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    Widespread Phish, Dead!

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    Widespread Phish, Dead. Try to PANIC! but in a good way...  Stay Greatful and saddle-up warrior poets! Those who love to ride jump on your ponies and enjoy!
    Two special guests infiltrate the Denver Cellar and share their love of two bands who epitomize the "jam" genre.  Our favorite teacher, Mr. Dawkins, who is still representing at the ol' alma mater, and the Joe the Denver to NYC transplant with close 100 live panic shows under his belt team up to give us a ride with Casey Jones on the Climb to Safety.  Nols will peer outta the Farmhouse to throw in his two cents.
    The Grateful Dead started it, Widespread Panic and Phish have carried the torch.
    We're going to dig deep; get into some long tracks and mind blowing transitions. We'll explore personal experiences of epiphany and “wow” that can occur when you hear these guys rock n’ roll!

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    Common Scams on Social Media Networking Sites

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    Social Media is a valuable platform to communicate with your audience and a great way to provide value to your target market.  Unfortunately, it's also a popular way for scammers to "Phish" for their next unsuspecting victim.  Rick and Bill discuss these common scams and how to protect yourself from the negative effects they wreak on you personally and on your business.

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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 33: Interview with New Stems Tal Davidson

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be interviewing his first Musicain ever on the Alex Cardinale Show! Alex welcomes New Stems, a Canadian Music band that is really good! Alex will be interviewing New Stems Member Tal Davidson and Tal will explain his band to us and we will have the honor of hearing some of their wonderful music.

    If you have any questions, please call in at 1 323-642-1605.

    About New Stems:

    All four members of New Stems have been comrades, amigos, and best buds since the early days of high school. Tal and Jordan started performing together as an acoustic duo under the name “The Stems”, but quickly expanded their resources to include Daniel in 2009. Several years went by with a rotating cast of bass players. In 2011, Adam decided to start playing the bass, and, as he was already a good friend, adding him was a natural fit.

    Although we cater to a wide range of audiences our sound is often described with adjectives such as: “folk”, “organic”, “jammy”, “wacky”, and most notably, “the cat’s pyjamas”. We draw inspiration from groups like The Beatles, Phish, The Flaming Lips, Pavement and The Grateful Dead. Our oeuvre ranges from psychedelic rock to country, with a recurring focus on unique collaborative improvisation - we explore the myriad possibilities both within and outside of our songs.

    We have recently been recording at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga, under the supervision of producer extraordinaire Adam Feldman. It’s been a ton of fun, and we’re really excited to get the new recordings released.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Beloved Trumpeter, Joey Sommerville!

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    Ooooh, this is gonna be a "Red Cups UP" interview!  Hah!  That's one of the tunes on Joey Sommerville's new CD, "Overnight Sensation" (oh, the irony THERE!).  The song was lauded by "USA Today" columnist, Elysa Gardner.  She just mentioned it the other day when she discussed new music that caught her ear.  Bette Midler and Darlene Love and Joey - he was in the right company, wasn't he?  Thanks, Elysa!

    This will be the third go-round with Joey as guest.  The first time was back in "Cool Jazz Conversations" days with Joy Hall.  Then, he visited "Hybrid Jazz" with more exciting news two years ago.  NOW?  Honey, this a whole 'nother chapter in the Saga of Sommerville!  The new project is SMOKING hot!  In terms of artistry and variety.  Joey has enlisted his friends to play with him: Earl Klugh, Elan Trotman, Eric Essix and Jeff Bradshaw.  And he has stretched his wings and flown to beautiful new directions.  He echoes the past so well while breathing life into it.  Joey is adamant that you know he plays ALL kinds of music on that trumpet, but he truly has an affinity for the life of what Jazz is. Matter-of-fact, Joey is an "All That Jazz" award-winner.  Let him tell you about that :)

    Raised in the Baptist Church, Joey knew that if the congregation responded favorably to his trumpet, then his "soul communication" was on target :)  Liiving in Atlanta now (from Detroit), Joey has played with everyone from Phish to Cirque de Soleil to the many stars who landed in 'Lanta for his Jazz After Dark Series.  He's no stranger to touring or recording - he has honed his craft for YEARS - and to say that you're going to enjoy every note of what you'll hear on the new CD is an understatement!  Join us in The Chat Room on 11/11!

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    The Art of Music Making with Jammin' Jed Luckless

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    Jed Luckless is a NYC area musician who performs original music and streams his shows online in the virtual world of Secondlife. Jed will share with us some of his thoughts about music, writing & performing live and in the virtual world. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin’ Jed and this spontaneity makes every performance a unique experience for the listener.

