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    Prophetess Kirksey was born and raised in Mobile; Al. Prophetess Angela Kirksey attended C.F. Vigor High School where she graduated. She attended S.D. Bishop State Community College where she studied Business Education. 

    In 1990, Prophetess Kirksey met Pastor Roger Kirksey and by God’s ordinance they were united in marriage. From their union came five beautiful children. They later moved to Jackson, AL where they founded Greater Faith Ministries in Thomasville, AL.They moved to Mobile, AL in May of 1997. They began their existing ministry; Kingdom Builders International Ministries located 2756 Mauvilla, AL and also a church located in Moss Point, MS Kingdom Builders International Ministries #2.

    Prophetess Kirksey has been described as a "Mother of Zion" and  is the author of “Training the Leader within You.” 

    You may reach Prophetess Angela Kirksey by the way of email:




    Prophetess Kirksey motto is “It’s better to be underestimated than over estimated!”


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    Blood on a Pew

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    Bill Gaines and I once played on a leugue football team together. The highlight for me coming when we beat my older brother's team 40-0 on September 20th,1986.
    Little could I have imagined the tragic turns both our lives would take after that.
    Bill's son Billy played on an Urbana, Maryland high school football team that won 50 consecutive games. Billy ran an astounding 4.22 in a Nike camp at Penn State University and was later signed to the Pitt Panthers in the same class as all-world receiver Larry Fitzgerald.
    It looked as though all his dreams lie right in front of him. It was not to be.
    Billy Gaines fell to his death from the ceiling of a Catholic church on June 18th, 2003.
    'Blood on a Pew' examines the negligence that contributed to this terrible tragedy, the coldness of some, the compassion of others and the spirit of the living God, who we find in the storm, who leads us to reconciliation.
    Author Will Gaines on Deeper Truth.

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    FSL03 - ALS Challenge and "Slacktivism"; Pew Research on giving

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    The Ice Bucket Challenge and "Slacktivism;"
    Catholic filmmaker Jim Morlino on summer family movies, and why his latest film project is on hold;
    Pew Research study shows that people who are active on social media are less likely to share their opinions (even off line)

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    When to PEW or not to PEW

    in Education

    This week will be discussing guns, ammunition and Training. When to PEW and when not to PEW, when it may be best to walk away and when it may be best to help if the victim is not you or yours. Guest is Ms. Natalie Numbers an knowledgable instructor dedicated to teaching proper techniques and safety.

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    Is American Uncool?

    in Politics Conservative

    The controversial decision by the UC Irvine student body government to ban the American flag – as well as all other flags – speaks to broader generational shifts in views of patriotism. 

    The Christian Science Monitor cites Pew surveys suggesting that Millennials are more wary than any other American generation of defining themselves by larger institutions. Half are political independents. Nearly 3 in 10 do not associate with any religion. And only 26 percent have married by the age of 32 – 10 percentage points less than Generation Xers at the same point in their lives and 22 points less than Baby Boomers. 

    That same trend holds true with Millennials' views of the United States itself.  By a host of indicators, Millennials are less "patriotic" than any other generation of Americans – at least by the traditional gauges of patriotism.


    Doug Giles is author of Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.



    Tags:  America, flag, UC Irvine, millennial, Doug Giles, patriotism, Gen X, Baby Boomer, Pew, United States.

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    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

    in Religion

    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richards, Sr. Ph.D.

    Today: The Powerful Guest Speaker is Prophet Eric Williams, founder of the Pew Crusade of Los Angeles, Calf.


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    Care Break: If There's So Many of Us, Why Is Caregiving So Lonely?

    in Caregiving

    Pew Research Center released a study in 2013 that says about 39% of U. S. adults–up from 30% in 2010–care for an adult or child with significant health issues.

    In other words, two in every five individuals are family caregivers.

    I’ve been thinking about this number because I can’t quite get it to add up.

    Here’s why. If 39% of U.S. adults are family caregivers, why is caregiving still such a lonely and isolating experience? Why, every year in our annual family caregiver survey, do you talk about the loneliness of the experience? Why haven’t more programs and services been added in your community to help you? Why do you still worry about telling your boss about your caregiving responsibilities? Why doesn’t the doctor’s office share a list of caregiving resources to help you? Why doesn’t a home health agency refer you to a website, like ours, so you can connect with others in a similar situation? Why can’t you find a family restroom to assist your caree?

