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    Chatting with the owners of Chocolate Pizazz!

    in Entrepreneur

    Meet Helen and Jeri, the sassy fifty-something Texas chocolatiers who take classic treats such as cookies, popcorn, potato chips, marshmallows, pretzels and moon pies and transform them with a touch of Pizazz - Texas Style!
    Chocolate Pizazz was born out of their love for chocolate, and their incredibly FUN friendship and the desire to put some extra money in their pockets.  Fast forward seven years and they are still cracking each other up!  The difference is they now have a fabulous gourment chocolate shop in Houston, Texas and ship their selection of seasonal gifts, corporate gifts, party favors, and tins nationwide.
    Helen and Jeri say they  gain such joy in creating unique products and know you will feel the same enjoyment when you choose to sprinkle some Pizazz on your gifts and parties!

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    The Marketing Technology Blog

    in Marketing

    I wanted to take the time this week to share some great tools and information from our sponsors on the Marketing Technology Blog! It's just Doug today without all the pizazz of our normal shows with the team at Site Strategics and Edge of the Web Radio.

    Our podcast discusses the latest marketing technology on the web. We frequently have leading marketers and the founders of marketing technology companies that we discuss these platforms with. Every week we provide guidance to marketing professionals - whether you're running your own company or you're a CMO at an international corporation - we always have information that you can use to increase the performance of your online marketing.


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    A LIFE FULL OF PIZAZZ- A Tribute & Celebration to DR. MAYA ANGELOU

    in Culture

    Host & Crisis Dramatist Phyllis Helene pays tribute to the LITERARY GENIUS DR. MAYA ANGELOU:

    Phyllis Helene recites five of her favorite poems written by Dr. Angelou and and she also recites her personal poem titled....MAYA'S SWEET ENTRANCE THRONE...

                       May God Bless Dr. Maya Angelou with his Grace and Mercy

                                               we loved her

                             and her Greatest Gift to us is that;  

                                                       She loved Us Back

    The Woman who has helped Us Raise Our Consciousness for Generations!

                                             THANK YOU....THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    Bobby Pizazz, Professor Harp & Kirby Sewell Sit On The Couch

    in Music

    A trio of guests this evening, all bringing thir blues with style.
    Bobby Pizazz was born in the Detriot area, but the sounds of Nashville have always pulled at him.
    Ask Bobby who he is and he might say, "I have a song in my soul, I have a story that must be told.  As I write these songs, I tell of life...I'm a Music Story-Teller, a Song Man"
    We will sit with Bobby and find out more about his life as we listen to his music.
    Then, he calls himself Professor Harp.
    Boston's Hugh Holmes was a Gene Krupa-inspired drummer until 1969, when an encounter with George Smith left him so enamored of the harmonica that he sat In with Muddy Waters in the mid-70s and assumed his current stage name from nicknames bestowed on him by Waters and Solomon Burke.
    Now, after some 35 years of gigging around Boston and the northeast, he finally has a debut recording to offer and we get to hear his tale as we listen to his tunes.
    Then Kirby Sewell joins me.  Kirby had to reschedule due to a gig conflict, so we added him to this evening.
    The Kirby Sewell Band creates a unique combination of Blues, Rock, Gospel, Country & Soul music.
    I will chat with Kirby and learn more about he , his band and their journey.
    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    Back by Popular Demand - Eritria Pitts talks about “she is alex.”

    in Lifestyle

    Eritria Pitts is smart, talented, and growing in popularity everyday!! Read http://snobbyrobot.com/2014/05/07/she-is-alex-its-not-always-what-happens-its-how-you-react/

    She considers herself to be neurotic with a cup of pizazz. Her years as a producer for Al Jazeera (“Riz Khan Show”) pushed her to pursue the antithesis of the network-comedy.

    A natural storyteller, Eritria performed with Washington DC’s Speakeasy and New Orleans’ Shipwrecked. Her biggest project is the comedy-drama she is currently developing, “she is alex.”, which she hopes will be coming to a cable station near you.

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    Enjoy the Glory of Southern Italy and Puglia with Victoria de Maio #3

    in Travel

    Victoria de Maio of postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com joins me live from Puglia in Southern Italy for our third episode of her Living the Dream series.

    She's just outside of Lecce and you can join her as she visits the Trulli, enjoys an espressino, dives into a sea urchin, and explains why the South of Italy is just perfect.

    Why don't more travelers visit Southern Italy?  I have no idea, but Victoria describes how wonderful the locals are, how great the food is, and what life is like in the heel of Italy.


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    Living the Dream with Victoria De Maio from Italy Episode 2

    in Travel

    Victoria de Maio of postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com joins me live from Orvieto for our first live segment from Italy during her fabulous trip to Italy.  Each segment is only 10 minutes long so you can enjoy her delicious trip with Victoria every step of the way.

