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    Picture Perfect II [Model Edition] w/ "Steven Beck"

    in Social Networking

    Join @KenyaTST For An Another Wild Episode Of "The Candy Shop" As We Sit Down For A One On One Conversation With Fitness Model "Steven Beck" To Discuss His Modeling Career, New Calender & So Much More.  Don't Miss The 2nd Installment Of The "Picture Perfect" Series. 

    Also, Benji Vanderpump Has Your "Fashion Talk" & J-Write Returns To The Show With Your "Entertainment Rundown".

    Get Your Sweet Fix Here!!!

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    Not Picture Perfect

    in Comedy

    Listen to the best 90 minutes on the internet! Tonight we welcome WBFF World Champion and Fitness Model Diana Chaloux to Not Picture Perfect! We'll be talking with Diana about how to exercise on the go, getting kids to eat healthy, and much more. Plus of course, all of the days weird and stupid news, new music, comedy, and lots more!

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    Defense Attorney Dwane Cates & Author of the book Picture Perfect Shanna Hogan

    in Legal

    Defense Attorney Dwane Cates  & Author of the book Picture Perfect The Jodi Arias Story Shanna Hogan       on The ReTrial of the Penalty phase Of Jodi Arias in 2013 in one of the most watched Trials ever Jodi Arias  was convicted of murder However the jury hung for the Penalty phase on Weather she should get ife or Death Now in a few weeks The State has one more Crack to get the whole jury to vote to put her to death ,If Not Jodi will still be in Jail ,However this re-trial has took a giant Leap as Now Joi Arias will represent herself CNN/HLN says there ratings went threw the roof for this trial and already people are talkig about the re-trial of the Penalty phase Of Jodi Arias 

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    Picture Perfect - Lakia Brandenburg

    in Romance

    Synopsis: He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But together we’re…Picture Perfect
    Picture This…A Happily Ever After Story Framed by You!
    What is your perception of marriage? Did you grow up believing that marriages came from a fantasy world of bliss? Did you realize that someone told you a tall tale when you woke up from dreamland? In a true story, Lakia shares her personal journey on redefining how she viewed marriage and the love shared in it. Her perception of marriage was soiled by the fantasy of the wedding day not to mention the many marriages that had “gone bad.” But through her very own once upon a time story, she was able to create a picture perfect marriage based on imperfections. Do you desire to have bliss, love, and happiness in your marriage? You no longer have to fantasize about it…you just simply have to create it to be your reality.
    You will discover how:
    •Perceptions of marriage are flawed due to other peoples’ relationships and experiences.
    •Developing a clear purpose for getting married will redefine your own views on marriage.
    •To embrace your imperfections and those of your potential spouse to create a picture perfect marriage.
    •Creating your happily ever after marriage can be a reality!

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    This Moment All Things Are Complete and Whole and Perfect

    in Blogs

    We come into the world being taught how to fit in here and very few of us truly, if ever, make that transition. There is a reason and it is simply that this is not where we belong or where we came from. Inside ourselves we sense the futility yet we long to be a part of the whole that we have a subconscious memory of. I believe that this is a huge part of the awakening that Jesus Christ spoke of and that we will have as Christ comes again among all the people. There will be an awareness and acceptance of the fact that we reside in heaven or hell and the choice is our own.

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    True Crime Writer & Author of The Book Picture Perfect. The True Story of a Beautiful  Photographer, her Mormon Lover and a Deadly Obsession. Shanna Hogan who has been a contributor to HLN Programs including Jane Velez Mitchell, Dr. Drew On Call and Nancy Grace. She has also been featured on Dateline and 20/20 discussing the Jodi Arias Case. She will be covering the whole story from the begining when Jodi Arias wanted to represent herself up until her conviction.
    She will give us exclusive information that was not been seen on television. You do not want to miss this interesting interview.
    We will be taking your calls and answering your questions.
    Call 347-857-2950
    Facebookcom/KINGJORDANRADIO - Follow me on twitter @KingJordan also check out Shanna Hogan's  website @ shannahogan.com