    Why is caregiving still an experience that feels like it’s just you rather than one that feels like it’s you plus (and within) a community that supports?

    Bruce and I will share our thoughts about why we think caregiving is still such a lonely experience.

    About Bruce, our show's co-host:
    Bruce lives to encourage and inspire as many people as possible, especially caregivers and those living with a chronic condition. He is the author of Resilient Life and Graceful Transitions. He has served as a non-profit, church, and business leader. You can purchase Graceful Transitions at caregiving.com and read more from Bruce at brucemcintyre.com.

  • Sunday Night Down South @ Radio HOWC Howcee Gospel Music

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    Antioch Missionary Baptist Church #1

    "The Church Where Everybody is Somebody, an Christ is the Head"
    Tunnel Springs (Peterman), AL

    Remember to join us Sunday, March 29, 2015, at 2:00 PM for our "Sit on My Pew Fellowship".

    Rev. Corey Morrow did bring the message. Wih powerful singing from the choir.

    Sensational Tones Of Joy of Evergreen, AL Blessed Antioch Missionary Baptist Church #1 Today. Thanks for Singing True Gospel Music.
    Marvin Johnson Manager 251-867-7035

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    PASTORSEXWIFE featuring Lynn Littlejohn

    in Radio

                    After you personally come in contact with Lynn Littlejohn, you can’t help but be attracted to her open honest way she communicates.  A lot of people sugar coat their lives with lies and they hide.  This is not the case with Lynn Littlejohn, THE PASTORSEXWIFE.  My personal opinion of religion is, it’s not true to life, and things are shaded.  I feel the bible tells it like it is, but when it comes to the human interpretation of it, humans distort the true and raw of living.  This is NOT the case with Littlejohn.  True stories and actualities from her personal experiences are shared as she lays it all out on the line.  She is biting and cutting edge.  She is provocative and risqué.  The truth can cut you sometimes, so you better come prepared.  If you’ve ever lived a true moment in a desperate incident, or came across some controversy you may or may not have been able to handle – this is your girl.  The woman of truth and growth and honesty.  THE PASTORSEXWIFE here on the Jay King Network.  Are you ready?

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    Episode One: The Love of God

    in Religion

    This is our first episode ever broadcasted.

     We are a non-denominational Christian Apologetic group with a serious agenda in association with New Direction Christian church as the evangelistic ministry. We are dedicated to spreading the Word of God, exposing the devil within and without, and fellowship/growing together in the Lord. Our leader is Jesus Christ and we are to serve Him forever. We stick solely to God's Word as the source of truth. Nothing outside of the Word of God is considered biblical and will not be accepted as such.

    The focus of the Knights of God is to spread the Truth in its entirety. Christianity is the world’s largest religion; According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, they state, “A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 2.18 billion Christians of all ages around the world, representing nearly a third of the estimated 2010 global population of 6.9 billion.” That being said, there should be an overwhelm amount of righteousness and Christ-likeness all over the world. The sad fact is that few people understand what it really means to be in the faith. To follow after Christ, inspiring the vision of KoG’s creation.


     This episode and those following will be dealing with the different attributes of God and His character. A Christian must always be willing to know more and more about his/her Lord. Today is about the Love of God, what is Love, what does it look like?

    The hosts of today's show is Desmond, his mom Judith and his little brother Daniel.

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    Dr. Inetta Cooper-Women of Power 2015 Heart of the Matter Messenger-Day 3

    in Women

    Dr. Inetta Jenkins Cooper was born in Kingstree, SC and resides in Reidsville, NC. Established WomenNPower International Ministry Network on September 2004 and served as Founder and CEO. Simultaneously, served as Founder/CEO of NPower Records & Gospel Entertainment - Now known as NPower Media Group of Atlanta Publisher and Founder of NPower Magazine Online CEO and Founder of NPower Television, CEO and Founder of NPower Publishing and Founder of NPower Theologian Seminary, Dallas Texas.

    The CEO of View from The Pew Productions which produces the TV shows "unMasking The Pulpit"from Greensboro NC, "The Gail Richardson Show" from New York, New York and View from the Pew from Atlanta, the Marketing President and part owner of World Fight Boxing League, Inc. Atlantic City. Founder of Living Well Inc. which has the affiliations of Women of Royal Distinction (W.O.R.D.) of Reidsville NC and The Healthy Churches USA Seminars, a certified chef and conducts holistic health seminars and healthy cooking demos.