    In this short, but insightful episode we talk about being in Umbria, Orvieto specifically, getting caught in the rain, private tours, Italian hot chocolate, tufa, the chocolate festival, and why Umbria is awesome.

    You can keep tabs on Victoria's trip on info.howtotouritaly.com/living-the-dream/

    Victoria's Italy Travel Segment Series is sponsored by the Italy Travel Marketplace.


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    Eritria Pitts – “she is alex.”

    in Lifestyle

    Eritria Pitts is smart, talented and FUNNY!

    She considers herself to be neurotic with a cup of pizazz. Her years as a producer for Al Jazeera (“Riz Khan Show”) pushed her to pursue the antithesis of the network-comedy.

    A natural storyteller, Eritria performed with Washington DC’s Speakeasy and New Orleans’ Shipwrecked. Her biggest project is the comedy-drama she is currently developing, “she is alex.”, which she hopes will be coming to a cable station near you.



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    The Bonanza Pizazz Presh Interview

    in Radio

    Bonanza Pizazz Presh A.K.A Bonus was born on December 15, 1989 in Louisvil le, Kentucky. He began writing poetry at the age of eight. He performed at many poetry contest, talent shows, coffee shops and any place a large group of people could be found. Poetry eventually lead to being a lyricist. He has a very unique style that includes outlandish phrases and punch lines that will make your mind hurt from thinking so hard. He keeps you intrigued and wanting to hear more. His hustling days on the streets and the bad days of struggle and the glory of succeeding impacts much of his music. Some of his influences include Most Def, Kanye West, Lupe, Common and Jay-z. His first mixtape "The Big Bonus" dropped in April of 2008. "The Big Bonus Volume II Three Thumbs Up" will be dropping very soon. So be on the lookout for that new project.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Jazz/Pop Singer Halie Loren

    in Music

    Forged in the hyperborean beauty of a remote Alaskan island, Halie Loren’s gift for capturing the playfulness, pizazz, vulnerability, and sensuality inherent in a classic lyric appeared early on. In 2000, Loren earned first place in the Austin Songwriters' Contest for three of her songs in the country, singer/songwriter, and jazz categories. She took songwriting awards in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Billboard World Song Contest. Her debut jazz CD, 2008's They Oughta Write a Song, won the JPF award for Best Vocal Jazz Album, and by 2010 the world had opened up to her — with distribution in Asia by JVC/Victor Entertainment, it became Japan's No. 2-selling jazz CD of the year. She followed with Stages, her first live CD, and mere months later, After Dark, which Wildy's World Music Blog selected as one of 2010's top three independent albums and named her Artist of the Year. "Thirsty," a Loren original on After Dark, won the Independent Music Awards Vox Pop poll for best jazz song of 2011. Loren's newest CD, Heart First, was released in Asia in late 2011, and almost immediately the first single from the album, Fly Me to the Moon, reached No. 1 on the iTunes Japan jazz chart and stayed there for several weeks. To date, more than 50 of her songs have entered Japan's iTunes jazz top 100. Loren’s performances in the past year include sellout crowds in Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, as well as Hawaii and other U.S. locales. 'Heart First' has received much critical acclaim already, including Japan's Jazz Critique magazine’s #1 rank in the Vocal Jazz Album category for all of 2011.Having recently signed with Wild West Artist Management and Music Marketing Management, Loren is looking ahead to an ever expanding music career.  For more information, visit www.halieloren.com. 

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    Get More Customers: Networking with Pizazz & Innovation!

    in Business

    Turn it on...for this fun & valuable segment!

    DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!! Your 30 Second Memorable Pitch! Your Business Card! Your Nametag! Getting More Customers!

    Hal has owned 8 different businesses, including a pest control company which he grew from a one-man-with-a-spray can operation into a million dollar business using his proven system for outrageous relationship marketing and list building in his own community.

    His other businesses include commercial beekeeper, owning and operating a nursury/landscaping business, singer, songwriter, (Hal has written and recorded 7 comedy albums), radio talkshow host and television personality.

    He is past president of The Georgia Pest Control Association and also, in Nov. 2002, was inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame for his years as a successful recording artist and songwriter.

    Hal has taught thousands of businessmen and women how to successfully get more new clients, generate more revenues and make more money by becoming the Masters Networkers in their community.

    He is funny, entertaining and informative.
    He is referred to in the business community as "The Networking Ninja" for his highly effective, unorthodox strategies for getting new customers and generating referrals.

    His audio programs can be found on his website, www.TheNetworkingNinja.com.

    His "Networking Ninja Boot Camp" is a 6 hour seminar that has literally helped thousands of small business owners learn to become the masters of their own marketing. This seminar is available on Audio CDs and e-books.

    To book a seminar, speaking engagement, or to find out more about Hal and his products, contact Hal at Hal@HalColeman.com or 770-993-0004.

    Also visit www.TheNetworkingNinja.com

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