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    A Kind Voice On Music featuring Jerome "Big Foot" Brailey

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    Our next guest is none other that Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Drummer Jerome "Big Foot" Brailey. Jerome "BigFoot" Brailey 
    is best known for his work with P-Funk, which included the bands Parliament, Funkadelic, and numerous spin off projects. But his professional career had begun long before performing with the R&B groups The Unifics (Court Of Love), The Five Stairsteps and The Chambers Brothers. Jerome played on the original studio recording of the classic R&B song "O-o-h Child" by The Five Stairsteps, and later joining George Clinton's P-Funk collective in 1975 and appeared on many of their most iconic recordings, including co-writing one of Parliament's biggest hits, "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)". Answering the demands of hardcore funk/rock/metal fusion fans, R&R Hall of Fame member Jerome "BigFoot" Brailey (former drummer Parliament-Funkadelic & cowriter of the iconic hit "Give Up The Funk {Tear The Roof Off}), his MUTINY guitarist Donald "Lenny" Holmes, MUTINY bassist Lin Washington and Superstar Funk vocalist Gary "Mudbone" Cooper (co-founder of Bootsy's Rubber Band) have come together, forming a band of seasoned funk musicians who have honed their skills over the last few decades playing those iconic hits as well as fresh, new funk jams to rock the "Hardcore Jollies" of all who truly vibe off of live music. Our host, Kenny Fulton, has the distinguished honor of playing and discussing music from this new collaboration called "Other Funky Music".

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    All day we'll have Phunky thangs to play with. Music, Comedy, Conversation, Poetry. Chasin' the "knowses" away! hosted by  

    Jerome "DaONE" Tucker with Co-Host Master Journaler and CEO of Always Journal,  ALYCIA JOHNSON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S1hd7L38w0  Featuring who we at 3EO affectionately call

    The  "Encyclo-negro-pedia"

    C. R. GIBBS,  Connecting MyStorical Dots - From Generation to Generation" 3EO  Financial Sports beat writer  ANTHONY ADEWUSI discussing Why did he register the name BraveHearts?

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    @MarabelleBlue Gets Down and Dirty with @Planet12Law @KEMTopTalk Show

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    Planet12Law - THE MOST TALENTED KID IN THE MUSIC BIZ! Known For his Historic Work With The Late Amy Winehouse and George Clinton/P-Funk. He will be performing LIVE in his first Las Vegas appearance at the Kink~E Magazine Milestone Event August 15th.

    Not only the most talented kid in the music biz but also the most outspoken.

    Join us in a night of truth in music, society and the entertainment industry as a whole. L*A*W has a lot to say and we will hear it all this Tuesday night.

    Join us live www.blogtalkradio.com/kinkemagazine and join in the chat room and call in to the show 646-649-1176.

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    The Mother Ship Has Landed. George Clinton Live

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    Musician George Clinton was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina on July 22, 1941. His music career began in a barbershop where he created a doo-wop group called The Parliaments. Clinton regularly reorganized musicians in The Parliaments, later known as Funkadelic and then P.Funk All-Stars, to create new sounds. He had a number one hit on his 1983 solo album, Computer Games.

    Early Career

    Musician. Born July 22, 1941, in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Clinton began his music career in the 1950's, while working at a barbershop in Newark, New Jersey. He founded a doo-wop singing quintet he called The Parliaments out of the shop's backroom. When Clinton headed to Detroit in the early 1960s to work as a staff songwriter for Motown, the group stayed in New Jersey but continued to work together long distance.

    Landing a deal with Revilot Records, The Parliaments turned out their first hit with in 1967 with the single "(I Just Wanna) Testify," which landed at No. 3 on the Billboard R&B charts. The only member of The Parliaments to actually appear on the recording, however, was Clinton; no one else was able to travel to Detroit for the session, so studio musicians filled in.

    Parliament and Funkadelic

    When Revilot went bankrupt later that year, the group's name became tied up in litigation. In 1968, they renamed themselves Funkadelic, after Clinton's back-up band. In 1972, when Clinton was finally able to get back the Parliament name, the group began using both the Parliament and Funkadelic monikers, but under different record labels. Often referring to himself as "the Referee", Clinton mixed and matched the musicians and singers in his groups, which helped maintain a fresh, innovative sound.


