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    Interview with Placida Acheru - Coaching 4 Excellence

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    Placida Acheru is One of UK's Top Business Transformational Coaches and Founder of "Coaching 4 Excellence".
    Placida holds a Master's degree in Guidance and Counselling, worked twelve years in public administration where she became Senior Assistant Register of a college. She decided to take her career forward by pursuing her passion for business and becoming a coach; to further complement her knowledge and skills she added to her portfolio the following certifications: - Performance Coaching, Neuro- linguistic Programming, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence and Train the trainer
    She started in business turning her hobbies into money-making ventures and showing others how to do the same.
    Today, Placida is an internationally sought-after speaker, Business transformational and monetization strategist.
    Placida's experience, business systems and strategies have impacted the lives of business owners, helping them restore vision, take action and create excellencein business.
    Her passion is seeing people discover their true calling, take charge of their lives, break through every roadblock to their financial success and enjoy total fulfilment in all areas of their lives.
    Placida's a no-nonsense Business coach who will not let you hide behind your fears. She believes that until you take that step you will never know what you could become.
    Placida regularly coaches start-ups and entrepreneurs, helping them work towards and achieve the income goal they desire as well as supporting them in Business Growth, Social Media Management, Relationship Marketing, Joint Partnership, Wealth Creation through residual income streams, Overcoming Fear and more
    If you need a boost, restore your vision, take action and create excellence in business, contact Placida at www.coaching4excellence.com

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    Bounce Back Fast From Your Set Back with Placida Acheru !

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    Placida Acheru is an Online Visibility Strategist and a Transformational BusinessCoach and is  indeed making waves in the business world, but do you know her "behind the scene story?
    Well, here is the show that you will get to hear that.
    Divorced as her husband refused her due to her health condition, and  stuck in a job she did not quite like as a college administrator for 12 years,  Placida had to take a life-changing decision.
     She took a leap to change her life and her future.
    Armed with her faith in God, an enterprenerial mindset, and a determination to make her life count she moved into the UK.
    Today, she runs her Coaching 4 Excellence a high profile Business Mentorship  Platform that has unleashed many business owners to fulfill thier business goals and dreams.
    Tune in on Thursday as we chat on her how marriage breakdown, her passion today and her dreams for tomorrow on Your Freedom Calls You Radio show.
    Thursday  8pm GMT

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    How to Start a Business When You’re a Working Mother

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    Setting up a business can be daunting; more so if you are a working mother. Maintaining a work-life balance is without doubt the foremost challenge working mothers face. To most, it is a never ending period of struggling and juggling. How can working mothers carve a path of success for themselves then in business?

    Placida Acheru's Keep Your Dream Alive Show welcomes 2014 with this episode that tackles one perennial question hounding women entrepreneurs today. Guest Emily Thorpe is an author and the founder of Happy Working Mum. She has been through the same struggles and admits that being a working mother is totally amazing but can also be incredibly hard.

    About Emily:

    Emily is a qualified life coach and has studied personal development for over 15 years. Her aim is to use her skills and expertise to help mothers find an easier way to really enjoy being working mums, whilst being relaxed, happy, confident and able to have lots of fun.

    Her motto is to ‘Play Full Out’ and she has found out that mothers can fit lots into their busy lives provided they make the right choices and have fantastic strategies at hand.

    Contact Emily:

    Website: http://www.happyworkingmum.com/

    Facebook Page: Happy Working Mum

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    Placida Acheru on Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2011

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    Meet Placida Acheru who is one of our Entrepreneur Speakers at Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2011 (5th & 6th November) London.
    Placida has help dozens of entrepreneurs towards a 7-Figure Income..  She is also a qualified business coach, internationally recognised speaker and social media marketing expert.
    Find out what Placida will be teaching at the Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and what he will be giving away in the Event Goody Bag!!  http://www.YoungEB.com

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    How to Stretch Your Start-up's Funding Without Giving Up Equity

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    Funding is always a crucial factor to every start-up project. Since the most valuable currency in the startup word is equity, more and more startups consider alternative, equity free, funding mechanisms: crowd funding, peer to peer lending, startup loans and - last but not least - government grants.

