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    PFO Fishing Show w/ Wahoo in Southern California

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    Radio PFO has another great show for you with a wahoo caught by angler Eric Kim is Southern California. Eric joins Phil in an exclusive interview. The story by Pete Thomas about this catch made the yahoo homepage as did Phil and Eric's interview.

    Don Ashley from Pierpoint Laning in Long Beach has been in sportfishing for over 6 decades. He calls this the best year for tuna in Southern California he has ever seen. Find out why he thinks so and find out what you'll need to catch some tuna soon. 

    Bill Varney is live from the TUNA GROUNDS with a report on how the FREE PFO GPS HOOK-Up Service worked out. Bill got into the yellowfin tuna, dorado and yellowtail near Catalina and has a great report for you. 

    Pat Whitaker has remained friends with his 4th grade teacher Robert Clark for decades. He took him fishing on a 19 foot skiff off the east end of Catalina and found wide open yellowfin tuna. It's a story that you just have to hear. 

    The Pacific Islander out of Cisco's Sportfishing in Oxnard is headed offshore for tuna. Find out about that trip as well as some exceptional surface action for yellowtail and more.

    Bill Varney joins us with the best surf fishing update anywhere. Bill is our go to guy and will cover it all for you again this week. He will also have his TIP OF THE WEEK. 


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    The PFO Fishing Show; bigeye tuna, wahoo, splendor sunfish and more

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    Dave Hansen joins us with a rare find; the slendor sunfish and guess what like to eat them. Bigeye tuna.

    Breaking PFO news as the bite is crazy. Donald Fuqua from the Sea Jay with a Channel Island report, Danny Strunk from 22nd St Landing, marlin gone crazy, great yellowtail action and lots more. 

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    The Fishing Show on PFO Radio

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    Dr. Chris Lowe says that the ban of fishing on the Manhattan Beach Pier was not necessary. 

    Channel Island white seabass gone crazy. 

    Don Ashley with tuna, island updates and the local barracuda bite.

    Bill Varney has all the latest in surf fishing.

    Captain Buzz Brizendine with some TUNA TIPS you just have to hear and lots more.

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    The Fishing Show on PFO Radio

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    Get all the very latest in fishing plus some great interviews with the best in the business. Hot bites, where, when and how to catch more and bigger fish. 

    Please visit us on www.PFOradio.com and give us a LIKE today on Facebook at PFO. 

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    Adventures in the Great Outdoors with Phil Friedman

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    Giant catfish and a chance to win a float tube at Santa Ana River Lakes as Bluezilla invades the tranquil setting at SARLthis weekend. Patrick Friedman and Manuel Munoz join us from the San Jose State Bass team with some great tips as well as celebrating their second place finish in the FLW collegiate Delta tournament.

    Ryan Gengler from Gail Force and Triton Sportfishing in San Pedro as well as Don Ashley from Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach also join us. Breaking fishing news and our May 24th trip on the Pacific Islander out of Cisco's Sportfishing in Oxnard. 

    Great yellowtail fishing on the Pursuit out of 22nd St Landing in San Pedro departing every morning at 6am. PFO Pro-staffer Rick Fuentes was on board when the big yellows showed up and has a report for you.

    Go to www.PFOMedia.com or www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com

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    Radio PFO presents the Fishing Show

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    What a show!

    Aaron Graham, Captain of the Native Sun out of 22nd St Landing describes how the 3/4 day boat caught and released a marlin so very close to home. What a story and plenty of TUNA TALK too.

    Whale shark and blue marlin battle off Catalina Island. Crisis in Cabo; a live update with Jonathan Roldan from Baja California's capital, La Paz as things have really dteriorated. 

    A 147 pound opah taken by a jet skier from www.BloodyJetSkis.com . Captain John Woodrum from the Pursuit with wide open tuna and more for 22nd St Landing in San Pedro.

    Patrick Basler has a report about albacore, yellowfin tuna, dorado and more from the Outer Limits in San Diego. 

    Bill Varney has all the latest from the surf including an orange mouth corvina and a needlefish taken near San Diego. Catch Bill at www.FishTheSurf.com .

    Don Ashley with the hot tuna bite out of Long Beach and a Baja Relief Effort with PFO. 

    Erin Villareal with the latest and greatest from Cisco's. Tuna, yellowtail, bonito, rockfish!! 

    Latest private boaters info on www.PFOradio.com


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    Radio PFO presents the Fishing Show

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    Great show again for you this week with "THE VOICE" of PFO, Phil Friedman. 

    Breaking News with the very latest for you as things are still really, really crazy. Find out about some giant Channel Island yellowtail with Shawn Steward from the Aloha Spirit. Sign up for the next Fishing with Phil Trip at www.PFORadio.com, click on events.

    Cpatain Ryan Gengler of the Triton talks about a blue marlin attacking an anglers tuna off the stern of the Triton. How about a 20-pound dorado taken off a jet ski. Bill Varney has all the latest and greatest from the Southern California surf.

    There is tuna news from San Diego, Cortez Bank, and San Clemente Island. Michael Raven has the fresh and shorebased saltwater bite from San Diego and lots more. 

    For up to the minute updates, FREE PRIVATE BOATER GPS Hot Spots, great articles and more, go to www.PFORadio.com. 

    Don't miss our Spanish Language Radio show on Saturday and Sundays on AM 690, 6-7am. Aventuras Al Aire Libre con El Gringo. 


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    The Fishing Show on PFO Radio

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    Get all the latest on the PFO Fishing Show. San Diego lakes, hot surf fishing action, San Diego tuna and yellowtail, the great Channel Island White Seabass bite, and so much more.

    Check out this weeks great show on PFO

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    Fourteen year old kid catches 80-pound shark in the surf in Newport Beach on PFO

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    It's an unbelievable story of 14-year-old Chase Jaramillo from Newport Beach runiing in to the water when everyone else was headed out. Find out what happens when he comes face to face with a sizeable shark in the surf and what happens when the lifeguards arrive on scene. 

    Please visit us on www.PFOradio.com and give us a LIKE on FACEBOOK at PFO.

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    The Fishing Show on PFO Radio

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    Get all the latest and greatest in fishing with "THE VOICE." Phil has the latest on the Channel Island white seabass bite, San Diego tuna and yellowtail, tonight's surf fishing seminar, San Pedro barracuda, surf fishing and so much more!!!

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    The Fishing Show on PFO Radio

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    Great barracuda bite rages on. Danny Strunk from 22nd St Landing as the toothy critters are here. Don’t forget, kids fish free on the Monte Carlo ½ day trip every afternoon.

    Don Ashley with the island bite, the local bite and more from Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach. Also, Donny opines on his favorite sporting event, the World Cup!

    Captain Buzz Brizendine from the Prowler has all the latest as yellowfin and bluefin tuna move as close to San Diego as they have been all year.

    Surf fishing expert Bill Varney has a fantastic report covering from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border. Find out where they are biting and how you can catch them. Also catch Bill’s Tip of the Week. Finally, make sure you listen all about the great surf fishing seminar with Bill this Saturday at the Cousin’s Rod Factory. It’s all free and you are going to love it.

    Fish with Phil this Sunday 3/4 day on the Enterprise out of Marina Sportfishing in Long Beach. For more info., call or text 424 237 0250 or send an e-mail to Phil@PFOradio.com.

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