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    Los Angeles Times gives "Pippin" National Tour a Rave Review!

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    Nicholas Snow and Kristin Johnson were at the Pantages Theatre in the heart of Hollywood for all the excitment of the opening night of PIPPIN, on national tour now!  "For those wanting the highs of Cirque du Soleil with the heart and pizzazz of Broadway, this is the show you've been waiting for," writes Charles McNulty for the Los Angeles Times.

    PIPPIN is Broadway's high-flying, death-defying hit musical! Full of extraordinary acrobatics, wondrous magical feats and soaring songs from the composer of Wicked, PIPPIN will lift you up and leave you smiling. This unforgettable new production is the winner of four 2013 Tony Awards® including Best Musical Revival. Hailed as “an eye-popping, jaw-dropping extravaganza” (NY1), it’s unlike anything Broadway has ever seen! Come experience PIPPIN, one young man’s journey to be extraordinary.

    For everything Nicholas Snow, visit www.NicholasSnowLive.com.

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    Christmas 2013 by Jerry Pippin

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    Jerry Pippin hosted our special presenation of Christmas 2013.
    He looks at Christmas past of his youth in 1940s and 50s.
    And a not so Merry Christmas for 40 million Target customers that loss their credit card information and ATM pin numbers.

    A Christmas Poem by Maya Angelou

    Thunder rumbles in the mountain passes
    And lightning rattles the eaves of our houses.
    Flood waters await us in our avenues.
    Snow falls upon snow, falls upon snow to avalanche
    Over unprotected villages.
    The sky slips low and grey and threatening.
    We question ourselves.
    What have we done to so affront nature?
    We worry God.
    Are you there? Are you there really?
    Does the covenant you made with us still hold?
    Into this climate of fear and apprehension, Christmas enters,
    Streaming lights of joy, ringing bells of hope
    And singing carols of forgiveness high up in the bright air.The world is encouraged to come away from rancor,Come the way of friendship...

    Merry Christmas from Jerry Pippin


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    Milling About with Pippin Stars Kyle Dean Massey & Ciara Renee

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    Join Pippin stars Kyle Dean Massey (Pippin) and Ciara Renee (The Leading Player) backstage at The Music Box Theatre with host Robin Milling. Boldly stepping into the circus choreography for five weeks of training to take over for Matthew James Thomas and Patina Miller, they are relaxed and eager to perform. Ciara says she picked Patina's brain for some direction before turning out Fosse's jazz hands and learned trapeze with the bruises to prove her hard work! Massey had to master a completely different skill set of acrobatics including a back flip!

    Kyle tells Robin there's history as Matthew's girlfriend Jennifer Damiano played his sister in Next To Normal, so passing the chained linked sweater onto him was an honor (and yes it is made of real heavy metal). Matthew even left a photo behind of Damiano which sits on Kyle's dressing room shelf.

    Both experienced natural opening night jitters. Ciara, previously The Witch in Big Fish, says she'd never been so nervous on stage before, but with the non-stop action you don't have time for nerves. Kyle agrees, "You're shot out of a cannon literally and you don't stop until the end of the show.” From the first chord Ciara says she can feel the energy from the audience. “Before I come out I have that silhouette moment; you can feel their presence through that curtain. That's an amazing energy and you ride on that till the end.”

    For tickets visit http://www.pippinthemusical.com/

    Click here WWW.AUDIBLETRIAL.COM/MILLINGABOUT! for free audio book

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    Jerry Pippin Reviews The Kennedy Half Century

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    The Kennedy Half Century a book by Dr Larry Sabato is an analysis of the Dallas Police Department Dictabelt recording as its relates to the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas,Texas on 22 November 1963."The evidence used by that committee was “completely flawed”. He said modern technology has revealed the fourth sound was not gunfire, but the rattling of the microphone. He also questioned whether the radio which provided the recording was even in the motorcade.It is impossible to record gunshots from that distance on equipment this primitive.I think some people on the committee wanted to find a conspiracy. If you find a fourth shot you have found a conspiracy.”Professor SabatoThe Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence by Gerald  Blaine is a defence of the Dallas Secret Service Agents on that day.Jerry Pippin sees red in the conclusions of the book and many others out for this 50th  anniversary book   selling season.                                                            

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    Mr Coburn of Oklahama

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    The president hasn’t done a great job of reaching out. It’s not his personality style,” Coburn said. “He’s not well-suited to be a back slapper, sit down and let me tell you this dirty story before we get down to business. I mean, he’s not one of those kinds of guys. He’s a serious guy.”Politico

    The hospital number of Jerry Pippin is 918-744-2345


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    The Week that Was 22 November 2014

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    The past week's political events that help shape American  politics.
    Acontecimientos políticos de la semana pasada que ayudan a conformar el cuerpo político estadounidense

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    Small Business Coach of Coaches-Michelle Pippin

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    Michelle Pippin says: "my grandad can’t get over the fact that people pay me to talk to them". I keep telling him there’s a little more to it than that.
    If I had my way, my “official” title would be “Queen of ALL things Practical and Profitable”... and I would never be called a coach… although I suppose there are worst things I could be called, like:
    Relentless. I am relentlessly committed to a “NO excuses. JUST results.” mentality. I demand it of myself. And my clients. (Quick note: I believe this serves as “fair warning”.) A Little “Off”. Off the beaten path for sure… The analogies and stories you’ll hear from me, I GUARANTEE you’ll never hear anywhere else. I don’t think, talk, or write like anyone else you know. But, I usually have a point.
    She has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America and Women for Hire with Tory Johnson, The Hampton Business Journal and Main Street Magazine.

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    A beheading in the Heartland

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    Alton Alexander Nolen, a 30-year-old ex-convict, had been fired from his job just moments before at Vaughan Foods, a food processing company Moore,OK. a Muslim convert who went by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael on Facebook, is accused of beheading one co-worker and slashing another with a knife Thursday afternoon. OKNews

    Bostonred and Jerry Pippin discuss the event and the reaction in Oklahoma.

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    Remembering JFK 51 Years Later

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     After the intense 2013 hoopla, it’s a good bet there won’t be much fuss about this Saturday’s 51st anniversary. Yet one effect of the previous November’s concentrated focus on JFK is that people have come forward with new information. Dr Larry J. Sabato The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy

    President Kennedy addresses the Ferguson of his day in a civil rights speech and healthcare for seniors at Madison Squire Garden.

    Jerry Pippin the Oklahoma journalist and Liberal commentator remembers that eventful day in November of 1963.

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    The Podcast

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    The Podcast is to the interent as Open Source is to Software and Hardware And Linux is the backbone of the "Cloud",As Jerry Pippin the father of internet broadcasting would say.


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