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    Defense Attorney Dwane Cates & Author of the book Picture Perfect Shanna Hogan

    in Legal

    Defense Attorney Dwane Cates  & Author of the book Picture Perfect The Jodi Arias Story Shanna Hogan       on The ReTrial of the Penalty phase Of Jodi Arias in 2013 in one of the most watched Trials ever Jodi Arias  was convicted of murder However the jury hung for the Penalty phase on Weather she should get ife or Death Now in a few weeks The State has one more Crack to get the whole jury to vote to put her to death ,If Not Jodi will still be in Jail ,However this re-trial has took a giant Leap as Now Joi Arias will represent herself CNN/HLN says there ratings went threw the roof for this trial and already people are talkig about the re-trial of the Penalty phase Of Jodi Arias 

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    Not Picture Perfect

    in Comedy

    Listen to the best 90 minutes on the internet! Tonight we welcome WBFF World Champion and Fitness Model Diana Chaloux to Not Picture Perfect! We'll be talking with Diana about how to exercise on the go, getting kids to eat healthy, and much more. Plus of course, all of the days weird and stupid news, new music, comedy, and lots more!

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    Picture Perfect - Lakia Brandenburg

    in Romance

    Synopsis: He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But together we’re…Picture Perfect
    Picture This…A Happily Ever After Story Framed by You!
    What is your perception of marriage? Did you grow up believing that marriages came from a fantasy world of bliss? Did you realize that someone told you a tall tale when you woke up from dreamland? In a true story, Lakia shares her personal journey on redefining how she viewed marriage and the love shared in it. Her perception of marriage was soiled by the fantasy of the wedding day not to mention the many marriages that had “gone bad.” But through her very own once upon a time story, she was able to create a picture perfect marriage based on imperfections. Do you desire to have bliss, love, and happiness in your marriage? You no longer have to fantasize about it…you just simply have to create it to be your reality.
    You will discover how:
    •Perceptions of marriage are flawed due to other peoples’ relationships and experiences.
    •Developing a clear purpose for getting married will redefine your own views on marriage.
    •To embrace your imperfections and those of your potential spouse to create a picture perfect marriage.
    •Creating your happily ever after marriage can be a reality!

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    in Entertainment

    True Crime Writer & Author of The Book Picture Perfect. The True Story of a Beautiful  Photographer, her Mormon Lover and a Deadly Obsession. Shanna Hogan who has been a contributor to HLN Programs including Jane Velez Mitchell, Dr. Drew On Call and Nancy Grace. She has also been featured on Dateline and 20/20 discussing the Jodi Arias Case. She will be covering the whole story from the begining when Jodi Arias wanted to represent herself up until her conviction.
    She will give us exclusive information that was not been seen on television. You do not want to miss this interesting interview.
    We will be taking your calls and answering your questions.
    Call 347-857-2950
    Facebookcom/KINGJORDANRADIO - Follow me on twitter @KingJordan also check out Shanna Hogan's  website @ shannahogan.com

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    New Music Inferno w/ Jamie Alimorad & Amarionette!!!

    in Music

    Jamie Alimorad - Pop Singer/Songwriter from Boston,Ma..New album "Words Left Unsaid" out...Working on a new album and raising funds trough Kickstarter. Check out his music & more @ www.facebook.com\jamieAlimorad


    Amarionette - Rock band from Las Vegas...New EP "Picture Perfect" out now...Playing Spring Bash on April 24th @ Fremont Country Club...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com\AmarionetteLV

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    Picture Perfect II [Model Edition] w/ @OsheaDaModel

    in Social Networking

    Join Host, @KenyaTST For An Another Installment Of "The Candy Shop" Series "Picture Perfect". This Time "Oshea Da Model" Invades The [Model Edition] To Discuss The In's & Out's Of The Modeling World, His Faith & Love Life.

    Also, KKP Media Group's Paisley C. Jcakson & MC Kidd Dupree Stopped By & J-Write Provided Your "Entertainment Rundown".

    Get Your Sweet Fix Here!!!