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    Paranormal Hood Radio Live at Hard Rock Cafe

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    We are the Paranormal Voice of the HooD!
    To go out an explore all topics Paranormal but we will be doing it in some of the less mainstream and less explored areas. We are going to get the "HooD" to find Paranormal Experiences. Have you seen a Ghost, UFO, Demon or anything Paranormal in your HooD? Lets us know so we can come and investigate for you. Show Call-In No. (646) 929-2384

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    Paranormal Hood Radio from Boston with Danny Bedrosians

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    We are the paranormal voice of the Hood!! We chat with Danny Bedrosians from Pfunk.

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    JANKS MORTON - Black People Don't Read

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    How many times have you heard these urban myths? The black man ain't S#@^! Black men cheat! Black men are lazy!
     Black men don't go to church! Black men ain't good daddies! There are no good black men left! All black men want are white women! Black men don't graduate from high school!  More black women go to college than black men! There are more black men in jail than in college!
    If this was the topic our phones would be jammed off the hooks. But we don't just  gossip we bring the PFunk, the uncut PFunk, the TRUTH. Not exciting enough, well... WAKE UP! Film producer and activist JANKS MORTON is with us to share the true facts he uses in his latest culture shifting  blockbuster film "HOODWINKED" Get your discounted World Premiere tickets thru 3RD EYE OPEN at www.HOODWINKED.Eventbrite.com (20% Discount code: FBFAN)  Read the accompanying book "BLACK PEOPLE DON"T READ", written by Janks Morton and  Ivory Toldson
    FACTS: (Just a couple) Percentage of the total white population ages 3 to 34 in 2006 who were enrolled in school: 56.8%. Percentage of the total black population ages 3 to 34 in 2006 who were enrolled in school: 58.3%
    (U.S. Department of Education).  We have to stop accepting and living by the derogatory myths that have permeated in our community about our head of household and see our community for what it is. A community being attacked and vilified by the outsiders who control the media and how our reality is described to us all. Your comments & questions are welcomed on "3 RD EYE OPEN hosted by "DaOne". with our Co-Host, NAISA & featuring World renown Griot historian of the African Diaspora C. R. GIBBS.


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    3EO: Naisa's"I LOVE MUSIC" Special

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    Music brings back memories of great times of fun and laughter, heartache and joy. Share with us what role music has played in your life. From R&B to Jazz to Rock to PFUNK to Hip Hop to Rap to Punk Funk to Raggae to Calypso our entire show dedicated to the music you love and why produced by NAISA.

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    Topically Yours - George Clinton

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    George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic is a singer, songwriter and Producer. He spawned Funkadelic, a rock group which fused psychedelic guitar distortion, bizarre sound effects and danceable beats. Funkadelic revolutionized the music scene of the 1970s and George Clinton and the Funkadelic were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, earned a Lifetime Achievement Award and was voted to be #6 of the 50 Greatest Bands in the World by Spin Magazine. Mr. Clinton will talk about his life, music and upcoming engagement at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts on November 7.

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    Soul Singer Laura Reed! Durkin Family Presents- Musicians For Abundance Collective

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    This music is visionary in it's strive to spread a message of empathy for humanity in the unconditional form of One Love music, and the raw reflection of the human condition. Laura states music as the most honest and pure expression in her life, a language that allows her to release "what I could never even admit to myself or say out loud, but can sing." When she sings you can feel her soul coming through, whether it's smooth R&B, funk, Reggae, just straight up SOUL MUSIC.
    Throughout their career Laura Reed & Deep Pocket have shared the stage with/recorded with: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, George Clinton, AKIL and Quan Star (Jurassic 5), Peter Rowan, Belita Woods (PFUNK), Gary "Star Child" Shider (PFUNK), Rob Mercurio (Galactic), Larry Jackson (Earth Wind and Fire), Ike Stubblefield, Peter Keys, Danny Bendrosian (PFUNK), Kendra Foster (PFUNK), Bobby Lee Rogers, Grant Green Jr., Damien Horn, Darnell Levin, Peter Keys, Sam Bush, The Blue Rags, The Overtakers, Natti Love Joys, The Lee Boys, Dan Adams (Chaka Khan), Blueground Undergrass, D.C. (Dr. Dre/Erykah Badu), and Pato Banton.