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  • 01:39

    #25 - Milana Vayntrub (@MintMilana) shows Josh her Sqirl

    in Comedy

    Josh meets up with new friend and comedian Milana Vayntrub at her favorite hipster SilverLake breakfast spot, Sqirl - spoiler alert, they don’t have squirrel. We’re in Guerrilla podcast mode in Josh’s car and we can’t seem to get the temperature right. Josh immediately lays into Milana for her cliche Los Angeles ordering at breakfast. Josh doesn’t want to feel too welcome in restaurants, which makes him the Good Son. Milana calls out Josh for stealing Seinfeld’s show and turning it into a podcast, and how he sounds different when the mics are on. It’s time for real talk, and we descend into a world of the psychology behind why people are animals, and whether or not they’re worth saving. Basically, Josh is a terrible person, but you already know this.

  • 01:00

    #24 (1 of 2) - Josh Eats Everything in Sight

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    Josh is home in Philadelphia for the holidays, and he is joined by two of his oldest friends Sean & Rich. Josh hasn’t had a release in a while and he’s pretty wired up. Josh explains how relationships ruin lives using Mighty Ducks references. Philadelphia is depressing enough to cheer up anyone. Josh talks about his blessed Thanksgiving, and gives the women of the world great business advice and starts off his parenting book on Rich’s daughter. This one is loaded with hilarious tangents, OJ stories, and plenty of silly. Enjoy!

  • 01:25

    #23 - Adam Tod Brown (@adamtodbrown) eats Smoke City BBQ

    in Comedy

    Adam gets his own chair this time, and we briefly touch on perhaps our worst experience with BBQ food ever: a food truck outside of his offices. We talk about the beautiful candy hallway at Adam’s work, creepy KFC commercials, who the hottest Chris’s are, best and worst TV shows, racist aliens, whether or not The Rock is badass in real life, and Adam tells creepy lyft stories.

  • 01:30

    #22 - Jeff May (@heytherejeffro) and Josh try @ThreeJerksJerky

    in Comedy

    Jeff May rejoins us on the couch as we try Three Jerks Filet Mignon Beef Jerky. We’re experimenting with a simultaneous periscope broadcast which is distracting to say the least. Jeff has a history of impersonating Brooke Burke for free Jerky. We have a real issue with the all-day-not-all-of-the-things McBreakfast. Americans want the best shit for no money, and that’s why we suck. We have racist fun talking about the video game that is Asian manufacturing. Josh talks about how higher minimum wage will lead to more robots. Jeff calls back his first episode and Josh still thinks crossfit gyms are a scam. This one gets nutty as Adam Tod Brown joins us, and we brainstorm our newest invention: A Wu-Tang themed food truck. Enjoy! 

  • 01:11

    #21 - Josh's Thursday Late Night Podcast

    in Comedy

    On this solo show, Josh updates us on the notoriously broken ribs. It’s not fun. Josh hates baseball, minus enduring it for his love of hotdogs. Professional bowlers are absolutely pedophiles, no doubting that. Josh talks about his love of hockey, and his misery from being a Philadelphia sports fan. The new Weirdfellas short that Josh was in went up this week, and was met with tremendous affection from the internet. Josh shares a positive story about the police that was trending this week. Josh thinks most feminism is more destructive to the cause than helpful, which raises an interesting and positive use for guns. Josh closes talking about his favorite and least favorite current TV comedies.

  • 01:08

    #19 - Josh's Tuesday Afternoon Broken RibCast

    in Comedy

    Josh fires off another solo show today. We update you on the status of the Provoked crowdsourcing, and talk about fans on social media. Josh recaps the last few Darkest Hour shows, and shares why they’re something you can’t miss if you live in LA. Josh has been filming some things lately, and has suffered some injuries from being fat and doing his own stunts. Stay tuned for some cool short films coming out soon! Josh talks about gun control, mass shooting psychology, and how the Walking Dead might be more relevant that we realize. There’s a couple of shows this week in LA to check out, and check out Josh on this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast!

  • 01:47

    #20 - Rich Slaton (@MMAComic) Eats Philly's Best

    in Comedy

    Josh is joined by LA comedian and MMA commentator Rich Slaton. We finally hit Philly’s Best in Burbank, which is apparently run by ex-schoolbus driver-ladies. Rich and Josh talk about their human doll collection of girlfriends. Josh talks about how hometown racism has brought him together with LA comedians. Boston & Philadelphia have the worst people, and we love how their 300 pounds pieces of shit talk trash about athletes. We speculate that game show producers are super evil.  Josh invents “Extreme Makeover MMA Edition,” and wants to be the first to be flipped. Josh doesn’t like pictures of his girlfriend around, just in case she gets murdered probably. Josh & Rich both don’t do sex anymore, and that’s probably a good thing. We’re both older now, and have more refined pallets, so why haven’t we acquired the taste of dick? Josh unwraps the reality that fat guys are nice and safe and jacked dudes are all rapists, so listen up gals. Tom Segura is amazing, if you don’t already know. In closing, both Rich and Josh think we need MORE guns, so have fun getting angry at that.