    Keep Your Dream Alive host Placida Acheru's date for this episode is no less than with a remarkable lady whose most recent venture has been in helping tech start-ups in the UK secure government funding equity free. She is Paulina Sygulska Tenner.  The conversation will cover:

    •    A perspective on the London and UK startup scene;
    •    An insight into types of UK Government funding available for innovating companies;
    •    Finding the inspiration and the passion to perservere even if starting a business from scratch, and many more.  

    About Paulina:   

    Paulina is a serial entrepreneur, an aspiring geek and a networking junkie. Her most recent venture, GrantTree, is going from strength to strength helping top tech startups in the UK (Stack Exchange, Duedil, Go Cardless) secure government funding for R&D, equity free. After hours, she likes to indulge in a bit of burlesque.

    Contact Paulina:

    Website: www.granttree.co.uk
    Facebook Page: Grant Tree

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    Finding Beauty, Confidence and Financial Freedom during Motherhood and Beyond

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    Yes, entering the realms of motherhood is a game changer. For starters there are the physiological and hormonal changes that women have to contend with; they also have to face the challenges of child rearing; add to that is the sense of befuddlement this brings to one's own dreams and career plans.

    Keep Your Dream Alive, hosted by Placida Acheru, welcomes Penelope Magoulianiti in this week's episode. Penelope has been helping mothers find the balance between family and work life, as well as helping them to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

    About Penelope:

    Penelope Magoulianiti is an inspirational speaker and the author of Women, Motherhood and Independence, A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence after Childbirth. As an ex- corporate executive, a wife and a mother of two, Penelope is all too aware of the pressures and demands placed on Mothers. Through her book, her website and related services, Penelope offers straight up advice, techniques and principles for Mothers on various topics including confidence, health and beauty and financial independence.

    Contact Penelope:

    Website: www.WomenMotherhoodAndIndependence.com 

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/penelope.vasilioumagoulianiti

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    How to Create Your DREAM: A Simple 5 Step Process

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    It all started with a DREAM... so a popular line goes. The question some of us face however is - how can we be sure that we have the right dream to start with in the first place?
    After a brief hiatus, The Keep Your Dream Alive show hosted by Placida Acheru, is back with guest Audra Duffy in what promises to be a lively discussion on yes --- "How to Create Your Dream".
    About Audra Duffy:
    Audra Duffy is a Money, Marketing and Mindset Coach/Mentor, speaker and founder of www.DesiredToInspired.com. 
    Audra helps women entrepreneurs, particularly those that work as transformation professionals, who don’t know how to get clients, are struggling financially and experiencing an invisible barrier to their success.  She helps them to attract an abundance of clients and money in a way that is fun, feminine and authentic. 
    Contact Audra:
    Website:  www.DesiredToInspired.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/DesiredToInspired
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AudraLDuffy

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    Discover Insider Secrets to Internet Marketing

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    The worlds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are always changing, but one thing remains the same:  good, timely content is the key to top search rankings.      Keep Your Dream Alive's upcoming guest, Coryon Redd, has been winning the Internet marketing game for almost 15 years.  He is the CEO of batteries4less.com and last year founded a consulting and web design business, Coryon.com Internet Marketing, to show businesses how to achieve online success.   During the show, Coryon will share a system to improve your website, get top Google rankings, and streamline your online marketing.    About Coryon Redd:  In 1999, Coryon Redd started batteries4less.com out of a closet in West Hollywood, California.  On a shoestring budget, Coryon figured out how to get to the top of Google in a very competitive market. Batteries4less.com has continued to rank #1 on hundreds of keywords like "cell phone batteries" for over a decade.     Coryon Redd is known for his fun, engaging, and informative style.  He has helped hundreds of businesses improve their marketing and websites through his speaking and consulting.     Contact Coryon: Websites:  http://www.coryon.com/                     http://batteries4less.com/ Facebook:  http://facebook.com/coryonmarketing

