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  • Pharaoh's Heart Was Harden - Exodus 7-9.

    in Christianity

    Exodus 7:3-5 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply My signs and My wonders in the land of Egypt. But Pharaoh will not heed you, so that I may lay My hand on Egypt and bring My armies and My people, the children of Israel, out of the land of Egypt by great judgments. And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I stretch out My hand on Egypt and bring out the children of Israel from among them.” 

  • Y4C~Youth For Christ w/ Iseethegreat Youth Host Birthday Bash

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    ?Hi Everyone!
    Are you looking for a way to pump up your week? Well come join us
    as the youth take over the studio! Were going to have great music, spoken word
    and a Hip Hop Gospel Dance Mix that will have you on your feet!! Listen Live or later.

    As a  501 (c) (3) Religious Non For Profit Charitable Organization,  we are dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging  greatness in others. We hope to encourage each person to discover their God given Talents by gaining a deeper and more personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each of us has a role to play within our communities, and the closer you walk with our Lord the more Love and blessings  we can bring to our communities.  Join us as we crusade for Christ! 

            Let Your Light Shine, All Are Welcomed!

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    The Ripped Review #4

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    today on THE RIPPED REVIEW:

    I must have gone to at least 10 different dispensaries in Denver on 420, and this product was by far the purchase that impressed me the most during the holiday. It was a house brand called "Natures Kitchen" made by the dispensary called "Natures herbs and wellness center" address: 3435 South Yosemite Street Denver, Colorado 80231. "Natures Kitchen" offers a variety of treats including cookies and candies, but i ended up going with the fudge because it was the most economical. The fudge had the highest milligram for the lowest price. Plus, since it was 420, they had a great deal going on (Buy one "natures kitchen" brand get one for $4.20) so i got them for even cheaper than they already are. The 4 pieces inside pump out a whooping 71.25 mg per bottle. What flavor fudge you ask?....... RUM PECAN.... sayyyyy whaaaaa?! Yes, rum pecan and it tasted just as phenomenal as it sounds. In fact, it was so tasty that i could see people dishing out extra cash for this product if they raised the price. (which, lets hope they don't do! lol) Also, just to add, it defiantly functioned as it was supposed to. i was talking nonsense, and got really giggly with my friends. take a look at these scrumptious fudge pieces and tell me what you think!!

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    GRINDHARD RADIO Featuring Kelo

    in Indie Music

    GRINDHARD RADIO Hosted by: Jit Chronicles & Cata' Mafioso with Co-Hosts Young Nah, King Dizz, and Dub Dinero. Join us for an Exclusive Interview from BeatShop Productions Rap Artist "Kelo" as he talks about his new and upcoming pojects. There will be a topic for discussion, Pump it or Dump it, Hip Hop Trivia and more. Also random calls will be taken and music will be played. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. We are #RealityRadio #GHR

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    Milling About with Pump Boys & Dinettes

    in Entertainment

    Milling About goes behind-the-scenes with Pump Boys & Dinettes playing The Papermill Playhouse April 6-May 1. Joining host Robin Milling is James Barry (Jim), Julie Foldesi (Prudie), Jason Ostrowski (L.M.), Alysha Umphress (Rhetta) and choreographer JoAnn M. Hunter (School of Rock).

    All the action takes place on North Carolina's Highway 57. The Pump Boys at the gas station (James, Jason, Gabe Bowling as Jackson and Sam Weber as Eddie) are a musical foursome, playing all their own instruments in the show with styles ranging from the 30s to the 80s. On acoustic guitar is James who tells Robin he grew up playing in rock bands. He says the music in the show features ragtime to classic country, soul and funk. On piano, percussion, accordian and a 'little tap dancing' is Jason, an accomplished pianist who tells Robin tapping while playing accordian was a challenge, 'It's a funny moment because I'm playing accordian while I'm doing it in cowboy boots!' Jason goes from Sondheim to country rock 'n roll having played piano and bass in Company.

    And then there's the Dinettes of the Double Cupp Diner featuring Julie and Alysha as the Cupp sisters. Julie is musically inclined as well playing ukelele, guitar and piano but had to learn accordian and harmonica for the show. She tells Robin, 'I have my own 'Keep Your Eye on Foldesi' band, sort of bluegrassy folk. I have two albums on iTunes and Amazon!' Alysha trades in her taxi medallion in On The Town as a percussive dinette. She laughs, 'I play tubs, a cheesegrater and a whisk. I do oatmeal. Things you never thought could be played, I play!'

    Pump Boys and Dinettes premieres April 10 at The Papermill Playhouse. For more information visit www.PaperMill.org/PumpBoys

    Music provided by Pump Boys and Dinettes Original Broadway Soundtrack


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    Diet for Freedom fighters:

    How are you going to survive on the battlefield and you’re sick? A lot of our brothers and sisters doing stakeouts all night in front of the police stations eating potato chips, drinking soda pops, hardly any water, obese, got asthma. You fighting for our freedom. You can’t stand up to the police because your asthma just kicked in. If we patrol or protest, or boycotting, you forgot to take your insulin or you forgot your asthma pump. Most of us won't be around to see the benefits of our struggle and sacrifice because we lived to eat instead of eating to live. If we are alive we are so broke down and in pain that it ain't worth living. We were promised 120 years if we ate the diet that promotes life. I'm going to share with you what the Creator inspired through me on a diet that I called the FOOD OF THE GOD'S.

