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    Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope?

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    If you’ve been watching the news lately about the new Pope, you’ll want to listen in. Have you heard about the St. Malachy Prophecy? A prophecy that is over 800 years old and may possibly be coming true before our very eyes. Cris Putnam co-authored a book with Tom Horn called Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here. In the book they have uncovered what no one has been able to for decades. Hidden history, bizarre occult connections, Jesuit codex revelations, and the last and final Pope….who may bring down the entire Catholic Church and Rome all in one. Was the Mayan apocalypse just a prelude to what really may happen to the world? Cris Putnam will share with us his insight into the book, his research and investigations into one of the most amazing prophecies we are encountering right now. Are we truly in the end of days?

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    Chris Putnum Arthor of the book Petrus Romanus On PZ

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    Chris Putnum Joins me on the Prophecy Zone to talk about the Next Pope. Will he be the Antichrist. CO Writer of the book Petrus Romanus. Could Pope Peter be the last pope.

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    Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here!

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    [This is a pre-recorded show] Many of you have heard about how much of my research concerning Nimrod as the Antichrist built upon the work of Tom Horn's book, Apollyon Rising 2012 and Peter Goodgame's Giza Discovery. Well, Tom recently teamed up with fellow researcher Cris Putnam to write a new book called Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope is Here. Tonight, Cris is my guest on the Revolutionary Radio Project and he will walk us through an amazing journey of mystery and intrique that very well could lead to revealing the identity of the False Prophet in the book of Revelation. Learn more about Cris Putnam and his work here: http://www.logosapologia.org/

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    Weekend Edition: The Weekend Vigilante & The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Cris Putnam, & Augusto Perez -with guest cohost OmegaMan Shannon Davis.

    Cris Putnam, you know him as the  bestselling co-author of Petrus Romanus. He is the author of The Supernatural World View, and wrote a chapter in Tom Horns newest book Blood on the Altar the coming was between Christian vs Christian. He is recognized for expertise in the area of biblical prophecy and other prophetic traditions. Cris is a keynote speaker at the prophecy forum November 14-15 in Dublin, Ohio.

    Augusto Perez is a Cuban-American evangelist and powerful deliverance minister who has been commissioned to lead Gods People Through Turbulent End Of Times. 

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    Episode 622: The Vatican and Alien Connection / Petrus Romanus

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    Program Note: Steve and Tom Horn guest on Omega Man Radio, Wednesday, April 4, 7-10pm Mountain. Topic: Vatican And Alien Disclosure Timed With Petrus Romanus. Listen live. Call In: 1-917-889-2745.
    STEVE QUAYLE  www.stevequayle.com  TOM HORN www.raidersnewsupdate.com

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    Petrus Romanus - Prophecy of the Last Pope

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    Due to recent obvious developments, we will delve into St. Malachy's 12th centrury prophecy of the 112popes which would ascend to the vatican throne leading up to the last pope Peter the Roman and suppossed fulfillment of the 3rd secretive vision of fatima said to have been concealed from the public.  This prophecy aligns with the reign of the false prophet and rise of the anti-christ which also perfectly aligns with Daniel's timeline and midweek revealing of the anti-christ which rules the last 3 1/2 years of tribulation.  Yes according to Daniel's timeline and Revelation 12 we are almost halfway into the 7 year tribulation.

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    Episode 580: Petrus Romanus --The Final Pope

    in Spirituality

    Feb 22 from 7pm-11pm Mountain
    Special Guests: Steve Quayle / Tom Horn / Cris Putnam
    Steve Quayle website is: www.stevequayle.com Email Steve  at: infosq@stevequayle.com
    Tom Horn's websites are:
    www.raidersnewsnetwork.com and www.apollyonrising2012.com
    Cris Putnam's websites are: http://www.logosapologia.org
    Facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/cris.putnam Email Cris at: cdputnam@gmail.com

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    RPM-Stew Webb/Cris Putnam (Petrus Romanus)

