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    Making Beautiful Music Together - "Pitch Perfect"

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    It’s a rare day when a movie comes to F4F Radio’s attention.  Of course there was “The Devil Wears Prada”, which we discussed in 2009.  But generally speaking, a hit Hollywood movie – a couple hours and it’s done - can’t generate the same level of enthusiasm and the same number of devotees as a hit TV series – creating hours and hours of new material over a period of several years.  Tonight, however, we’ll be visiting the world of the movie “Pitch Perfect”, which has already generated hundreds of fanfics since its release in the fall of 2012.  Sort of a mix of “Glee” and “Bring It On”, PP tells the story of Beca (Anna Kendrick), a reluctant college freshman who is drafted by an all-female acapella group and becomes the unlikely key to their tournament success.  The person doing said drafting is senior Chloe (Brittany Snow) and, well, let’s just say it involved no clothing whatsoever.  The chemistry between Beca and Chloe is what caught the attention of fans all over the country, some of whom happened to be fanfic writers – and we’ll be interviewing two tonight.  Our guests will be first-timer Novel Concept, who wrote stories like “Storytellers and Legends” and “The Harmony That Kept Me Sound”, and the returning GilliganKane, author of “Your Body is a Wonderland” and “Song Beneath the Song”.  Joining me as cohost will be former guest Misty Flores, and together we’ll discuss Beca and Chloe, not to mention Aubrey (Anna Camp), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and the other ladies of the Barden Bellas who occasionally catch our fancies.

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    Movie Reviews: Looper, Pitch Perfect, Hotel Transylvania

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review Looper, Pitch Perfect, Hotel Transylvania, and Won't Back Down. 

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    PDC Live!!! Ep. 159: Stephen Chbosky, Looper; Pitch Perfect

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    I'm starting to feel repetative but I must say it's yet ANOTHER big week on PDC Live!!! as we welcome writer/director Stephen Chbosky to talk about his new movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A great little movie that's getting talked about quite a bit thanks to Emma Watson who delivers an amazing performance in her first turn out of Hogwarts. From there we are packed wall to wall with reviews of PDC favorite, Rian Johnson's new flick Looper, the movie I keep getting mixed up with the Kevin James MMA movie but is actually about teacher's Won't Back Down, the lovely Anna Kendrick's new film Pitch Perfect and much, much more.

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    THIS WEEK: The MANIACS give their Spring Movie Preview. They talk about FURIOUS 7 and how Greg passed out during Furious 6 (It had nothing to do wit hthe movie), THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, The Philip KINGSMAN Viewing Tally, Greg's love of PITCH PERFECT and their lust for ANNA KENDRICK and why Philip doesn't see certain movies because of his love life.  They also touch on TOMORROWLAND and many more films.

    GREG REIFSTECK and PHILIP BARRETT are the MOVIE MANIACS, bringing filmgoers into a new age of film criticism.  Their enjoyment and passion for cinema drives them to help you get the most joy out of your movie viewing experiences.

    Just when you thought you had movies all figured out, these obssessed film critics and experts will show you something about them you never thought of.

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    For More Business Success Sharpen Up Your Sales Pitch

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    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    Today's Talk Business With Howard radio show topic is: For More Business Success Sharpen Up Your Sales Pitch.

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across the United States trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business advice and business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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    The Perfect Storm: Celebrating ALL of Life's Lessons - MIRACLE Step #7

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    Last week, Chapman ended Chapter 6 "Being Transformed By Renewing Your Mind." Today, she moves forward with discussing how you embrace and celebrate all of life"s lessons: the good, the bad, and the ugly .At times, the storms of life hit us fast and furious. Before you can climb out of one horrific hole, another appears and you go tumbling into it's hellish pit. Be encouraged. Life's lessons are to expand you. All of them! Join Chapman Tuesday, 1:00 P.M. Eastern, 10:00 A.M. Pacific. - Rescheduled: 


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    New Music Inferno w/ Jamie Alimorad & Amarionette!!!