    Want to know how Jed crafts a song? How he covers Grateful Dead and Phish, but makes the music his own? Watch Jed play here - http://youtu.be/ru2vYjYAIHo?t=11m46s Who will you be listening to... ? Find out more here. http://jedluckless.com/

    All music used with permission from Jed Luckless and the Jed Luckless Band

    www.jedluckless.com  & www. jedlucklessband.com

    "Back Again" from the All At Once album-  Jed Luckless (3:10)

    "Still In Luv With U" from the Roll The Tape album - Jed Luckless Band  (3:49)

    "Luna Overture" from the All At Once album-  Jed Luckless (2:52)  

    "Victim of the Rhythm" from the Roll The Tape album - Jed Luckless Band (7:58)

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    Vas Nas - Heavy Tracks

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    Vas Nas joins Phish Radio once again to bring you some of the heaviest rock, funk and reggea tracks ever. The show will be broadcasted in English, so that foreigners can also understand. Peace!

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    The Student of the Game: NFL PreSeason Talk

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    This week, the SoTG and Weasel (@weaselthesotg) host Nation Gridiron Network AFC East Writer Antwan Staley (@blackredsoxfan) about his experience at the Miami Dolphin Mini-Camp and offer insight on what wish the Phish will grant the fans.

    Then, the SoTG and Weasel talking about the Jackonville Jaguars Caravan that passed through featuring Tony Biscelli, Cecil Shorts III, Storm Johnson, and Black Bortles.

    All that and headlines on this week's edition.

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    INTERVIEW: Parke Puterbaugh, biographer, PHISH

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    Phish trusts journalist Parke Puterbaugh to tell the band’s story and so should you!

    Drawing upon nearly 15 years of exclusive interviews with the members of Phish and those in their employ, veteran music journalist Parke Puterbaugh delivers an insightful and authoritative biography of this beloved band and their quixotic career. Phish: The Biography thoroughly traces the quartet’s history from their formative years to their spectacular success as a prolific touring phenomenon. Puterbaugh examines the colorful chemistry - the unique mix of personalities, backgrounds and talents - that inspired the members of Phish to push their four-way experiment to the limit.

    The book also candidly addresses the bumps in the road that followed Phish’s ascent to popularity, as rock’s hardest-working band also became one of its hardest-partying entities. Mounting excesses and internal dissent led to a two-year hiatus, a dramatic breakup, and a well-documented drug bust and courageous recovery from addiction for guitarist Trey Anastasio. The tale concludes with Phish’s triumphant reunion in 2009, marking one of the greatest comebacks in music history. An intimate and fascinating portrait, Phish: The Biography is the definitive story of these Vermont jamband legends.

    A former senior editor for Rolling Stone magazine, Puterbaugh has written or cowritten numerous books and magazine articles on music, travel, the environment and other subjects.

    For more original interviews with your favorite musicians, visit Mr. Media Radio.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Natalie Cressman!

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    It would stand to reason that Natalie Cressman would emerge - EARLY in life - as the profound talent that she has become.  And is becoming.  Both of those.  Her Mother is the exquisite vocalist, Sandy Cressman, who heard the call of Brazil in her heart and pursued those musical traditions with a passion that carried over to her daughter (who is an equal opportunity embracer!)  Dad, Jim, is a much in-demand recording engineer who has had beautiful associations with many artists - in his studio capacity and also as a trombonist.

    Which brings us to the subject of a young woman who learned a multitude of genres as a child - who also learned to play the trombone like Dad - and sing from the influence of Mom.  Who fell in love with words and style and creativity.  Here's someone who recognized ALL of that in one 18 year-old rarity: Trey Anastasio from Phish.  He was blown away by the maturity of Natalie at that age - a wisdom in her approach and freshness of sound that persuaded him to ask her to join his musical entourage.  You can hear echoes of his mentoring in Natalie's second CD, "Turn the Sea."  But make no mistake - it has the stamp of a VERY special singer/songwriter/trombonist on it.  And here's why..

    Natalie, already head-full of eclectic musical tastes in high school, had an injury that sidelined her ballet aspirations.  She then turned her focus to the work that Mom and Dad had enjoyed all her life - and she dived into the waters of education at the Manhattan School of Music.  With the full support of her family, she explored those waters and played Salsa, Latin Jazz (Pete Escovedo), World with the respected Peter Apfelbaum, and established an ongoing career relationship with Trey - as well as Nicholas Payton and Wycliffe Gordon.

    In bloom and on fire, Natalie Cressman WILL be heard!  You'll fall in love with what YOU hear. Promise!

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    New Orleans Saints- Seattle Seahawks Playoff Preview

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    Ralph Malbrough from WWLTV.com, Dave Cariello of Canal Sreet Chronicles, Kevin Held from Hakim Drops the Ball, and Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation breakdown the Saints-Seahawks playoff rematch. 

    Can the Saints overcome the Seattle crowd, the rain, Phish and granola hippies? Can the offensive line continue to play well? Will Keenan Lewis get cleared to play? Is Popeyes Chicken the most magical food in all the universe?

    Plus the boys answer you Twitter questoins.



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    The Alister Konrath Show (Super Bowl Edition)

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    Super Bowl Show!  Denver vs Seattle.. #1 Offense vs #1 Defense.. Peyton Manning going for G.O.A.T?.. Russel Wilson trying to do Phish proud.. Does it get any better than this?

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