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    HRM Black History Music Month with J.R. Strongg

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    HoodRich Magazine (HRM) is proud to present a Black History Month special! 

    Join host J.R. Strongg, as he mixes hits from some of today's artist such as Gospel Jazz artist Mel Holder, Gerald Alston of the Manhattans, Randy Weber (Refugee Project), Jaunita Wynn Harrison, M.Y.B.Y. (Hebrew Soul Media), and new commer Marcus Munroe of R&B Group L.I.E. Also Hip Hop musician Greg Green and all the way from South Africa, Singer and Guitarist Ernie J. Smith. All right here on The Keys107 Network. This is the Entertainment Key on HRM on the Keys107 Network.

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    For the past few weeks we have been examining and discussing some of the most powerful teachings of Christ. Our scriptural reference has been taken from chapter 5 of the Gospel According to St. Matthew. 

    We discussed how we are not to change a "jot", the smallest letter (in the Hebrew alphabet) or a "tittle", the stroke that changes one letter into another; for example, a capital "P" into a capital "R", of God's Word.  We reminded you that changing God's word can be deliberate and intentional on our parts, or it can be the result of others doing it for us. Take paraphrased bibles, for instance... bibles like the Living Bible and the Message Bible. A paraphrase bible, by merely defining what a paraphrase means, are bibles that reword something written or spoken by someone else. Now there are versions of the bible that also challenge the command of Christ to not change anything given to man by God. Versions like the NIV (New International Version) omit whole words, sentences and verses from other scriptural manuscripts. An example of this can be found in comparing the King James Version and the New American Standard Version with the NIV.  In both the KJV and the NASB, there is a verse 21 in chapter 17 of St. Matthew, in the NIV, this verse is completely omitted. The verse says, "Howbeit, this kind (mustard-seed faith) goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." The NIV, and the learned theologians who created it, thought this verse  not important enough  to include it. Other passages omitted are, Matthew 18:11, Mark 11:26 and Acts 8:37, to name but a few. Christ also established a broader standard of living then either the Torah or Tamid.

    Tonight we will be turning our attention to chapters 6 and 7 of St Matthew's Gospel, in order to discover further life-changing truths, taught by our Lord and Savior, Yahshua Ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ.

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    Radio Show: Gut Smart Gene Smart Diet: An Interview with Donna Gates

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    When it comes to choosing what to eat, the literature is fraught with confusing research, statistics, and recommendations. Proponents of a variety of diet "religions" purport to have the perfect diet for all of human kind. Studies contradict themselves, and hot-under-the-collar debates separate diet factions. Confusion and overwhelm abounds, and, for many, it results in just giving up and eating what tastes good.

    But what if instead of following a particular diet religion, you could based on factors in your genetics, and make smart food choices based on what's best for your unique biochemistry?

    Understanding genetics with relationship to food choices, in a new science called nutrigenomics, is what today's show is all about

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet, and learn:

    The impact of your genes on your gut flora
    Why the one-size-fits-all diet doesn't work, and how to customize yours based on your genetics
    What to do if your vitamin D receptors are suboptimal due to your genetics
    The alphabet soup of genes that impact digestion and food effects - NERF-2, FUT, VDR, NAT, TAS1r3, MTHFR and much more
    Genes that effect whether you do well or poorly with saturated fats, and when it's most important to eat a plant-based diet based on genetics

    70 million people suffer from digestive diseases alone in the US.  Find out from 32 top health experts if your gut is the cause of your issues.  Sign up for The Healthy Gut Summit, a free online event, February 9-16, 2015.

    If you would like to delve deep into nutrigenomics, listen to a free Google Hangout that Dr. Ritamarie did in February 2014.

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    Illuminati Exposed Radio - Episode 31 - The IRS

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    Today on Illuminati Exposed Radio, hosts Matthew Letter and Kimberly Clausen will be discussing the Supreme Court decisions ruling against an Income Tax as well as the agencies arguments. We will be taking callers only on the subject.

    Continuing our series on the US government alphabet agencies this part 4 in a series.

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    Universal Harmonics is the study of numbers as symbols of the single field of Consciousness.

    Ancient languages were alphanumeric: each letter had a numerical value. This was not simply a counting system, for numbers were considered the Language of the Divine. Words and names having the same numerical sum indicated a similitude of underlying meaning. A text could contain many layers of information. The method of this encoding is called Gematria. Because Truth is everywhere present, as a hologram, information is also everywhere present. Universal Harmonics and Universal Harmonics Analysis uses the English language alphabet as a numerical system to present profound Truth. Numbers, as Divine Language symbols, speak to us beyond the verbal level of consciousness. There is a purity to numbers which our English language lacks. 1 is the symbol of Unity, the Creative impulse. 0 is that nothingness out of which all springs forth, undifferentiated Consciousness.

