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    RTR: The Preacher's Kid

    in Christianity

    Today on Real Talk Radio, We have a PK, Dustin Harper, and he's going to share his experiences of growing up a PK, and also leaving the IC, while still being a PK. We've all heard the term "PK".Preachers Kid. Mostly, they are thought of in one of two ways. Angels or Demons...Have you ever wondered why PK's act the way they do? How often do they wear a mask to disguise who they really are? Does their doctrinal leanings have an effect on them? Does having a parent as a parent make others treat them differently? Want to hear his story? Tune in this and every Sunday morning at 10am, est, by calling 661-449-9951, and press 1 if you would like to share your thoughts on the air.






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    Mind Over Matter

    in Spirituality

    Physical Powers; Putting PK to the Test; and Mind Over Body. Dick Sutphen has been teaching Mind over Matter for over 40 years and shares his widsom and stories he's gathered. Please join Dick and his wife as they discuss "Mind Over Matter."

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    Episode 2- A Conversation with Sarah Howell

    in Christianity

    The second episode of Connect airs on January 14, 2015.  Rev. Sarah Howell is an associate at Centenary UMC in Winston-Salem, NC and is responsible for the Roots Revival service that happens on Wednesday nights.  Our conversation included looking at her life as a PK, her call to ministry, her going into full time service and what it is like to lead an alternative worship community.

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    Portfolio Report Card: An $89,000 Retirement Plan that Needs a Facelift

    in Finance

    In this episode, Ron DeLegge does a Portfolio Report Card for PK in Rockville, MD. She's 38, works in the public relations field and has an $89,000 retirement plan divided across just three mutual funds. Is PK's investment plan on or off track? Does her plan get an A, B, C, D, or F? Host, Ron DeLegge analyzes and grades PK's investment portfolio to find out how she does. 

    Get $100 if your Portfolio Report Card is an "A"

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  • Mystical Awakenings Radio: Interview With Family of Missing Destiny Butler

    in Spirituality

    Hosts, Debbie Marcum & Deb DeRousse

    Destiny Butler
    Missing since February 21, 2014 from Rosedale, NY

    Age - 14
    Race- Biracial
    5'6" to 5'7"
    120 lbs. to 130 lbs.
    Clothing - Destiny was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans
    and boots.
    Case# 14-16823-PK

    Destiny is a runaway who is missing from her home. She has been known to use the nick names, "Luna" or "Desi". Destiny may be in the area of 209th Street and Merrick Boulevard, Jamaica, Queens. Also a possibility of being in Michigan.. She may be in need of medical attention.

    Any information on Destiny please contact
    New York City Police Department
    NYS Missing Persons Clearinghouse
    1-800-346-3543  (347)850-8292

    Deb and Debbie are Spiritual Mediums who love to help people and teach people how to move forward and to understand the signs and messages from their own loved ones They believe life is all about the lessons we learn and how we deal with obstacles put in our way. Loss of a loved one can be devastating and turn a persons world upside down, both Deb's love what they do and reach out to people who need to hear from their departed loved ones. They help people understand that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey.

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    Barstool Pick Em NFL Week 13

    in Football

    Mortal Locks

    Pres - Pats +3

    Hank - Broncos -1

    Big Cat - Arizona PK

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    Believe - A Conversation with Mrs. Ebony Lewis Lowery

    in Motivation

    Join us this evening for an insightful look at the life of an amazing woman of God.  To see this young woman, you could only imagine that her life is grand - and it is but there have been some situations in her life that have kept her grounded in what she believes and she''s going to share a little of that with us.  Ebony is a daughter (PK), a wife, mother, entrepenuer, artist and so many other things.  I could share so much more about her but I want you to join us for this candid time of sharing and EMPOWERMENT!


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    Breakthrough Sports

    in Sports

    Stanley Cup playoff discussion, PK Subban and Carey Price leading the Habs. NBA playoffs, Who will the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers be? 

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Playful Engineer Ann Marie-Thomas

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Dr. AnnMarie Thomas. AnnMarie is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas. Her teaching and research focus on engineering design, particularly as it relates to PK-12 education. With her students, AnnMarie explores the playful side of engineering exploring topics such as Squishy Circuits, the Engineering of Circus, and toy design. She is the mother of two young makers.  AnnMarie is the author of the recent book Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation, a book for parents and other educators—both formal and informal, who are curious about the intersections of learning and making. Through stories, research, and data, it builds the case for why it is crucial to encourage today’s youth to be makers.

    this episode Q&A includes: 

    • vaginal steams- why are you doing it?
    • St. John's wort and St. Joan's wort are the same thing- Hypericum perforatum 
    • hypericum used to treat pain that arises from the nerves
    • parasitic worms- drugs are usually more effective and less damaging than potent herbs..
    • the sexual relationship with yourself is what counts most..
    • plants do not contain estrogen, but do contain phytosterols which are precursors to hormones..
    • seeds, roots and most leaves contain phytosterols..
    • late 40's trying to conceive? vitex, red clover infusion, up the amount of animal fats in diet and petition the soul of unborn child..
    • when we are sick it gives our immune system a chance to work..
    • mental illness and coping strategies..
    • essential oils used in diffuser- most dangerous because they go into lungs and directly into blood..

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    " Live with Apostle Veryl Howard and PK Mickens " and Apostle Natalie Young

    in Lifestyle

    Join Apostle Natalie Young hosting Apostle Veryl Howard  and PK Mickens  Apostle Howard founder of Faith Management & Talent Casting is known to many as one of the most sought after managers and promoters in the world of Gospel music. She is also the author of two books where her most recent book is “God is My Ticket out the Ghetto”. In addition to her books she writes for gospel magazines such as  Devine Glory, Piece Magazine and Change to name a few.  But most importantly she is a servant of God. Email: Veryl920@aol.com PK Mickens Founder of Shofar Magazine glorifies God, educates, empowers, infuses different cultures, & creates network opportunities. www.shofarmagazine.com If you believe that this Media ministry is beneficial in today's society. Show your support in any way you can Via Time, Talent, or resources. Sponsors are always welcomed. In addition Shofar is an excellant way to procalim to the world your services to the kingdom of God by placing events, causes, organizations or businesses on the Kingdom's media stage. For Advertising, Sponsorship Packages, or Article submission. email: voices.liberty@gmail.com

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    Mindful Shift - a conversation with author Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

    in Spirituality

    I am super excited to be joined today by author Dr. Joseph Gallenberger who wrote the book Inner Vegas - creating miracles, abundance and health.   This was a book I was slow to warm up to, Vegas is not my thing, but the focus of this book is focus!  The inner journey and how to utilize your minds ability to achieve what you want in this world.  Dr. Gallenberger takes us on a journey of consciousness into the wild world of psyckokinesis (PK) where mind energized by the heart influences matter, resulting in seeds growing in a few minutes, lights lighting without being plugged into electricity, metal bending with a thought, rolling what you are thinking on dice, and where micacle healings become possible.  Inner Vegas is a guide to using scientifically-proven psychic abilities to create miracles in your life.  It is grounded in science, experience, and astounding stories of sucess.  Dr. Joe is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience.  A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Dr. Gallenberger is in demand internationally on topics such psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifestation.  He is a senior facilitator at the Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC2 program.  He developed SyncCreation: a home study course in manifestation, and he teaches his Inner Vegas Adventure workshops in Las Vegas.   I hope you can join in!  

    Questions or comments for me - amlovegren@aol.com    - peace out!

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