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    Gathering Spaces an Intersection Between Cultural and Nature- Part Two

    in Visual Arts

    Today’s Creative Conversation is with Raymond A. Thomas, Construction Manager overseeing building of sculptural components; community organizations and youth volunteer’s liaison; IT specialist, painter, mosaic artist, installation supervision team, and Dorian Sylvain , Design Manager, providing technical drawings/plans; design layout, painter, mosaic artist; and installation supervision team.

    As a new resurgence of art and culture continues to emerge in Bronzeville, this partnership with SSCAC in the creation of the “Sankofa for the Earth” site would become a signature moment that symbolizes this new renascence of creativity and community arts engagement on the south side. 

    The wildlife corridor on the lakefront reflects not only the magnificence and respect of the surrounding natural habitat but also can provide a place of reflection and cultural exchange with its residing community. This sentiment of harking back and retrieving what is vital to your future mirrors the mission of the Burnham Wildlife Corridor Curatorial Committee, Chicago Park District, and The Field Museum in their restoration of these natural habitats. Our Sankofa bird symbol will pay homage to migratory birds and other wildlife that inhabits the area, we plan inclusion of plant life to more harmonize with the environment.  

    Arlene Turner Crawford, who is serving as Project Manager, overseeing planning timetables, logistics and budget; Park District & Field Museum liaison; painter, mosaic artist. 

    Investigation: What does it mean to exhibit in temporary installation spaces outside of the museum?  Why are the ideas of functionality and beauty major precepts in your proposed work? 

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    Future Present - Continuing the Conversation with Laura Weathered

    in Real Estate

    NNWAC is an artist directed non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the power of creativity building community for 26 years. NNWAC provides technical assistance and resources to achieve affordable art space for multi-disciplinary arts activities, through collaboration, fees for services and contributed support.


    Community Building, communities are more than an arrangement of streets and buildings and infrastructure. Equally important are people that live and work there, and the social networks and traditions that are forged when they invest time and effort in creating a better future for the place they all call home.


    Bronzeville Artist Lofts (BAL). The artist live-work space is situated in the heart of the Black Metropolis, now known as Bronzeville. Currently in the pre-development stage, the former Jones Brothers Ben Franklin store - renovated and transformed into 16 extraordinary open loft space apartments for artist.


    Cornerstone. Consists of 14 new mixed-income apartments designed and operated to support working artists and 45 affordable apartments renovated for families living in the neighborhood.  

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    How Does Your Garden Grow a Creative Conversation with William G. Hill

    in Non-Profit

    William Hill Gallery has been awarded the South East Chicago Commission – University of Chicago 2015 Neighborhood Enhancement Grant for the design and installation of a botanical garden in the Woodlawn- Hyde Park community.

    The mission and purpose of the William G. Hill Center for the Arts is to support and improve the creative and artistic expressions and develop the personal and professional artistic and community building skills of youth and adults in Chicago’s Woodlawn Community.

    His mission is to design a garden in the public walkway that enhances the quality of life of those people in the community that live, work and play. By beautifying and revitalize the block of Dorchester between 64th Street Metra stop, to 65th street viaduct; physically, socially and economically by using multi-platform¸ multi-dimensional, multi-cultural approaches to art creation that celebrate the connection and synergy between traditional Art and nature. Using such things as horticulture, landscaping, lighting, botanical gardening of both vegetables and perennials and constructing outdoor and indoor installations, exhibits, and other public art expressions as the vehicles.

    William provides programs that will also  teach,  and create visibility for new and emerging artists, particularly those artists of color who are underrepresented in the art world and who wish to become involved in utilizing the Arts as a community building tool.

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    Dennis Erokan, CEO of The Placemaking Group

    in Business

    On Wednesday, September 25th, Peter Mingils will be interviewing Dennis Erokan, CEO of The Placemaking Group on The Dash Radio.
    His topic is to Get Famous!

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    Pop Up Research Station - Blair Cohn

    in Art

    Conversation with the Executive Director of the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association Blair Cohn.  We cover the development of First Fridays and the Expo Arts Center.




    Hosted by Liza Simone founder of Phantom Galleries LA, PhantomGalleriesLA.com

    PopUpResearchStation@gmail.com PopUpResearchStation.com

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    Food Wrap “Journey to Wellness” with Freestyle Specialist "Toni Blackman"

    in Health

    Join Food Wrap this week when Nina & Shawna will be talking to Freestyle and Improv Specialist, Toni Blackman. She is the first Hip Hop Artist selected to work as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Department of State. Toni is an expert curator and convener of artists and people, whose vision for Hip Hop blends classic placemaking with artistic and self-development as a way for individuals and communities to experience transformation and healing.

    She recently started a video blog sharing her journey towards better health. The Ladies will be talking to Toni about some drastic changes she has made to improve her health on her journey to wellness.

