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    The Rights Of The Few

    in Current Events

    Where the rights of the many are the same as the few!

    Tonight we are going to discuss some phylisophical topics in the first hour. Like the whoredom of America. America is being treated like a whore, and the pimp is the the establishment, the president, and the politicians, etc....

    Americans act like they have been abused. this mentality i will explain and hopefully how to change it.

    In the second hour we will discuss the signs of the times, and how they relate Biblically to us.I do believe we are in the end times as portrayed in the Bible. 

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    Website http://www.therightsofthefew.wordpress.com

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    Together We Stand The Fall of Babylon

    in Higher Education

    Charles David Brooks, III is a Poet, Actor, Playwright, Director, Choreographer, and Professor of Theatre.  His philosphy is that "we are all playing a role, but we don't know what the play is."

  • 01:30

    Upbeat w Tom Hayes and Hazel Moore, "Life: Illusion or Reality?"

    in Comedy

    Upbeat with Tom Hayes welcomes back Spiritual Healer, Sage, Advisor, Coach. Hazel will edify us on the age old question of life. Is it real or illusion. Tune infor a fascinating and revelatory discussion on what is life? Dream or real?

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    Mommy Wars

    in Parents

    Laurette Lynn offers commentary and perspectives on the ongoing battle between parents who make contrasting decisions in childcare.  From co-sleeping to vaccinating, viewpoints, opinions and sometimes even truths of "right and wrong" are loosely defined.  The struggle continues and many advocates fiercely defend and promulgate the agenda and plight of parental decisions.   But Laurette proposes that the ferocity of activism is not always in the best interest of the child, but is instead a otherwise unnecessary stroke of ego.

    Listen in to the pondering, then the suggested solutions offered on how to communicate our views more effectively and truly make it about learning and improving as parents, and as people. 


    For more information visit Laurettelynn.com 
    To suggest a topic or be a guest, contact: info at Laurettelynn . com

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    History of Philosophy: Plotinus and the death of Greek Philosphy

    in Politics


    The DIM Hypothesis by Leonard Peikoff (the concept of the philosphical triad) 

    The History of Philosophy: Founders of Western Philosophy, Thales to Hume by Leonard Peikoff   http://www.peikoff.com/courses_and_lectures/the-history-of-philosophy-volume-1-%E2%80%93-founders-of-western-philosophy-thales-to-hume/ 

    The Classical Mind by W.T. Jones.  http://www.amazon.com/Classical-Mind-History-Western-Philosophy/dp/0155383124# 

    Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition  http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/great-minds-of-the-western-intellectual-tradition-3rd-edition.html 

    Music courtesy of Alex Prisc of Nigh Horizon. 

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert. This show represents my attempt to understand the history of Philosophy as I do my own reading. Much of this material I have only read once or twice before I present it. The source material provided above is a much more professional (albeit longer) discourse on these ideas. 

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    #16: The power behind 1 on 1 personal training w/special guest Pierre Avila.

    in Health

    This episode will be a fun one with Pierre Avila, the owner of Gio's in Naperville, IL.

    His 1 on1 personal training approach and personal attention keeps him ahead of the rest.

    His goal is to help you improve your health and ultimately feel better about life and be more able to physically enjoy life to its fullest with those that you hold dearest to you.

    Listen in to here his philosphy and tips on how to stay in shape.

    His website is www.giosbfit.com.  

    You can find me at www.goality.com.


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    The Spiritual Pilgrimage to Kmt Reflections Part 3 "A Family Affair"

    in Spirituality

    Udja (Greetings),

    Welcome to the Rech Ab (Wisdom Teachings) Shedy discipline of Shetaut Neter. What will be shared on this show are the ancient philosophical and religious teachings from ancient Kemet which lead to transformation of the heart/soul. Priests and Priestesses of the Temple of Aset as well as Dr. Muata Ashby, Sebai Maa and Dr. Karen Clarke Ashby, Seba Dja, will present the teachings which when practiced transform the heart.  Unut (Priest) Anpu Waset is the host for this show.

    Tonight a member of the Temple Shems Heryt Merri Net, her husband George, and their daughter Meryt Maati will join us as guests for “A Family Affair” show and will share their “reflections” from both the spiritual pilgrimage to Kmt and also their experience of integrating the Neterian practice of Temple member Shems Heryt Merri Net into their household a few years ago.

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    Interview with Kerry McVey and Amy Clemens of True North Acupuncture

    in Motivation

    Amy and Terry have a private practice in NYC called True North Acupuncture. Amy Clemens is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Diplomat of Acupuncture through NCCAOM. Kerry McVey is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, and a Diplomat of Acupuncture through NCCAOM. True North Acupuncture began as an idea when Amy and Terry met at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and realized that they shared like-minded goals and ideas for what their private practices might look like. They were both studying in the specialized "Classical Acupuncture" program at PCOM, which was a smaller group of students, and found themselves consistently in the same classes and same schedules.  This led to a lot downtime together where they would discuss the needs of the New York City population and where they seen themselves fitting in.  By working together so often in and out of class and in the clinic, they quickly realized they had a very similar work ethic and complimented each other's strengths and weaknesses very well.  This led to discussions on forming a private practice in the Downtown area together.  They experienced setbacks but they didn't allow the setbacks to deter them from pursuing their dream of opening up their own private practice. Through dedication, hard work and perserverence they opened up their practice. Their philosphy is "It is not just about treating the patients, which is also great because you make a huge difference in their lives, but educating them to help themselves is possibly even more rewarding"

    True North Acupuncture (718) 619.7337


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    Peaceful Warrior Reflections Program

    in Self Help

    Readings from religious texts, novels, sci-fi books, articles and other written material that help us explore what it means to be free in our society.  This freedom means having the power to choose.  It means cleansing oneself of the internal voices that hinder and tapping into the larger voice, or type of knowing, called the truth.  Along with this, we explore various topics, provide commentary on current events, and give you the opportunity to agree or disagree, accept or dismiss, accept or reject.  The main point is that the power to do so is left in your hands.  There is no censorship so you are allowed to make your own decisions about what to keep and what to let go.  That is what real freedom is all about.

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    THE PRINZING SHOW : Promoting Your Best Market Niche !

    in Business

    1st Guest:  Dr. Michael Robins, Ph.D., The Abundance & Joy Revealer

    Ph.D. in Literature & Philosophy


    2nd Guest: Francoise Netter, Owner Body/Mind Dynamics

    Her New Book: Movement For The Mind

    Her Program: Movement For The Mind Certification Teacher Training Program




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    Hey It's Time to Get Rolling With NGB, and Mathmatician Lee Kerns

    in Blogs

    Topic- Update and whereabouts of the NGB-- Guest and Mathmatician Lee Kerns, Masters in Education w/emphasis in Pure Math from Buffalo State College, He specializes in Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry. He had taught applied mathematics courses specifically at the community college level and at ITT tech. He particulary emphasizes on real-life applications of mathematics when teaching these courses. He is from  the Kiowa Nation in Anadarko, Oklahoma and had attended Haskell Indian Nations University for his undergraduate education. He had also served in the Air Force for for five years in the career field of Electronics. 

    Other Topics-someguytalking.com- music review page, past guest music ready to be blogged and get fans involved. Is it possible the NGB may start getting a survey page to see what is going on in the world on mainstream topics?

    Come Join in find the follow buttons on Facebook, or @nativeguytalking on the twitter. Be a guest or lets us tell your fans more about you by joining us and be enlightend one blog at a time!