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    Higher Consciousness: The Brain, Quantum Physics & The Observor and Creating You

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions.All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Link:www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises 

    How can you become aware of your thinking brain and redirect its energy from destructive thoughts to productive thoughts?  What role does quantum physics play in creating your day?  Who is the observor?  Tonight's show will answer these and many more questions about creating your reality.

    Tonight's Topic   

    The Brain, Quantum Physics & The Observor and Creating You

     by Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

    Date:  Monday, October 26, 2015

    Guest:  Professor Jamela Franklin, Host

    Joseph Dispenza D.C. Researcher, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author

    Joe Dispenza, D.C., first caught the public's eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since that movie's release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions-all of which reflect his passion for exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

    Radio Host's Information

    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.


      (770)  882-7347

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    Best of CRR "Probability and Physics"

    in Politics Conservative

    If you are a fan of CRR you know the cycling craze is a regular topic of discussion and this show brings five of the best segments discussing the issue.

    From August 2014  Greg discusses the moves by the cycling community to make the laws on motorists tougher and why it won't protect cyclists.
    From October 2014: Greg takes on some internet trolls who resent his views on cycling.
    From March Greg shares this brilliant op-ed from the New York Daily News discussing the out of control arrogance of the cycling community.
    From June A discussion of the irony of this group of Maryland cyclists conducting a ride to remember those killed while cycling in Carroll County.
    Last week's segment discussing this JAMA study showing massive increases in injuries over the last 20 years due to cycling.

    Contrarian, thought-provoking and a lot of fun, it is the Best of Conservative Refuge Radio "Probability and Physics".


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    CRLive 11/4: Climate Change Lunacy, Illegals, Physics of God, Agenda-30

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Latest Global Warming Lunacy: It's Not "Climate Change" it's "Changing Climate" and Jaws
    Windows 10: Microsoft Declares System's Non-adjustable Spying of Users Not an Invasion of Privacy
    Clueless IPCC Author Admits 25 Years of Failed Climate Change Policies Making Folks Poorer
    Proof of God? Astrophysicist Discovers Mysterious Unexplained Glow Seeping into Our Universe (Youtube)
    Nasa Study Disproves IPCC Data on Ice Loss: Antarctica Net Ice Gains at 135 Billion Tons Per Year
    Agenda-30: United Nations Planning "Biometric" Tracking Chip for Each Human By 2030
    Vatican Exorcists Condemn Halloween: Increases Occult & Demonic Activity,Insomnia, Mental Illness
    Alarmed and Disarmed: Europeans Now Scrambling for Guns as Half of All Islamic Refugees Disappear


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    Mamas Superheroes Lanzan Programa Radial en Blog Talk Radio

    in Social Networking

    La Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz, Fundadora de www.mamassuperheroes y Felicia de Marin, la inspiración de ésta iniciativa extraordinaria,    comparten la visión y misión de  Mamás Superheroes, primera comunidad virtual y global especialmente creada para inspirar y empoderar  a mamas con condiciones de salud que buscan "Supervivir" y no "Sobrevivir".   Mamás comprometidas con amarse y amar.   Mamás que se mueven del miedo al amor de momento a momento para contribuir y hacer la diferencia en sus familias y el mundo.

    Carmen Delia y Felicia  comparten sus experiencias con  las herramientas de la gratitud, aceptación de responsabilidad personal, soltar el pasado y el perdón  para "Supervivir" en luz y esperanza.  La Dra. Ortiz comparte el proceso de movernos del miedo al amor, herramienta super poderosa para vivir una vida milagrosa. 

    Este programa online va dirigido a todas las mamás del mundo que viven con una condición de salud que le ha alterado el rumbo de su vida.  Estas condiciones incluyen cancer, ataque del corazón, derrame cerebral,  diabetes, multiple esclerosis,  Parkinsons, pérdida de visión, paralysis y muchas más.

