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    Talk Shit Saturdays with Dyphia Blount & WGWIII - Pineapples & Deal Breakers

    in Entertainment

    Wassup people! What's really good with everybody on this beautiful Saturday? Once again, Miss Gemini Phoenix, Dyphia blunt , and the world's greatest, Mr. WGWIII are bringing you another great show with another great topic. Today's topic is Pineapples and Deal Breakers. Everybody loves sex and the way sex makes us feel, but have you ever encountered somebody or something during sex that makes you pump the brakes? Somebody that just makes you totally turned off? A person that does or says something so nasty, stupid, or off the chain that just makes you look at them and say, "Get the hell out of my house!" Well, we are here to talk about those things today! The things that people do or say that can be a dealbreaker to you having sex with them or wanting to even see them ever again. We want everybody's participation and input on this one, ladies and men. Make sure that you listen in on the show and if you have something to give us , input or advice , then please pressure one and join in the conversation! Remember, on our show, there are no judgments and everybody's opinions and ideas are valued! We will be broadcasting live at 8 PM EST , 7 PM CST , 6 PM MST , and 5 PM EST. Everybody make sure you tell your friends to tune in as well and we can make this the biggest show on blog talk radio! Get ready people! IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

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    Entrepreneur Sabrina Williams shares her Passion for Lemonade

    in Entertainment

    Sabrina Marie found out that she had a low tolerance for caffeine and started drinking lemonade.  The local markets had a variety of brands and flavors but Sabrina thought they were to pricey and included perservatives.  So she decide to develop her own that doesnt have perservatives in it  and has all fresh ingredients....Hence, "Brinamarie Lemonade" was born. 

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    JackedUp Relationships with Tracey J

    in Pop Culture

    Spill the Tea about a bad ex-boyfriend, a girlfriend gone wild, or a marriage made mess on the Jacked Up Relationship show!

    This week's show will discuss deviant relationships, the book & movie best seller, "50 Shades of Grey" and we can't wait to hear some of you out there with juicy stories on the matter at hand.. Mmm Hmmm.... Steamy!

    Have you ever been in or do you have a "play room"?  Is there a swing?  Are you a manufacturer of said devices?  How did you get started? So many questions, so little time...

    I command you to ....Call in to the show and share, listen live via 516-387-1567 or (face punishment)

    Yes Sir!  Hurt so good!

    Thanks for your bondaged ear!



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    October 8: The Wild Card

    in Sports

    This episode of the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show is a wild card, to say the least. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo take you on a wild podcast ride. 

    Major League Baseball's Wild Card Round has continued to spark heated debates. Does baseball need to readress the playoff format? Is it an issue when 98 and 97 win teams are playing each other in one game while teams with fewer wins are sitting at home already in the next round? What possible "fixes" are even realistic? Mike, in typical heel fashion, explains why making the Wild Card Game into a best of three series would actually put the division winners at a disadvantage. Why have the road teams had so much success? 

    Regardless of the Wild Card issue, the MLB postseason has moved to the division series. Can Jake Arrieta "pull a Bumgarner" and help break a century plus curse? Are the Cubs the new favorite to win the NL pennant? Will the Dodgers finally play to their potential, instead of constantly disappointing in October? Who is the favorite in the American League? Do the Astros and Rangers have a shot at disrupting the assumed AL colission course of an ALCS between Toronto and Kansas City? 

    We've already seen the coaching axe drop in the NFL. Miami has fired Joe Philbin. While this move was onvious and long overdue, where do the Dolphins go from here? Can Ndamukong Suh live up to his contract? Has Chip Kelly also put himself on the hotseat with the Eagles struggles? How does Chip Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia tie into a premiere college football program (cough, Texas)? 

    A new NHL season is here. Will the Patrick Kane drama and the loss of some key pieces point to the end of the Blackhawks dynasty? Phil Kessel is in Pittsburgh. Mike Babcock is in Toronto. It's only day two of another asinine season. 

    The HBS, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    Lugnuts and Horsepower: Charlotte Speedweeks

    in Sports

    Saturday night was a night of fun antics when it came to the race sponsor, but the action on the track was as intense as NASCAR has expected.  Patti Rodisch and Dustin Parks will look back on the two nights that Kansas hosted action.

    The Truck race itself was drama filled, with trucks running out of fuel with laps winding down, and the dominant truck left to wonder what may have been.  At the end of it all, Matt Crafton continued the defense of his two-consecutive championships with another win on the year, and now more momentum heading into Charlotte.

    Then came the late night on Saturday that saw references to sponges, pineapples and Krabby Patties.  But in the end, it was Jimmie Johnson taking home another Kansas win, and his third on the season, which now puts him in the Chase lead heading into NASCAR's All-Star Week.

