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    Combat Corner #20: Sharon Presutto Scrima Talks All Things Boxing

    in Sports

    For Combat Corner's 20th episode, there'll be something special: the show's first guest interview.

    Sharon Scrima will be on the show to discuss HBO's recent boxing doubleheader featuring Gennady Golovkin, the upcoming bout between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan, Saturday night's rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto, her work with the Golden Gloves, her feud with the WBC, and much more!

    Elsewhere in combat sports, Jon Jones made his UFC return last weekend and Ben Henderson made a far less successful debut for Bellator MMA.

    And Phil will preview Sunday's WWE Network Special/Pay-Per-View, Payback. The main event will be Roman Reigns vs. A.J. Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight title.

    Follow Phil, Scott, and Combat Corner on Twitter @PhilClark19 @TheProfessorSD @CombatCornerBTR

    Follow Sharon on Twitter @scrimmerofhope

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    Diva Taunia Presents: The Backstage Pass Lunchtime Concert Series

    in Music

    The Backstage Pass Radio Program is hosted by award-winning vocalist and trumpet player Diva Taunia, and can be heard on Fridays at NOON, PST at www.backstagepassradio.com.  The show is generously sponsored each week by our friends at Wellesse Liquid Vitamins and Supplements (www.wellesse.com), Daddy O's Rockabilly Clothing (www.daddyos.com) and our newest sponsor, Restricted Shoes (www.restrictedshoes.com). 

    Don't forget to tweet live during the show @divataunia!

    On today's program:

    1. Mr Eurodisco with "In Your Touch"
    2. King Brice with "Don Wepa"
    3. Dan King with "Traveling Man"
    4. Dan King with "I Wish I Were in Love Again"
    5. Phil Cooper with "Stepping Off The Edge"
    6. Eric Odsell with "As Long As I'm With You" (featuring Sascha Dupont)
    7. Eric Odsell with "Searching For Lost Boys Island"


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    Gravitate to Gratitude with Carolyn Flower

    in Spirituality

    Very excited to have Carolyn Flower joining me to day for my Gratitude Author series. She is quite the dynamo, with a PR business, a publishing business, an athor in her own right, she has much to be grateful for and she will discuss the beauty and life changing power of Gratitude with us today.

    Carolyn is a promotional communication specialist with an in-house creative design team. She has a serious addiction to writing and storytelling, is a bestselling author and a columnist at the Huffington Post. She has gratefully served clients since 1992, and last year expanded her vision to include an online training platform by creating and developing an Author Success Systems ACADEMY, offering laser-focussed authors supported self-publishing premium programs with a Dream Team to guide their independent publishing journey. 
    Website: carolynflower.com 




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    Sport Pilots & Drones

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Marcie Klein and Henry Boger, a couple of our local sport pilots!

    Since her graduation from University of California at San Diego in 1987 with a BS degree in communications, Marci Klein has dedicated her career to the reality TV genre.  She is currently a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Producer's Guild of America.  ?She's produced, directed and written for some of the most recognizable programs in syndication, cable and Network Television, including Celebrity Boxing  Elimidate Deluxe, Dr. Phil,  The Swan, and The Insider to name a few.

    Henry Boger began his adventures in aviation over 25 years ago. He is certified by the FAA as an instrument-rated private pilot and Certified Flight Instructor as well as a Master Parachute Rigger. Shortly thereafter, Henry went on to become a skydiving instructor with the United States Parachute Association.  He has over 9,000 skydives, 6,000 of which were training jumps with first time students.  In addition to his experience as a pilot and skydiving instructor, Henry is also an aerial cinematographer, sky surfer, PADI scuba dive master and world-renowned BASE jumper.  He is passionate about instruction, aviation, and adventure. 

    This morning, we’re going to discuss drones and the current regulations surrounding this popular pastime and we’ll learn a bit more about those ultralights we see zooming around the South Bay.