    Te invitamos a subscribirte a www.radiomamassuperheroes.com  y a participar activamente en nuestra comunidad.  Para información visita www.mamassuperheroes.com.  Podrás descargar gratuitamente el "Los Dias Mas Extraños de Mi Vida" ,por Felicia, en el cual ella comparte con sus hijos sus experiencias como mamá al descubrir que tenía cancer y su vida estaba en peligro de expirar.




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    New RLSH (Real Life Superheroes) 101

    in Self Help

    In this episode Rock and Spectre join their friends and veteran members of the Real Life Superhero to offer advice and tips to new RLSH or those considering taking up the cowl. 

    Not an RLSH? This episode will give you ideas on how to better serve and therefore shape your community

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    Altered Geek Unleashed – 108 – TECHNOBABBLE & SUPERHEROES R US

    in Entertainment

    This week on Altered Geek Unleashed, Steve is joined by TFG1 Mike and Mighty Tim! We discuss The Muppets, Heroes Reborn, Superheroes in TV and Film, Possible Revival Shows, Some cool tech, Water on Mars, Yelp 4 Peeple, The Flash and more! Also we bring up the comments from the past weeks show.All this and more on this week's AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

    Your Geek Question for the Week

    What do you think of living on Mars?
    What are your hopes with the Flash?
    Is there anything you'd like us to cover?



    Voicemail Line: 502-526-5821

    Email: feedback@geekcastradio.com

    Twitter: @AlteredGeek

    Facebook: GeekCast Radio Network



    Steve "Megatron" Phillips

    "Mighty" Tim Costello

    Mike "TFG1" Blanchard

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    The Catholic Geek: Potluck Podcast

    in Culture

    Declan Finn is out this week, and CG owner Matthew Bowman and CG author Lori Janeski are taking over! Matthew and Lori will be talking about superheroes, Catholic news, TV shows, Star Wars, ISIS and the refugee crisis, and more. Plus, special guest: Strawpope Frank! Yes, Frank's back in the news, even though it's getting ever more easy to tell the difference between him and Pope Francis. 

    All that and more, plus your calls! 

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    Are superheroes fundamentally Anarchist

    in Writing

    There's an interesting line of thought I've been wanting to explore for a while and I'll be having my former Superhero Babylon partner on to discuss it.  Many people dismiss Superheroes as authoritarian, but what if they're actually one of the purest examples of Anarchy in fiction. They might just be the ultimate form of decentralized power and checks and balances.

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    Mamas Superheroes Se Compromenten con su Salud Integral

    in Social Networking

    Dialogamos en este programa con Yoly Ripepi nos ofrece conceptos basicos de la salud integral y consejos de como podemos utilizar la comida a nuestro favor.  Como miembro del Panel de Expertos de www.mamassuperheroes.com,  Yoly hace su contribucion compartiendo su filosofia de una vida plena y saludable.

    Como Consultora de Salud Integral, basa su metodología en dos pilares fundamentales, nuestros pensamientos sobre la comida y nuestra interpretacion de lo que es la comida sana.   Considera que los pensamientos negativos son  producto de los traumas del pasado.  Como tal, en nuestros pensamientos reside la causa fundamental de nuestra obesidad y  problemas de salud. Yoly es controversial y no duda en confrontar paradigmas tan comunes como “si estoy más flaco, peso menos entonces estoy más sano”.   Prefiere la perspectiva   “si cambias tu mentalidad entonces de seguro podrás lograr lo que quieras, incluso estar más flaco“

    Graduada en Administración de empresas y Consultor de salud integral certificada por The Integrative Nutrition Institute of New York. Yoly plasmó parte de su proceso de aprendizaje en su libro “Adelgaza con éxito usando la comida a tu favor”.


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    Mindshifter's Radio With Host Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce

    in Spirituality

    The Forgiveness Dr., dr. michael and jeanie ryce are the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. He is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined bodymind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness. For more information visit www.whyagain.com