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    A Message Of Hope For The Hopeless Part 2

    in Christianity

    Have you ever felt like giving up, quiting and walking away? After all, I must admit that sounds like the easy thing to do doesn't it. When you feel you can't go any further or a or stick it out any longer, we must ask ourselves questions that will lead us back to a place of hope, faith and an unwavering trust to almighty God. For example, if I give up now, what will I miss out on? Who or what  am I trusting in to bring me through such difficult and dark trials in my life? Is there anything that I can learn from this trial or suffering? We must ponder on these kinds of questions because they will help us see the big picture and keep us from feeling a sense of hopelessness. The pain of loss and waves of despair are just too much to bear along. Proverbs 13:12 says this," hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."For some of you going through a difficult marriage or potential divorce, battling addictions you just can't seem to shake loose from or just listening to the wrong voices who speak hurtful words to you, listen carefully, God is not through with you yet, and  He loves you more than you'll ever know. This is a Message of Hope for the Hopeless.


  • Cruz Control

    in Lifestyle


    MLB Playoffs

    5 Dangerous Road Trips in the United States

    Scientist takes picture and then kills it in the name of science

    You can call into the show at (323) 870-3398 and you can tweet the show @JcFilmz and @ChristianCruz66. Cruz Control w/ Jonathan and Christian Cruz is LIVE Monday-Friday at 11:00 PM ET here only on MSL Radio.

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    Kim Gosselin and Babies of Two on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

     What else would a 3 time grandmother do while preparing for the next “blessed event”? Well, if you are award-winning author, Kim Gosselin and you heard that TWINS were on the way, you’d write your first book in 15 years!  How’s that for inspiration? Today on Tell Me a Story, we welcome Kim as she brings us the humorous, heart-filled look at the world as told from the perspective of a baby, more correctly Babies of Two.  In the past, Kim has written books to helps educate children about chronic conditions and/or special needs and Babies of Two is her 17th picture book to date. This will be a delightful program indeed so be sure to mark your calendars. Find Kim here http://www.kimgosselin.com/ where you can find links to all her social media, her amazing blog and how to order her charming book, Babies of Two. Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network.  Find us at http://www.themagichappens.com/


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    How to Capitalize on Your Challenges and Live a Legacy

    in Women

    Today's Life Interrupted Radio's guest Judy van Niekerk points out, it’s not just about leaving a legacy, it’s about creating a living legacy. Judy’s life story could have turned out so different. Yet, she didn’t let a life of childhood torture stop her. 

    Years ago, after waking up from yet another “overdose coma,” Judy had a “major light-bulb moment” where she discovered “What she was here to do.” She garnered up the courage to share her gifts and captured global media attention, including The BBC, RTE and Cosmopolitan and many others. This one act of courage, where she courageously shared her story of sexual abuse from her father caused the reporting of sexual assault in Ireland to increased by 75%. 

    Today, Judy is committed to making a difference based on what she learned by surviving her traumatic childhood challenges. She now works tirelessly to empower people to love and honor themselves regardless of what happened in their lives. 

    Her latest revolution is to empower women through “The Digital Bra,” a revolutionary hi-tech solution to a serious problem for women around the world by making customized bras for women irrespective of their shape and size. "Women deserve the perfect fit!" Judy shared that  “The Digital Bra (www.thedigitalbra.com) is not just a high-tech innovation. It allows women to finally embrace and love their bodies just like Judy learned to do as she discovered how to capitalize from her challenges." Judy will share with us:

    • How to survive, move through and THRIVE,
    • How to connect to your greater self to find your gifts, 
    • How to create a permanent state of inspiration, compassion and self love.

    Listen to Judy’s truly inspirational story of courage, championing and conquering.
    #LifeInterrupted #TheDigitalBra

  • Actor Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to another special Friday morning edition of That's Entertainment as host, Tammy Jones-Gibbs welcomes actor Joe Lo Truglio from the hit FOX's series, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."  Lo Truglio is best known in such comedy movies as "Superbad," "Role Models," and "I Love You Man."  Lo Truglio was featured in recent hits movies like "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Pitch Perfect," as well as the cult classic, "Wet Hot American Summer."  Lo Truglio also starred as "Deputy Rizzo" on the long-running hit cable series, "Reno 911."  Lo Truglio also co-wrote, co-produced and starred in two digial series with "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" head writer, AD Miles.   Now you can see Lo Truglio as Dectective Charles Boyle on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."  Tune in Friday, October 9th at 11am ET as I talk with a man of many hats, Joe Lo Truglio on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs or call in to listen at 347-637-2656.