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    Guests: Stew Webb from www.stewwebb.com and Cris Putnam from http://raidersnewsupdate.com/      It is obvious that America is under judgment. It is imperative, especially now, that we develop a close relationship with our Creator Jesus. In these end days, it is vital to hear the Word of God and then be a doer of the Word. DO YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS? Well, then, the Radio Preacher Man is the man with God's plan! The Radio Preacher Man focuses on the Word of God and how to apply God’s principles and commandments into our daily lives. Also, informative experts and watchmen often join RPM. They share information on "taboo" subjects that churches are not discussing, such as the earth changes, nephalim, and the rise of the beast and the antichrist. RPM explores these hot topics that churches refuse to discuss!      It is extremely urgent now to get prepared, be prepared and help others prepare for His Second Coming. The Radio Preacher Man will do his best to help you prepare for eternity. Revelations per Minute airs at 6-8 p.m. Monday to Friday. If you want to talk to RPM or the guests, call 661-449-9924. The chatroom is at www.radiopreacherman.tk. See you there!

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    Cris Putnam~Author/Parapsychological Field Investigator/Theologian

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    Cris Putnam

    Cris Putnam, best selling author,  holds a Master's degree in Theological Studies, a Bachelor of Science degree in religion and mathematics as well as a certification in Christian apologetics. He has a certificate in parapsychology from the Rhine Research Center and is registered as Parapsychological Field Investigator with The Office of Paranormal Investigation. He is a lifetime member of the Koinonia Institute a multidenominational Christian think tank. In addition to his scholarly work in apologetic theology, Cris D. Putnam is a bestselling co-author of two recent books with co-author Thomas Horn: Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana as well as a contributor to the compilation Pandemonium's Engine: the Rise of Transhumanism. His latest book The Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, Psi, and the Apocalyptic argues that naturalistic materialism is waning in the midst of "the paranormal paradigm shift." The book presents ground breaking new evidences supporting the biblical worldview replete with miracles, angels and demons. Cris is recognized for his expertise in the area of biblical prophecy and other prophetic traditions. In that regard, he has been interviewed as an expert for Countdown to Apocalypse which aired in Fall of 2012 on The History Channel and in several recent documentary films including The Last Pope? And Watchers 7 with LA Marzulli and the soon to be released Inhuman: the Transhuman Agenda.

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    6-20-12 Dr. Hildy and Cris Putnam-Co-Author Petrus Romanus

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    Last December, Dr. Hildy welcomed author Tom Horn for a discussion on nephilim and artificial biology. This week, she welcomes his CO-AUTHOR of the book
    Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, Cris Putnam!
    Petrus Romanus concerns the papal lineage and a 800-year-old dark warning centered around each of, and the last, pope of the Catholic Church. The Prophecy of the Popes is a list of 112 short phrases in Latin. They purport to describe each of the Roman Catholic popes beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143).

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    The Jesuits, St. Malachy Prophecy, Petrus Romanus & the Protocols of Zion

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    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion  is a hoax regarding a Jewish plan for global domination. It was first published in Russia in 1903.  The document describes how Jews planned to take over the world and enslave non-Jews. They've long been an excuse to persecute Jews and have been promoted by many famous and powerful people.

    Adolf Hitler and the Nazis ordered the text to be studied in German classrooms, and Hitler used the Protocols as his primary justification for initiating the Holocaust—his "warrant for genocide".

    Jesuits (Society of Jesus)  are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church.  Ignatius of Loyola founded the society after being wounded in battle and experiencing a religious conversion. He and six other young men, including Francis Xavier and Peter Faber, gathered and professed vows of poverty, chastity, and later obedience, including a special vow of obedience to the Pope. Jesuits were involved in the Spanish Inquisition, in which Christians, without tests of any kind, were locked up in secular prisons, tortured and condemned like relapsed heretics, deprived of their goods and properties, and given over to the secular arm to be executed.

    St. Malchy Prophecy:  Saint Malachy was an Irish saint and Archbishop of Armagh, to whom were attributed several miracles and an alleged vision of 112 Popes later attributed to the apocalyptic list of Prophecy of the Popes. He was canonised because of his prophetic vision, a "Prophecy of the Popes," which is claimed to predict that there would be only 112 more popes before the Last Judgment. It was discovered and published by Benedictine Arnold de Wyon in 1590.

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