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    Episode 29 - #OpDontGoThere or Peace is a dish best served with Bernays sauce

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    Apologies for the lack of show time recently. Will try to make them up soon. 

    This week, we keep up the audio journey into understanding what the fuq is really going on. 

    We will start with a journey into filmosophy, the finding of philosophical ideologies hidden in plain sight, in some of our favorite movies. 

    From there, we explore the continuing fear, and racism being directed at Muslims, or more specifically, Arab Muslims. The false flags that lead to reenforcement of these paranoid sentiments. Racism, right wing extremism, and other forms of xenophobic hatred usually come to the surface in times of economic uncertainty and instability. 

    Which brings us to the coming economic collapse, the growing divide and under=-- class, and the inevitable changes we need to be prepared to fight for when the system does collapse again. We need to keep our wits about us to make sure that we are not caught off guard. 

    The powers that be are preparing/planning for another terrorist attack, and they expect it to be so bad, that their new terrorist insurance indurtry will need to pick up the tab to cover policy payouts. That's a big assumption for a financial product that's never been used. But hey, any way to keep cash flowing from taxpayers to corporations and banks.

    All the pieces matter. 

    Wake Up. Pay attention. Avoid the 'No Go Zones' in your city. Deface hatred everywhere. Civil Disobedience. Rise Up. Fight back. Stay Peaceful.

    Oh, and there is some stuff honoring MLK in the last half hour. 


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    Never in history has their been a more critical time for women to find themselves. To take action to improve their lives and be happy.  To live from a deeper consciousness and engage in habits that support who they truly are.

    My friend KENYA JACKSON aka @silencebeseen on Instagram had the courage to pen a self-help memoir called #Space... It was her personal narrative that turned out to be infused with life-reflecting truths about what holds us back..OUR THINKING ERRORS..

    Join US tomorrow at 9PM sharp - she will reveal why black women in particular are having such a hard time living, loving and laughing whole-heartedly.

    it'll be our bravest conversation yet! You owe it to yourself to listen!

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    Golf Talk Live - July 10, 2014 - with Special Guest - Dr Nicholas Molinaro Ed. D

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    Welcome to Golf Talk Live!

    Tonight we will take another break from "Coaches Corner", but will be joined by my special guest: Dr. Nicholas Molinaro-Ed. D.

    Nick Molinaro, Ed.D., Sport Psychologist, is a co-founder of Vangtage Sport Psychology Group,LLC.  He is a Licensed Psychologist has been working with athletes, business executives and performing artists for more than 20 years. Dr. Molinaro earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Scranton, his Masters from Kean College of New Jersey, and his doctoral degree in Human Development from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has received post–graduate education and training at The College of William and Mary, Temple University, and  San Diego University for Integrative Studies (SDUIS). He is a member of The Association for Applied Sport Psychology, New Jersey Psychological Association, and the American Psychological Association, Divisions of Sport Psychology and Counseling Psychology.

    Plus were joined by PGA Teaching Professional Brian Dobbie & Chris Trunzer, PGA Germany and minor tour player.

    Join us Thursday 6PM CST, right here on Golf Talk Live!




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    Stacey Radin, Founder of Unleashed, Talks Girls, Self-Esteem, Leadership & Dogs!

    in Entertainment

    Jennie Walker, the voice of JennieGirl Radio, speaks with Stacey Radin about her non profit Unleashed, which helps girls become leaders through a unique program that uses dogs.

    Stacey, Founder and CEO of Unleashed is a NY State-licensed clinical psychologist, certified executive coach by the International Coach Fed. and a leadership consultant and strategist. Her passion is empowering women and girls to embrace their power, create impact and implement change. As a consultant, her programs are designed to strengthen leaders’ ability to influence ethically, create opportunities to experiment and think out of the box, launch women’s initiatives and educate executives about the value proposition of a diverse working environment. Working with executives and business leaders at all levels, she is a recognized expert and “power stylist,” with more than ten years experience coaching and consulting with senior executives in Fortune 500 companies, especially women, helping them to define and experience power and influence in their lives and careers.

    Stacey has appeared on Good Day New York, featured in O Magazine and Shape, interviewed for NPR radio and 1010WINS. Stacey earned her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology from Albert Einstein Medical Ctr an MA from Columbia Univ, and a B.A. from SUNY Purchase where she studied music and psychology. Stacey completed her post-doctoral training at Columbia Psychoanalytic Training Institute specializing in the psychoanalytic treatment of children and parenting.  In January 2015, Stacey’s book, “Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with passion and Purpose to become Better Leaders” will be released by Simon and Schuster.


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    Truf Bros. Radio: WHITE OUT!

    in Entertainment

     Black America has a new hobby, Skin Bleaching.  Not just Black Americans, Africans all over the globe has fell into this fad.  From Hollywood Stars to the African Bush women are bleaching to "Look Beautiful" to "Look Pure".  Is this just another form of Self Hate, a rejection of our own color, or is this just another beauty product in a long line of products making us sick?

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    Hump day with the prophet

    in Current Events

    Is President Obama fighting a illegal covert/proxie war with Syria. California county administrator will make $400 K for life in retirement. Psychologist declare violent videos as addictive as drugs ask Adam Lanza.Voucher the key to saving our Liberty. "Common Core" the Federal Governments curriculum for all one size fits all going foward.the phychology of road rage. The study of "Skippyism."Are you or someone you know a Skippy."The USA loves Black people

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    Where does anxiety come from?

    in Health

    Contact Iqbal for Qi Gong for stress release & Qi Music at; http://www.IQbalance.com
    Tannis Hugill RCC, RDT, BC-DMT
    With a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology and a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance and Theatre, Tannis Hugill is a registered B.C. Clinical Counsellor, board certified Dance-movement therapist, registered Drama Therapist, Spiritual Director and creator of sacred theatre.
    Iqbal Ishani; Do you want music to calm you when you come home from a busy / crazy day, then download my Music 'Inner Smile Qi' CD for $9.97 or do you need to Focus then down load my 'Focus' CD for $9.97 http://iqbalance.com/on-line-store/

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    On the space with-in

    in Spirituality

    Join me in the exploration of your inner landscape. Learn the components and needs of your inner world. regarding your age, race and personality. You have a vast space within which is the source of everything you are experiencing. Join me and gain the personal altitude you are seeking.

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    Open Coaching with Lee Travathan

    in Psychology

    This is a special 30 minute show that addresses questions posed to Lee via email in regards to extraordinary thinking methods and philosophies.

    She'll talk about abundance, right use of mind, right use of will, the monkey mind brat brain of the ego, and more!

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    Physchologist/author Charles Bonasera "The Mental Side of Golf"

    in Spirituality

    Charles Bonasera's "The Mental Side of Golf" was born from his interests in sports that ultimately led him to create Sports Stress Clinic working with amateur athletes. This was the catalyst for producing his methods of maintaining focus and "staying in the zone".

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