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    "The Picnic of The Year"

    in Social Networking

    We will discuss the scenario surrounding "The Picnic of The Year". The lines are open for anyone who wants to speak on the  2nd annual All Alumni Picnic. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Shi's July I'm All Choked Up Picnic

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    Tune in Monday July 7, 2014 @8pm EDT for Shi's July "I'm all choked up" Picnic!

    We've got some tasty vittles and some fireworks and some good fried chicken from Shilohkoko herself!

    It just might be the funnest 60 minutes of your entire life! Why? Tune in and find out!

    We're going to save karaoke! YOU can help... if you love karaoke, tune in! Go to www.daputershack.com and say hi

    You can even like us on face book and other social sites! Free cyber cookies..... close your eyes... see them? yum!!!

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    Picnic Picks. Menus and Recipes.

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    Being outdoors is great for your body and mind - why not go on a picnic!  Want to know the best foods to pack, how to prep and pack them, and even some last minute grab-and-go ideas?  Travel with us for some outdoor picnic food fun! 


    Stacey Antine, RD, (HealthBarn USA) and author of Appetite for Life will lead the way.  Along for the ride will be recipe maven, Kelly Schriver, RD.  “Drive” with us to your favorite picnic spot, set it up and look forward to enjoying every bite.


    Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen.  You will find invaluable food fun for all summer. See you then!

    … for the health of your family,
    ellen (host)
    Family Food Experts.com


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    The Starving Artist - Picnic Recipes

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    Picnics are a summer staple! The traditions, recipes, and scope of the picnic are as diverse as this great nation! This week we will be taking a look at several picnic theme ideas, as well as your best and our favorite picnic foods and recipes. Join us with your stories and comments. 

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    Patriot Picnic live

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    We will be broadcasting live from the Patriot Picnic this saturday aug. 31st time to follow.If you can't make it we will have some of the shinanigins live.So tune in and enjoy.starting at noon

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    The 134th Annual Fancy Farm Picnic

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    The Fancy Farm Picnic, hosted by St. Jerome's Catholic Church, is held annually in the town of Fancy Farm, Ky
     Grimes blasted McConnell as having gone Washington, pushing the refrain that instead of District of Columbia, D.C. stands for "doesn't care."With hundreds of the 20,000 picnic-goers looking on, Grimes shouted: "What a huge crowd for Sen. McConnell's retirement party. Lexington Herald-Leader



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    The Starving Artist - Romantic Picnic Foods

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    Summer romances whether a young couple or a couple who has been together for 50 years are always enhanced by the romantic picnic. Countless music videos from pop to country have been dedicated to this time honored tradition. We will pay tribute to the romantic picnic today with great recipes along with stories and ideas to create the perfect setting.

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    The Starving Artist - Family Picnic Foods

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    Picnics can be a great family event! Today we will explore kid friendly picnic foods and recipes along with stories about our experiences on picnics and listen to your fabulous ideas for summer fun.

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    South Bay Adult School – Teddy Bear Picnic

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    Our guests this morning are Franci Agajanjan, Carmel Madonna and Amy Glasman, instructors at South Bay Adult School.

    Franci Agajanjan has taught Parenting classes for 25 years. She began her career after graduating from USC as a Special Ed teacher and is now an Interpreter for the Deaf. She teaches American Sign Language for hearing babies to help them learn to communicate before they start talking. 

    Carmel Madonna has been teaching for the past 20 years at the South Bay Adult School and she loves implementing music into the daily routine. 

    Carmel teaches a class on Thursdays at different parks each week called Music and Movement in the Park and brings a basket of books, art projects and musical instruments for children to play. Her students march and dance while getting to know different neighborhoods in the South Bay. Carmel enjoys gardening, books and the great outdoors.

    Amy Glasman has been teaching for over 20 years and has been an educator at the South Bay Adult School for almost 10 years now. She takes great joy in being part of a child’s first years of school. She originally grew up in Minnesota and has enjoyed living in Hermosa Beach for the past 15 years.  

    This morning, we’ll be discussing some of the programs the South Bay Adult School offers the community, in particular, the annual The Teddy Bear Picnic.

    The kids get to sing and learn sign language while enjoying a picnic under the stars with their Teddy bears.


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    FDHS 1st Alumni Picnic

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    We will talk about how successful the picnic was over the weekend.

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    CommDigiNews Hour: Chef Mary & Duane Pemberton - perfect picnic foods & wines

    in Food

    Premier Chef Mary Moran and wine expert Duane Pemberton will be talking about the best in picnic foods as well as The Do's and Don'ts of Successful Picnics. Mary will be sharing her recipes for Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella Baguette, Buttermilk boneless fried chicken, asparagus and lemon orzo and the best of wines from Duane's cellar.

    Chef Mary: Chef Mary graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu, studied in Tuscany and is a certified nutritionist from American Fitness Professionals and Associates. She is the go-to chef for questions about food, health and kitchen organization.

    Duane Pemberton: Duane Pemberton is a food and wine writer who is also the owner of WineFoot.com. Pemberton is also a well read automobile reviewer and critic, all of which incorporates into his travel, wine and food reviews.

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