    That will be the final topic as these two look to the Sprint All-Star Race, a five-segment sprint that will give someone a million-dollar payout.  Tune in at 6:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. CT to listen in.

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    Show 293: Don't Forget The Pineapples.

    in Comedy

    Join your hosts Scott Bull and Jennifer Jacker-Bull during this hour of unscripted madcap comedy and mayhem as they talk about whatever to help fill the void that is Sunday evening with music and laughter.

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    FINAL Wet Your Whistle Episode - Don't yuck my rum - Zacapa!

    in Lifestyle

    Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  Yet what better way to bring our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series to a close than with the Brand Ambassador of the premier rum company, Zacapa!  On Wednesday, December 17th at noon Lynnette Marrero will introduce us to the first rum to be inducted into the International Rum Festival’s Hall of Fame.

    This honor may have something to do with the fact that Zacapa is aged in “The House Above the Clouds,” a facility 7,544 feet above sea level in the highlands of Guatemala.  The naturally thinner air and lower atmospheric pressure of this unique location intensifies the infusion of flavors into the barrels.  This is not the only thing that makes Zacapa’s creation process surprisingly unique.  Instead of using traditional molasses as a base, Zacapa is made from concentrated first press of sugar cane, called virgin sugar cane honey, and a specialized strain of yeast extracted from pineapples.

    Clearly, there is nothing typical about the way in which this rum is made, nor in the way that it tastes.  Tune in this Wednesday to hear more about how this company has made their rum EXTRA-ordinary.

    Clearly, there is nothing typical about the way in which this rum is made, nor in the way that it tastes.  Tune in this Wednesday to hear more about how this company has made their rum EXTRA-ordinary.

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    The Love Story Behind Emmy's Organics -and- Halloween Treats in NYC & Hawaii!

    in Food

    Meet Samantha Abrams from Katonah, NY and hear the love story behind Emmy's Organics. A delicious young company that grew in an upstate kitchen.

    Ever think of carving a pineapple instead of a pumpkin for Halloween? Learn the legend of Hallowaiin and you might be on your way to the Island of Pineapples in Hawaii, free!

    The Ride: Masquerade is an "only in New York" Experience for Halloween and the holidays. Listen in and hop on board the million dollar bus in Times Square.

    All aboard!!

    Thanks for tuning in, 


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    Lady Dee & LanceScurv Speak: You Are Your Own Remote Control!

    in Relationships

    Lady Dee & LanceScurv chop it up in an unscripted conversation that went all over the place in a very enjoyable way. It's always a pleasure to hear Lady Dee speak in her free flowing down to earth and very truthful real manner.

    When you get a taste of her personality you will get the feeling that you've known her your entire life!

    From the first day that we met I got that same feeling and I also know that with her being such an authentic individual, she will be in my life until God calls me home!

    Enjoy our exchange and feel free to add in your comments and thoughts as you wish.

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    March 4: Fixing The Unbroken

    in Sports

    Sometimes if it's not broke, it's best not to try to fix it. This is not an opinion shared by men of power in the sports world. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo aren't broken and don't need any fixing. 

    One word can ignite so much hate. One word can create so much controversy. One word has so much meaning. That one word is on the verge of being banned by the NFL. A player saying the "n-word" on the field could become a 15 yard penalty. Is it possible to fairly and accurately police this? Even though this is a term that represents so much negativity, should a sports league go down the slippery slope of outlawing speech? As usual, Mike undoubtedly has some unpopular thoughts on another very hot button issue. 

    With the Olympics now in the books, the NHL is in the midst of its second half sprint for the playoffs. David Malinowski, of SB Nation, the Hockey Guys, and Michigan Daily, joined the Buzz-saw to discuss trade rumors and the impact certain of possible trades. Has adding Ryan Miller made the Blues more of a cup favorite? Will Ryan Kesler be dealt? Which franchises need to make a move? And which franchises should stand pat? 

    It's not just the NFL trying to impliment a controversial new rule into their game. Major League Baseall is looking to minimize contact at home plate. Do active catchers even support a rule designed to protect them? Will this actually increase the work load of umpires? 

    Raymond Felton has taken the New York Knicks from just an awful team with some drama, to now a full fledged soap opera. Should a player be allowed to play while facing serious gun charges? Carmelo Anthony, please take a seat, have some pineapples, and listen to the Buzz-saw. 

    There's nothing to fix here, as the Howitzer & Buzz-saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    A Titillation Of Bullshittery!

    in Entertainment

    Guest Host Skinny Montana prances through the realm of mischief with the minions of mayhem themselves!