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    join Brenda with readings from Christ consciousness

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    Every spiritual journey requires help from other brother and sisters.Sometimes we just need some reasurance and agreement to get us over the stopping points in our lessons or just to have someone listen to our story.Community is important to everyone specially like minded others who can bring inspriration to our thoughts.Brenda a good understanding and wisdom about names and places and what they mean by using the letters from her book "God's alphabet." ask her about names and places.

    thank you blessings brenda

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    The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction and Exercises with Qur’aan Commentary
    For Beginners & Non-Beginners By Siddeeq Jihad
    I want to bring to our attention an achievement, a publication that has been produced mainly for our community but is for anybody who wants some help from the material that has been put into this publication.
    The book is called The Language of Revelation. (Lughatut-tan-zeel) It is by a brother that I have known to be dedicated and devoted to the study of Qur’aanic Arabic and the teaching of that subject to our students and to grown-ups as well. And that is brother Siddeeq Jihad. I would highly recommend this book for you all, who are studying (grown-ups) but also for our youngsters who are studying separate organized Qur’aanic Studies classes and who are also studying in our school system. Clara Muhammad School System like the one in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago and many other places.
    I highly recommend this book, The Language of Revelation. Qur’aanic Arabic with lessons and studies to improve your ability to read the Qur’aan and get more understanding and to qualify yourself, In-shaa Allah to be a teacher one day.
    Because out of you, from you who are interested in Qur’aanic Arabic, we’re going to get our next generation of teachers, Imams and leaders. So Allah be with you all and bless you to benefit from these wonderful projects and publications that our community is producing. This is one, we have others that I’ve seen and I’m grateful to Allah for students and scholars like our brother, Siddeeq Jihad. Congratulations, my brother!
    (1st Sunday, July 6, 2008, Markham, Illinois) www.siddeeqjihad.com siddeeq@msn.com

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    The New Essenes: "To BIBLE or Not to BIBLE" - Page 11

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    Have you ever wondered why we would keep on criticizing ourselves to no end for a given error, as if we really believed that being harsh upon ourselves was going to promote change? Yet that belief contradicts the current findings of neuroscience in matters of transformation by way of self-acceptance, findings that backup perennial wisdom teachings. Indeed, wisdom has always emphasized understanding and kindness: “do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want others to do unto you.” So why is it that we would be harming ourselves, by being mean, micromanaging and intolerant? Moreover, what link are we missing, that we would use the same belief (I must use force to discipline myself), which ends up keeping healing at bay?

    To this, Bruce Lipton offers: “while the Biology of Belief focuses on the nature of how your personal beliefs affect your personal life, what we are realizing now is that collective beliefs have a much more profound effect.” This is to say that our attachment to harmful beliefs (e.g.; I’m “no good”) comes from a deeper source than just our individual story – that there is a global story of pain, which is much more potent, and thus much more arduous to contend with.

    To begin undoing this intricate web, the New Essenes propose two possibilities: 1) to go to the most influential book ever – the Bible: whether living in Timbuktu, Paris or Hong Kong, it is likely that we have heard of the myth of the garden, namely Adam, Eve, the Snake and a Tree, characters who were “no good,” and who did something very, very “wrong;” 2) to have a complete different way to look at it: the wisdom teaching of the Bible is not in its story lines, but in its minute essence – the Hebrew alphabet.

    Join us at 7 pm for more.


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    Canaanite Mythology in Magick

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    On New Years Day 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will
    present a discussion on the importance of Canaanite/Phoenician mythology
    in Magick and magical Qabalah and in Solomonic ceremonial magick. We
    will explore how it can relate to Alchemy, astrology, and Hermetic
    Solarism. We will discuss the Alchemical symbolism of our Cannanite
    Seasonal rites and the relation of Canaanite Gods and Goddesses to the
    Sumerian and classical Greek Pantheons. So if you want to explore what
    lies behind the myth of Solomon being the Master Magician, tune in and
    we'll introduce you to the real "oldest religion".

  • Conversations to Create Change ~ Christian Psychic Brenda Bradshaw

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    Join Anna Banguilan as she talks with Christian Psychic, Brenda Bradshaw. Brenda is also a handwriting expert, teacher of psychic development, author of God Alphabet and hosts the Christian Psychic Brenda Bradshaw radio show on blogtalkradio.

    Life is your journey, be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!"


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    Wycliffe Bible Translators Introduces Kate and Mack in Around the World

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    Today our guest is Kristie Frieze from Wycliffe Bible Translators who is joining us to discuss a great new children's book called Around the World with Kate and Mack: A Look at Languages from A to Z.  We're going to learn a lot about different nations and how they are getting the scriptures translated into their languages.

    Around the World with Kate and Mack: A Look at Languages from A to Z offers children a fun way to begin understanding Bible translation and the need for it around the world. In addition, Wycliffe's website has new games for children, like Find your Name and Message Decoding that tie in to the book.

    “Around the World” is an updated version of the Wycliffe classic children’s book, “From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples,” which has sold more than 30,000 copies. In “Around the World,” Kate, a fictionalized missionary kid, and Mack, her precocious parrot, take readers on a globe-trotting adventure, introducing children to a new language and culture for each letter of the alphabet, from Arop (Papua New Guinea) to Zinza (Tanzania). With more than 100 pages of photographs, colorful illustrations and fun facts, “Around the World” is a perfect introduction to Bible translation for children of all ages.


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