    We all like to eat. But do we eat well?  Food Wrap, is the weekly show on The Go Pro Radio Network that’s all about good eatin’. Food fanatics and enthusiasts Nina Marcalle and Shawna Glover will take you on a delicious journey through the latest trends and traditions in alternative eating from the everyday person’s perspective. From culinary technology and restaurant reviews to discussions about the latest diet and nutrition trends, Food Wrap is the perfect weekly digest for anyone looking to beef up on food facts and share their own discoveries. The show includes juicy segments like “Dinner for $10” which features meals for families on a budget and “Food Fight”, which features discussion and debate about the politics of food. You’ll get tips on how to eat green on the cheap, and you’ll have your chance to call in and chew the fat with Nina, Shawna and their Special Guests. Be sure to check them out every Wednesday at 9PM EST where Talk Never Tasted So Good!

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    Our Arts Define Our Character

    in Politics Progressive

    Sarah studied film and media at the University of Virginia and co-founded The Bridge Film Series before moving to New York to work as a book designer and being selected as a resident documentary film curator at UnionDocs. She moved back to Charlottesville in 2009 and started working for PCA as Communications Manager, assuming the role of Executive Director in 2012. She currently serves on advisory boards for the Virginia Film Festival and WTJU 91.1FM. Outside of PCA, she has worked on a variety of local arts initiatives, including CommonPlace Arts and theCharlottesville Mural Project. Her interests include public art and creative placemaking, economic development through the arts, travel, gardening, bookmaking, and design.

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    BeSimply...GivingTree {City Repair}

    in Culture

    Join 'She' for the GivingTree. ‘She’ will shine a light on (MORE) ground work. Work that builds, regenerates and grows community. Exploring being of service with the earth, heart, hands and community. Radical Acts of Generousity!

    Shining a Light on City Repair and Place Making

    Music Houses The Beauty Surrounds & Big Light

    The Walker by Fitz & the Tantrum

    Book Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

    Hand to Hand  Giving...to those impacted by the Mudslides in Washington State. Church of the Earth

    Sessions with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

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    PopUp Research Station (CAM) Dan Godston/Samuel A. Love

    in Art

    Dan Godston, President and founder of Borderbend Arts Collective which mission is to promote the arts by giving artists opportunities to collaborate and show their work to a variety of audiences. Eighth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival - September 23 - October 12, involves  artists, organizations, and communities from across the United States, and aboard. These collaborations include a range of art forms,  collaborative projects, prepared or improvised,  between Chicago and other locations.
    Featured program "Ars in Natura, Urbs in Horto", Samuel A. Love, curator of artists, environmentalists, urban gardeners, activists and others involved with Grant Theater Project, in Gary Indiana, to celebrate and explore connections between nature, the arts, and urbanism. Here is an audio from the community discussion we did in Gary as part of Chicago Artists Month. http://www.borderbend.org/1/post/2013/10/ars-in-natura.html.
    "Call it urban landscape candid portraiture from Street Level elevation, with a healthy dose of surrealism, I'm interested in illustrating the ways that narratives shape people's perception of a place."
    Sam's current project is a survey of Gary, Indiana can be found on flicker.

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    123-Small Arts Communities, Big Impact

    in Art

    123-Small Arts Communities, Big Impact
    Artist communities are often the driving factor behind economic growth, community enrichment and placemaking. Call in a share your story, what is your art community like? Does the place/local drive the look and feel of your town? Who is drawn to locate in your footprint?
    Guest Host: SuzanneFrazier.com
    Sponsored by: 88 88ArtLook, 8888ArtLook.com LisaBellMusic.com
    Add to your knowledge call-in ask a question or share your experience.Call 646-915-9294   
    Here's how to be prepared to call in live on the show:  
    1.  Introduce yourself, talk about your work and how it  relates to the show topic. 
    You can pre-record your thoughts prior to the show by calling: 419-862-5665  by Weds evening prior to Thursday's show.  
    NEW! record on your memo function on your phone and email to: Annette@8888ArtLook.com a few hours in advance of the show. 
    2.  Call in live during the show  
    9-10 pm MST: Call 646-915-9294. Thanks for letting us interview you. Your thoughts will help other artists with their art career.   
    3.  Listen live on your computer: 
    All the best for your art career, Annette Coleman, Artist and founder 88 88 ArtLook 303.941.8887

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    PR That Works! Promoting Subject Matter Expertise

    in Marketing

    Hello everyone! I'm Kathy Klotz-Guest, host of Jargonorrhea Live - A Viral Marketing Show, and CEO of marketing firm, Keeping it Human. My company turns marketing-speak into human speak that gets results. My goal with this show to provide fun, lively marketing conversations with great guests without the self-promotion, spin and jargon-monoxide poisoning that pervades most marketing. So if you're looking for jargon, we're happy to recommend our competition.
    Today, we'll be speaking with Dennis Erokan of Placemaking Group about PR and how to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Thought leadership can help differentiate you and your company in a crowded market. How do create a compelling message and how do you get the word out about what you do?
    Join us for a fun, insightful, and "human" conversation!

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