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    Jamie Alimorad - Pop Singer/Songwriter from Boston,Ma..New album "Words Left Unsaid" out...Working on a new album and raising funds trough Kickstarter. Check out his music & more @ www.facebook.com\jamieAlimorad


    Amarionette - Rock band from Las Vegas...New EP "Picture Perfect" out now...Playing Spring Bash on April 24th @ Fremont Country Club...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com\AmarionetteLV

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    Finding Joy in Every Situation: A Look at Gratitude ~ Cathy Towle

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    A lot of people are looking for purpose, to find the right work and the right path. Something is calling you and you don’t quite yet know what it is. We search and wait for answers. We try out many things. What we often forget, is that this Right Path starts inside of us as gratitude. It’s not the finding of the perfect thing that makes us happy, it’s the act of being happy that brings the right things, people and opportunities right into our lives. In a state of appreciation, we are connected to joy and can view even the most challenging things as a blessing. Cathy will talk about how her connection to her guides helped her out of many difficult situations and how your own guidance can do the same.

    Cathy Towle is an Interfaith Minister and Spirit Medium providing Intuitive Guidance and healing messages from spirit. Cathy is one of the few mediums certified by Forever Family Foundation, was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and is initiated into the shamanic path. Cathy has worked with leading spiritual teachers, including Andrew Harvey, with whom she founded the Institute for Sacred Activism. She is on the Executive Council of the Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (CSVGCNY) at the UN, and writes for The Village Newspaper in New York. She speaks about Eco-Spirituality and heads the CSVGC-NY Eco-Spiritual Working Group.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Sports Doctor Bob Weil

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Dr. Robert Weil. Dr. Bob discusses all aspects of sports medicine, shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.This includes injury prevention, current sports news, plus information in all areas of Sports Medicine - mental and physical - with an emphasis on the role of the foot and the use of orthotics. Dr. Bob is the host of The Sports Doctor, heard on http://www.healthylife.net, Wednesdays at 3 pm CT.  He was also formerly on WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago for more than 20 years. His Sports Doctor newspaper column is also published in The Aurora Beacon News and the Naperville Sun.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • cyst on breast or infected hair follicle?

    • 5 year old taking poisonous herbs with h pyrlori- important bacteria- can be present with no problems..

    • keep in your heart and mind that your children are perfect- a gift every parent can give..

    • effects of sauerkraut and yogurt are different- yogurt soothes digestive tissues- sauerkraut increases intestinal bacteria..

    • motherwort tincture to ease children's fears..

    • digestive upset arises from nervous system disruption that takes place while sleeping..

    • estrogens and how they work throughout a woman's life..

    • the liver is the guardian of the skin in oriental medicine- dandelion and burdock..

    • comfrey for the skin..

    • possible abscess on tooth- herbal anti infective- echinacea and poke tinctures..

    • ongoing bladder infection and other possibilities..

    • poke is the kind of thing to have in an emergency- benign thing- cleavers or chickweed..

    • juicing throws away all food value and drink the sugar..

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Obama's Race To Chaos

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    The anti-RFRA backlash is a perfect storm of hysteria and legal ignorance; Letting Iran get nuclear weapons is the most catastrophic decision in the history of humanity; "Under Obama, we have switched sides, an abomination that ensures a legacy of infamy"; The epitome of an Obama fiasco; and what Obama does because he doesn’t have to care what anybody says - and, you know, is a dictator who can make any opponent "disappear" at his whim.


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    Business Accelerator Lab - Quick & Easy Customer Success Story Strategy

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    It is one thing for you to share your message but quite another for your customers to add a strong element of credibility to your offerings.  Listen in to the Business Accelerator Lab Disrupt podcast to learn:

    3 Critical Elements of a Success Story
    How to communicate your successes to perfect fit customers
    How to repurpose your success story for additional content
    PLUS some bonus tips!

    For more information on this Customer Success Story Strategy, visit us at the Business Accelerator Lab!

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