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Mental Health Mess

    in Politics

    MAELSTROM OF US MENTAL HEALTHCARE MUST CHANGE The mental health industry has sprung a leak which only grows daily. The dinghy of despair, circles the drain while experts claim psychological problems all derive from genetics is a tawdry answer which does not bear scrutiny. Now scientists inform us that so-called “life events”, in other words our personal histories -- by far overshadow genes as the main cause of breakdowns and disorders. There is no chemical cure & people's minds are more than grey matter. But of course this was always the truth. The reason for the triumph of materialism over experience is borne of greed and shame and lack of spiritual insight. It’s  greed because the colossal pharma industry reaps billions a year spinning the lie  that that brain is just a pile of chemicals that needs a chemical cure to stay in ballance. It’s also shame that encourages us in our increasingly dysfunctional, sinful and self-centered society to blame genetics when clearly growing trends towards bad parenting and nightmare childhoods pump out increasing numbers of the psychically unwell. And it's lack of spiritualit insight that obscures the impact of losing our traditional way of life and the catastrophic effects from that. Of course disasters must then occur from this arrogant defiance of human habit and history, arising like an iceberg in front of the titanic when when we frustrate the most basic desires of children; to know and be raised by their parents. Finally, we need to return to common sense, a return to moral societal structure and talking-therapy and people centered cures, instead of pill popping, when problems do arise No wonder we live in such a schizophrenic world where the worst behavior is applauded but the most humane and kind folk are pilloried is anachronists. Where is mankind to turn? I have my opinions, KATHY….but stay tuned sportsfans!

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    Smash Hit or Trash It: V4.0

    in Music

    Any genre is welcomed, even Spoken Word. Get a live review of your music, today (Thursday)on VigilantesRadio(8pmPST/10pmCST/11pmEST), NO CHARGE, just email us your music (mp3s only NO LINKS), name and city; and we got you! We have a listener base of over 12.7k and average 5.1k live per episode. Ever wanted to know how your music sounds to a stranger that will be very honest? Ever wanted to know if your song is radio ready? Now is the time to try our show out. Genre experts and music historians will be present. Don't miss out or be ye scared! The call in number is (602) 753-1654. If its dope or highly artistic, we just may hook you up with a mini interview on the spot or setup an indepth interview so that our listeners(new potential fans) will get a chance to familiarize themselves with you. Hit me up for more details or simply shoot me an email with your music to our email address below or simply reply back! If you know someone, forward them this email. Help spread the message. Free Opportunity. 


    Email is vradio@onlyonemediagroup.com

    It doesn't have to be clean either.

    Talk to you soon!

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    Y4C~Youth For Christ w/ Iseethegreat; Sista Kenya; and Dj Shyheim March 2016

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    Hi Everyone! 
    Are you looking for a way to pump up your week? Well come join us 
    as the youth take over the studio! Were going to have great music, spoken word 
    and a Hip Hop Gospel Dance Mix that will have you on your feet!! Listen Live or later. 

    ONLINE SHOW ONLY. Chat Room is now available!!

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    Conversations Sapphire JBlue with Author Latoya Chandler

    in Writing

    The heart is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. If it ever ceases to pump blood the body begins to shut down and after a very short period of time will die. Darnell Carter’s heart stopped working the moment he awoke from his coma. He has been dead on the inside for quite sometime with hopes to resuscitate his heartbeat, which lies in the hands of his wife Latavia. 

    The Carter’s have taken us on an unimaginable roller coaster ride of lies, secrets, betrayal and infidelity. What ever happened to the marital bliss? Does it exist? After the death of their friends and marriage is it possible to pick up the pieces and move on from here? So many questions, with still so little answers. Come back into the pages of the finale to this romantic roller coaster ride and see if you’ll be left Forever Torn. 

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    3/18/2016: Episode 19 - Grant Brisbee Returns!

    in Baseball

    Grant Brisbee takes a moment out of his busy schedule to talk about the present state of the Giants. Sure, it's Spring Training, and only just last week did Bryan talk about how much he "doesn't care" about Spring Training results, but the Giants haven't really lit the world on fire and neither of their huge offseason investments have yet to show much of anything positive... so is it time too care? 

    And, we decide to steer this podcast ship right into baseball's latest controversy: kids in the clubhouse! What's the deal with almost-Giant Adam LaRoche? And do those Giants who side against LaRoche in this instance really have a leg to stand on? 

    We also answer a Twitter question or two and for this week's game we steer into another controversy: the present vacancy on the Supreme Court? Which Giant do we think could capably fill the position? It's a quick, fun 'cast that'll pump you up for the weekend. Maybe. At the very least, Grant's smooth podcast voice will give you funny feelings.

    Finally, a heads up: we're experimenting with limited ads through our hosting platform, BlogTalkRadio.