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    Medical Law and Ethics/Human Behavior

    in Education

    Thank you for attending another great session of learning with your Instructor Maria Monica Ortegon for classes Human Behavior and Medical Law and Ethics. This is the last scheduled week for these subjects. 
    Please be sure to have your required materials and text book to be proficient in the class. As always to gain the proper and full attendance credits please be sure that you log on the the blogtalk radio page and at the bottom of each featured class, sign your name, date and make a comment on the class.
    We have appreciated your attention in the classes and look forward to a great review class. If you have questions about the BLOG class, we welcome your questions by sending your Instructor an email.
    Your final exam for the classes will be scheduled on campus Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 4PM to 8PM. You are required to take the final exam and no exceptions will be granted. Thank you so much for attending classes!

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    The Hate That Hate Produced!

    in Psychology

    The Hate That Hate Produced!  Is the life of the african born in america. He has been languished as a foreigner in his own land. A land he built from free labor. A land that he built from blood sweat and tears. A land he built amid beatings, lynching, draggings, hangings, and assasinations of his brethren.  The black race has been turned out by the white race! The damage, of which, is most unseen but revealed in his mental status.  Revealed in his educational abilities are the fears of pushing beyond his mental handicap. For once upon slavery he was assassinated for reading and murdered for wanting to escape an imprisonment most animalistic in nature. An investment toward a psyche most animalistic in nature and an instinct un-matched by any race ever concieved. An instinct to pinpoint racism, segregation, discrimination, and racism without mistake. An deep seated hatred for the white race justified by a system of slavery, chattelism, animalism, forced labor, and generational onset of mental illness - genetically woven in his/her biological, psychological, sociological, and physicological self.