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    Knicks at Nite Show - Who will be our Next Head Coach and a Season Review

    in Basketball

    We are back! Join Sean Aquino @saquino34, Greg Armstrong @gstrong011 Frank Nutt @franknutt and Pete Arturi @Pete_Arturi as we discuss Phil Jackson's process of picking the next Knicks Coach and how this affects Carmelo Anthony and the free agency class of 2016. Plus, we will look back on the season and discuss positives and negatives from the past season.



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    Phil Jackson is insane!! NBA Playoffs!! Tom Brady 4 games again!!

    in Sports

    1- NBA
    1A- NBA Playoffs
    1B- Phil Jackson is insane!!

    2- Boxing/MMA
    2A- Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 off?!

    2B- GGG beats another bum!!

    3- NFL
    3A- Tom Brady and deflate gate again?!

    3B- Josh Norman signs with the Redskins!!

    3C- Eagles trade with Browns, who got the better deal?

    3D- Jets and Broncos interview Bryan Hoyer?!

    4- Curt Schilling fired by ESPN!!

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    Amazing Stuff and More Amazing Stuff

    in Education

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon talk about cool gadgets and inventions and world-changing technologies.

    Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces ‘Teslaphoresis’ 

    Molecular mechanical computer design 100 billion times more energy efficient than best conventional computer

    NASA feed 'goes down as horseshoe UFO appears on ISS live cam' sparking claims of alien cover up

    Solar Cells Will be Made Obsolete by 3D rectennas aiming at 40-to-90% efficiency

    LG Planning “wafer-thin” flexible TV screen that you can roll up like a newspaper

    Concrete Fabric

    A PhD student invented a robot that can grow fruits and vegetables on Mars

    Scientists make "Impossible Material" ... by accident

    Join us!

    WT 155-461


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    Nexxlegacy Sports Radio with guest Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd

    in Sports

    Host: Charles iambranded Madison & Phil Phille Rodriguez

    Guest: Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd

    Call (713)955-0720

    We tackle difficult topics in police, criminal, and corporate culture.

    The only way to improve the future is to learn from the past.  Michael Dowd is a former NYPD officer and current ethics consultant.  He discusses the ethics of policing, police corruption and misconduct, and the understanding of the "blue code".  Mike engages with current police forces as well as firms on Wall St. to help them improve their understanding of ethics and the importance of increased monitoring through technology.  Schools and Universities have reached out to have Mike lecture their students and provide a resource to many criminal justice and criminology majors.


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    in Prayer

    "When you pray, rather let thy hearty be without words than tthy words be without heart" (John Bunyon). We come with our soul 

    lifted upward and inwardly we're bowed low in awe before the presence of the KING who sits upon the THRONE OF GRACE.

    We can then pour out our concerns before HIM, since HE cares for us (Phil.4:6-7). Since prayer is the expression of the heart,

    it is vital to understand that it means far more than reciting certain "religious"words. GOD is not interested in empty prayers any

    more than HE desires heartless sacrifice. Some of our prayers are conscious words spoken to GOD, whereas others are unconscious

    expressions of inner heart attitudes. Therefore, be careful how you think! It is sobering to realize that our thoughts are essentially prayers

    being offered up to GOD. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial714459.3963. 

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    2016 Spring Season Week 9

    in Movies

    “Compadres” was the runaway Best Performer for Week 8 of the Fantasy Movie League Spring season but will it have another shot at the $2M per screen bonus this week?  What other returning film that has seen huge drops in previous weeks has a chance at the Best Performer bonus this week?  “Mother’s Day”, “Keanu”, and “Ratchet & Clank” are all new in theaters this week, which ones do Austin Buyer’s Club and the Fantasy Movie League Nerd think you should stay away from?  Is Kenny Rogers famous for chicken or for music? Plus, this week, the podcast welcomes long-time FML contributor Phil’s Phun Phlicks.

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    NUTRITION NEWS: Episode 1

    in Nutrition

    The Godmother discusses topics in the news

    Phil releases 52 lbs since February 5, 2016

    Jeff, IL releases 71.5 since August, 2015