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    Creating a Business Cashflow Explosion

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    Most business owners would agree that sales are essential to the survival of their businesses because Sales equals Income. The problem in most businesses is – there’s always someone that either doesn’t know how to, doesn’t like to or just refuses to sell completely! If you want to see an exponential increase in your sales activities and there by an increase in your income then ……… This dynamic, practical, one-of-a-kind training will reveal the SECRETS of how some of our clients are increasing their sales anywhere from 15%-85% in a matter of weeks!! In this powerful and dynamic presentation participants will:
    Learn about the 4 mindsets that dominate business today. Your success in business will depend on which mindset you are operating from. Find out what Public Enemy #1 is to achieving your financial success. Discover the 6 fundamental steps in business that has helped thousands of companies to succeed. Develop a sales process that makes money in any economy. About our Guest:  Mac Attram is a Multi-Award Winner.  Mac Attram had many years of challenges and failures in business before discovering what really works! He now owns several successful businesses including a highly profitable multi-million pound property investment business. He helps his business clients increase their sales income anywhere from between 15 & 85% in a matter of weeks  Contact Mac:
    Website: www.SalesPartnersUK.com & www.MacAttram.com

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    Build a Thriving Business Without Losing Your Relationship

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    Can you really build a thriving business and continue to nurture a loving relationship at the same time? This is particularly one of the dilemmas that women in business face.
    In this show, we are pleased to have as guest Susan Francis, a Certified Coach, Mentor, NLP Practitioner and Author. Susan specializes in working with coaches, consultants and solo entrepreneurs who are struggling with stepping up and creating their ideal business whilst maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. 
    In this show, Susan will be sharing insights on:
    1. What is really holding you back from the Transformation you desire (it might not be what you THINK it is!),
    2. How to remain TRUE to yourself, your partner & your Business without having to SACRIFICE one for the other,
    3. The SECRET FORMULA to overcome resistance and how to easily implement this into your life so you can continually move forward, and many more.
    About Susan Francis:
    Susan Francis works with Women Entrepreneurs whose relationship challenges are keeping their business stuck.  She is the founder of www.susanfrancis.co.uk and the creator of the Authentic Business & Relationships system - a proven step by step process that enables women to get what they want from their business and relationships without sacrificing one for the other.
    Contact Susan:
    Website:  http://www.susanfrancis.co.uk
    For a FREE Discovery Session: http://www.susanfrancis.co.uk/RockSolidDiscoverySession.html

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    How To More Than Double Your Income Working Less Hours

    in Business

    Can you really double, triple or even quadruple your income working only 4 hours a week from home? It does seem like a lot of wishful thinking. For the longest time, achieving work-life balance has been a challenge to most, more so achieving increased monetary prosperity.
    Keep Your Dream Alive's upcoming guest, Dwayne Kerr, is definitely every entrepreneur's dream. Dwayne works with entrepreneurs looking to create a healthy work to life style balance, letting them be more productive and create additional income streams while taking more time off. 
    In this episode, Dwayne will be sharing:
    1. Ways to create a personal online brand to multiply your income in under 15 days,
    2. How to set-up a fully functioning online business for less than $100 in 3 easy steps,
    3. How to charge up to ten times more for your products and services while counting the fingers on your hand, and more.
    About Dwayne Kerr:
    Over the last 6 years, Dwayne has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world turn their yearly income into a monthly income while doing what the love.
    He is continually in search and is ready to assist more entrepreneurs .
    Contact Dwayne:
    Website:  www.AskDwayneKerr.com
    Facebook Page:  Twitter: LinkedIn:
    For more Information on the Unleashed Women's Network  "Streams to Wealth" Program like us on Face Book

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