  • 01:43

    #18 - Bethany Orr (@BeLoveOrr) Eats at Hollywood Way

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    Josh sits down with actress Bethany Orr after taking down some Hollywood Way BBQ. We talk bout Bethany’s creepy pets, and what’s gone horribly wrong and right with late night TV. Bethany reveals she has a phobia of redheaded men, which doesn’t make things awkward for Josh at all. Josh is obsessed with the Late Late Show, and thinks James Corden is the most talented of the bunch. There are too many crabs in the bucket, and it’s the worst part of Hollywood life. Josh didn’t get the depression part of being an artist, but he definitely has rage. We dive into insecurity, and the mentality of over-achievers. Josh has an obsession with aliens, and believes they are responsible for all of our religious texts. Bethany explains that many “abduction” stories are just sleep paralysis. Josh is writing a movie about it, or starting a cult. He hasn’t decided yet. Spoiler Alert: Giovanni Ribisi is a tremendous Dad. Josh loves artists, but forgets their names (he meant Mark Ryden BTW). The Chipotle epic has still not subsided, and Bethany talks about the pressure that social media can give to artists. Bethany talks about her upcoming film “Excess Flesh,” which comes out later this month, so be sure to check it out! 

  • 01:29

    #17 - Natasha Pearl Hansen (@NPHComedy) Eats Whatever She Wants, and We Hate Her For It

    in Comedy

    Josh catches up with Natasha after months of not seeing each other. Natasha accuses Josh of being way busier than he is, and we share white trash memories of growing up in the midwest. We talk about our friends “Cold Kingdom” in the Minneapolis music scene (hear their song “The Light” at the end of the episode). Natasha tries to live life to the fullest on the road, while Josh’s version of that is just eating pizza and sleeping. Josh talks about how Natasha is secretly black, and he’s convinced that her “relatives” are actually servants. We talk about which family members are the shittiest and why they’ll be the first ones asking for things when the proverbial “ship” comes in. Josh is looking for a specific kind of black friend, and Natasha has the perfect one for him…which we promise isn’t anything like slave trading. Josh & Natasha both eat whatever they want, but Josh doesn’t do anything about it. We agree that comedy is like beer, and we have no problem being micro-brews. We talk a lot about how important it is not to take yourself too seriously in comedy, which is really important when you’re wearing food, or pretending to rape someone. This one is quite inside and fun. Enjoy!

  • 01:22

    #16 - Josh's Tuesday Evening Podcast #2

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    After the popularity of the first solo show, Josh is back with another one, and this one is all over the place. Josh talks about how he’s spent his last couple of weeks doing tourist things. He updates us on Provoked, and still needs your moneys by the way. There’s only 8 days left to make it happen, so check out the new video and contribute today! Josh talks about what was right & wrong about the Emmys, and is annoyed at how people can’t even laugh in public anymore. It’s time to put a moratorium on the “I have a dream speech,” especially if your dream isn’t including everyone. Finally, we dive into recent Facebook threads, complaints, and the psychology behind heckling & trolling.

  • 00:56

    #15 - (2 of 2) - Jeanne Whitney (@JeanneLWhitney) Eats at Giamela's

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    We pick up in the middle of this one, and Josh is ready for people to be honest about how broke they are, and why they can’t do things. Josh & Jeanne both don’t understand why “bringer shows” are still a thing, and we’re shocked at how much bad comedy is out there. We talk about “The Darkest Hour,” and speculate on which clean comedians could actually go dark. Jeanne talks about how her relationship with her dad, and what he thinks comedy is. Jeanne is apparently wasting her talents as a country singer, and Josh talks about how impromptu singing makes him cringe. Josh hates being sung to on his birthday, and shares the legendary story of how he changed a corporate restaurant’s birthday song policy. Josh really knows women’s shoes, and is tired of his girlfriend buying cheap shit that doesn’t last. Josh is shitty at money compared to his friends. Josh shares the secret on how to screen for gold diggers, and we end this episode with Josh playing matchmaker for Jeanne.