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    Physical Activity

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    We will be talking about different ways of getting physical acitivity into your life with exercises that you can enjoy.

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    Physical Therapists Helping in Haiti

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    March 7, 2013: In January 2010, Haiti was rocked by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that killed thousands, left more than million homeless, and caused numerous additional injuries.
    In this episode, physical therapists Denise English and Chuck Gulas, who were in Haiti when the earthquake occurred, describe their experiences treating injured Haitians in the immediate aftermath of the disaster as well as their subsequent efforts to support Haiti’s health care system in its ongoing recovery.
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    Robert Porter, Canine Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Supervisor

    in Pets

    Robert Porter is the physical rehabilitation treatment supervisor at MedVet Mandeville and has been on staff since 2006.

    Robby has worked in canine rehabilitation since 1998 and is looked at by his peers as one of the pioneers in his field. He has a strong knowledge base in kinesiology and a great interest in positive training approaches to therapeutic exercises. His MedVet patients from the gulf coast region not only benefit from his exercises but also love to perform them for him.

    Robby has studied gait analysis using slow motion cameras which has helped develop many exercises used all over the world today. His many self-produced “How To” canine exercise videos help spread this knowledge and have helped others develop their skills as therapists.

    Robby Porter is also one of MedVet’s Media Managers, writing as well as creating visual content for our social media.

    Just like humans, pets may need rehabilitation after an accident or medical procedure, or to help manage a chronic condition.

    MedVet Rehabilitation practitioners provide effective and personalized physical rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to maximize the opportunity for full recovery. MedVet Rehabilitation Practitioners have completed advanced training in veterinary physical rehabilitation.

    Many pets respond well to rehabilitation, including those with orthopedic, neurologic and medical conditions. We also use rehabilitation to help pets live a more complete and active life by providing geriatric support, obesity management and athletic conditioning.

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    Physical Activiity

    in Health

    Your body was made to move, yet it can be a real challenge to remain consistently active. This month's tele-lunch & learn will show you how to keep moving by making physical activity part of your everyday life.

  • The Power of Your Mind & Body to Eliminate Emotional & Physical Pain Instantly

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Change welcomes Larry Kiser to the program today.  The title of the program is The Power of your mind and body to eliminate emotional and physical pain instantly!  Innate within everyone is the ability to change whatever bothers you on the spot.  A bold claim, yes, but provable , through body and feeling confirmation.  A few simple self tests can instantly demonstrate this fact. While explainable scientifically it is also of the mystical realm because it takes place in the holographic energetic and electro-magnetic fields.

    Larry Kiser was a Federal prosecutor of white collar crime for over 20 years. At one point I was contacted by an ex-Cia agent which put me on the road to practicing the art of healing remotely and learning about the real potential of every human. Larry is known as a sensitive, cognitive intuitive and clairvoyant, with the ability to feel the inner working of a person's body and facilitate immediate relief.  He has studied with healers in Russia, Chinese Energetic Healers, Huna Healers, the Emissaries of Divine Light, a German Mystic of the Carmelite Order, the Akashic Record workers, and Shamans. His website is www.llkiser.com.  In addition, he has taught in Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Canada and various places in the United States. 

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    Passage to Empowerment - Let's Get Physical - THE BODY Part 1 of a 3 part series

    in Fitness

    Do you exercise? How much is too much? Does just a little movement help? Does just any kind of movement help?

    Are you physically unable to do too much in the way of exercise? We may have a few ideas to help you with that..

    Do you hate exercise but love music? Then dance. 

    Have you been to your Doctor lately? Is it time for your physical? Keeping your body healthy is important in so many ways. 

    Brenda, Lydia, Mel and Nina are going to talk about getting physical. What it means to us. Give us a call or join us in the chatroom and let us know what it means to you.




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    World News And The Importance of Physical And Mental Exercise For The Body

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss a bit of world news and then the importance of tsaking care of your body physically and mentally. Join the show at 10:00am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    “Science Proves A Connection Between Consciousness and Physical Reality!”

    in Spirituality

    All replays, links and resources are available at http://anyasophiamann.com/quantum-alchemy/

    This week Anya coaches callers live on the show. We encourage you to call in live to be coached on any personal or business matter.

    In addition to coaching this week Visionary Intuitive Anya Sophia Mann explores the inexctricable link between consciousness and our everyday physical reality. If there really is no separation, and consciousness permeates the entire universe (to include ourselves and physical objects) then this has huge implications not only for positive thinking  but also for prayer, distance healing, intentioning and the power of love. Listen as Anya explores some of the science that proves our consciousness really does influence physical reality.

    Call early (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on any personal or business matter- this is an opportunity to receive masterful coaching in the moment leading to a shift in perspective that can quantum leap your life!

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    Mental Toughness Your Connection to Physical Fitness

    in Self Help

    In this episode, Pat  Council will share six traits to acquire that will lead to physical fitness and why you need mental toughness to acquire them.  If you have been striving to lose weight and physically fit, but you are having challenges staying the course, this is the show to listen to. Learn to finally breakthrough and achieve your fitness goals.  Repeat show.  

    We are currently revamping our show.  Stay tuned for all new shows and a great format.

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    The G.O.O.DLife Online Radio Show - 2 Part Series: Emotional & Physical Wellness

    in Entertainment

    The G.O.O.DLIFE Online radio show promotes a committment to a lifestyle of resourcefulness. Hosts Adiagha Faizah and Shea Meminger provide a platform for "out of the box discourse" that compels their audience to confront life challenges in an innovative fashion. Guests will include a range of enterprising individuals who have turned setbacks into triumphs.

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    Signs your physical body goes through with ascension process.

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    Hi Angels,.  This show was rescheduled an hour later tonight  because of a lost file error on tuesday.  It is a live show and Sue Wilcox and myself are going to talk about the changes your physical body may go through during the ascension process. The ascension process or the shift in consciousness that happens to us is wonderful. The physical body changes can be a bit of a challenge. This show will help you understand more of what to expect or explain what you may already be experiencing.

    Remember only for tonight the show will start at 9 pm east coast

    The call in number to listen in is 760 890 7143.

    We are broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7214021. #BlogTalkRadio









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