/2013)

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