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    Inquiring Minds Want to Know with Anthony Wilson and Lakia Brandenburg

    in Spirituality

    Butterfly Living welcomes Anthony Wilson author of The Eve Effect and Lakia "LB" Brandenburg author of The Tiara and Picture Perfect.  Get answers about relationships from a male perspective and a female perspective.  The Queen of the Week is Maria Brumfield.  Book Chat: False Identity, by Youngblood Poole

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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Picture On The Wall - Author Sara J. Livingston

    in Christianity

    I am so excited to have Sara on our broadcast this week. Sara is an amazing author who tells the story of God's amazing grace through encounters that people have with God. You will be encouraged to see how God uses her creative gifts to bring people into relationship with God by understanding God is not just in your head, but in your heart.

    Picture on the Wall

    Author: Sara J. Livingston

    About the Book:

    Is there anything worth fighting for more than true love? In this life we all want true love and God wants that for us too. If that is surprising, just wait and see how God leads these characters to each other and true love through a picture on the wall. In this romantic adventure, Picture on the Wall, the Ultimate Love Story, Sara J. Livingston captures the essence of love and all its beauty, through people that others gave up on, but God never let go of.

    Coming from broken homes torn apart by alcoholism and the death of a parent, Maggie and Luke find peace in each other’s arms. The beauty of that love in not lost on their mutual friend, Jennifer, who longs to have what she sees in her friends. That is when Jeremiah shows up and sweeps her off her feet.

    About the Author:

    Author Sara J. Livingston gave her heart to the Lord at the tender age of five, and in return, the Lord put a deep love for Him in her and a strong desire to write. She couldn’t even read yet, but she knew one day she would write a novel.

    The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, everywhere that books are sold.

    To Contact Sara:



    Or email her at pictureonthewall@gmail.com


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    Heart 2 Heart

    in Family

    9 am Eastern, Saturdays: "Heart 2 Heart," host The Rev. Etta Banks

    Where we discuss matters of the heart.  Relationships with man and GOD.

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    "Fantasy Freeway" ~ Setting a #DFS lineup for #NBAplayoffs and #MLB

    in Sports

    In this episode of the Fantasy Freeway, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, JA and Troy Otraodovec will talk about setting a daily fantasy line up for Major Leaue Baseball and NBA.  The Red Light Sports Network is affiliated with Draft Kings, therefore we will use the values from that that daily fantasy sports league.  If you are not playing, it is easy to join, click here http://partners.draftkings.com/aff_c?offer_id=124&aff_id=115449 and get started for as little as $5.  JA and Troy also have the Daily Dollar Challenge, were we put a dollar in the game, and the winner takes all.  If you want to be part of that everyday, send a tweet to @RedLightSports https://twitter.com/RedLightSports, and give us your Draft Kings screen name.  It doesn't matter if we have 2 players or 200, you join for a dollar and the winner takes all.

    How do you set your baseball lineup?  Sometimes playing daily baseball can seem like finding a needle in the haystack to get the perfect lineup.  There are so many players at so many positions.  What will try to do is break down who is hot right now, and who has gotten off to a slow start.  Once the season gets under way, the best players will tend to rise above the rest.  Join us live today and call the show with your thoughts on daily baseball.

    With the NBA playoffs underway, there will about two more months of competitive fantasy basketball.  How do you set your basketball lineup?  In the playoffs, you may be tempted to automatically drop $10k to get the best players, but make sure that you are getting value for your money.  Do you put value on the sixth man?  Listen in.

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    Professor David Stone Author of The Russian Army in the Great War

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview David Stone.

    A full century later, our picture of World War I remains one of wholesale, pointless slaughter in the trenches of the Western front. Expanding our focus to the Eastern front, as David R. Stone does in this masterly work, fundamentally alters—and clarifies—that picture. A thorough, and thoroughly readable, history of the Russian front during the First World War, this book corrects widespread misperceptions of the Russian Army and the war in the east even as it deepens and extends our understanding of the broader conflict. 

    Of the four empires at war by the end of 1914—the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, German, and Russian—none survived. But specific political, social, and economic weaknesses shaped the way Russia collapsed and returned as a radically new Soviet regime. It is this context that Stone's work provides, that gives readers a more judicious view of Russia's war on the home front as well as on the front lines. One key and fateful difference in the Russian experience emerges here: its failure to systematically and comprehensively reorganize its society for war, while the three westernmost powers embarked on programs of total mobilization.