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    Shooney Da Rapper & Phara Funeral

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    For this another episode of my show. I have a couple of special guests who goes by the names of  Shooney Da Rapper & Phara Funeral who are two battle rappers/models that has been mention in popular magazines like "The Source & XXL"Magazine.

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    Violence in hip hop featuring Phara Funeral and Yaundale Evans

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    We talk violence in hip hop and chop it up with Cleveland's own professional featherweight boxer Yaundale Evans

    We talk violence in hip hop and chop it up with Cleveland's own professional featherweight boxer Yaundale Evans



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    Australian clairvoyant medium, Cat Edwards, will open doors for you

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    Cat Edwards is a Clairvoyant/ Medium and Spiritual Teacher, a Singer and Writer. Cat also gives Spiritual Service to the Community with her work as a J.P (Qual) – Queensland Australia and Civil Funeral Celebrant.

    Born in Scotland, Cat moved with her family to Australia when she was 4 years old. As a young child, Cat became aware of having some spiritual knowledge and began to have her first spiritual experiences. When she was 15, Cat began to Read for her friends and at 24, she began to Read professionally.

    Cat loves to help her clients when they hit a cross roads in life, Life direction issues are her speciality. With Spiritual Insight, Cat can give you the help you need to find your way. Gifted with Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Channelling and Mediumship, Cat works closely with her team of Spirit Guides and Angel friends to garner messages for YOU from theGreat Spirit.



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    Funeral for a Friend Session 4

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    Holistic Healing Through Healthy Eating! Jamie Morgan Brown Did it!

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    Jamie Morgan Brown Ate His Way Back to Health!  So Can You!  Several years ago, Jamie had undergone Brain surgery to remove a rare tumor. He experienced blindness and had an outer body experience. The story to his recovery is inspirational and motivational. Today, he is healthier than ever! His book, “I ate my way BACK to HEALTH…So Can You,” is a compelling story about one man’s struggle to survive in a world of uncertainties. “I was alone and afraid. I became so depressed that I planned my own funeral.”  Attending Physician Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta MD, along with a skilled team of medical doctors, successfully put him back on the road to recovery.

     So, Let’s Talk!

    Knowledge Always Empowers

    TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 25, 2015 @ 10PM EST

    CALL IN LIVE (347) 838-8992





    Certified Nutritionist & Author, Jamie Morgan Brown

    Title:  I Ate My Way Back to Health…So Can You

    Website:  www.JMorganBrown.com

    Instagram:  @JamieMorganBrown

    Twitter: @JamieBrownBey

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    The Helios Biblios (The book of the Sun) Hour : The Finale Warning of Ptah

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     THE ancient Egypt, curses were placed on sacred objects and possessions to stop people from disturbing them. The curse is what will happen to anyone who doesn’t heed the warning. The first people to fear mummy’s were Arabs who conquered Egypt in 641. The Arab writer’s warned people never to tamper with the mummy’s or their tombs because they knew Egyptian’s practiced magic during the funeral ceremonies. 

    There are many stories that seem unbelievable or feel unsettling to us. When we are desperate, we will do anything to free or heal ourselves. The use of discernment and looking inside for our own answers will allow us to know when the work of a healer or psychic or medium ‘feels’ right. Others can help us, but always listen to your inner guidance. Here are some warning signs that you may be dealing with a healer or psychic who is not in integrity.

    WARNING: When they use fear or predict doom and gloom for you. 
    WARNING: When they tell you that you must see them repeatedly for help, but the problem never gets resolved. 
    WARNING: When you feel that you are being used. 
    WARNING: When they tell you that you must leave your husband, wife, or family to spiritually evolve. 
    WARNING: When things just do not feel right. 
    WARNING: When they tell you that they are angelic, channel a great master, or are from some other star system and then they are mean or cruel. 
    WARNING: When they tell you that you are not ready to know certain information until you do something to prove that you are ready.
    WARNING: When they do not walk their talk.

    From these, you certainly can get an understanding of using your own discernment.

    If you feel that you have something energetically within you or within your energy field that is not comfortable,, does not feel right or is creating any chaos in your LIFE. 

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    Luck of the Irish

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    The wearing of the green, the Shamrock, Leprechauns, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. All heralded symbols of prosperity and luck, right?

    However, the term 'Luck of the Irish' means bad luck and not good luck as most people think today. It is an ironic phrase used to describe the sad and tragic history of the people of Ireland. The Irish people are actually very unlucky as they had to leave their homeland in the 1800's  in order to survive. Many of the original Irish settlers in the US, the UK and Australia never saw their family again. Indeed on the night before a person emigrated a party was held, a sort of 'funeral' wake which is a traditional Irish custom when someone dies. The 'Wake' was held as the parents and siblings, even wives and children knew they were extremely unlikely to see their loved ones ever again.

    Join Rick Grady and Jenny Stewart on Your Money, Your Matters and discover how you can change that bad luck to good luck.

    Brought to you by the Cornerstone Credit Union League, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, and the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Grater Dallas.

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    Reconnect Reclaim YOU with Teri welcome John Christian Phifer Natural Burial

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    After about 15 years in the conventional funeral industry I walked away because I felt like people were being rushed through the experience, offered run of the mill funerals and paying too much for too little, all  while the industry's practices were harming our environment. 

    That's why I have created Life By Life, a company dedicated to healing the planet while nurturing the hearts of the grieving. At Life By Life we offer home-based funeral guidance, natural burial support and environmentally friendly products for the end-of-life. 

    The truth is one day every one of us will die. By choosing home-based funeral practices and natural burial we will nourish and stabilize our natural home for generations to come while guaranteeing a rich experience for all involved. http://www.lifebylife.com

    * * * * *

    To listen: Click on live link or call 1-805-292-0349 and listen live. If you've got questions/comments simply press #1 to be added to the mix!

    Kindness Always,

    Teri Pugh CGS, CHLC


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    Friday Night-Have it your way

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    It's Friday and that does not stop hard hitting news and views.We have an open forum just for you.  If you feel like joining in ,then by all means come on,or you are welcome to listen.The "Night Shift"starts now, and you need to check in.

    I attended my friend's funeral today and wished him blessings and peace on his homecoming.Kelvin Neely is a great partner and friend.So many people loved him.

    As I watched and enjoyed my class mates,I prayed that we could enjoy the company of each other,until our last days.Peace,Love and Blessings to Kelvin Neely and his wife and family.May Westwood alumi stand strong and in unity.May we become role models for the generations,by showing God's unchanging hand in our daliy affairs.

    The bible talks of the "Last Days" and most of us think it's the last days of the earth.But could it mean our last days in our own life instead.Call in tonight and keep me entertained with your views of what life is about.

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    The Sports Debates

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    The Sports Debates

    Join Ray Mitchell & Jerry Chiles 9pm ET / 6pm PT as they debate:


    * Murray State loses in semi-finals of Ohio Valley Conference Tournament

    * Syracuse and Jim Boeheim penalized


    * Keith “The Truth” Thurman defeats Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero


    * Cubs to pay $35K to cover Ernie Banks funeral expenses


    * Golfer retracts comments he made during radio interview saying Tiger Woods has been suspended for one month

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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