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    Weeeked Watchdogs: Pine Tar, Lies and Pete Rose

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    Mike Silva and Joe Buono talk about the Mets, Yankees and Brooklyn Nets with Howard Megdal of Sports on Earth. Kostya Kennedy, author of the book "Pete Rose: An American Dilemma, " stops by to talk about Charlie Hustle.

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    Morning Michelle tackles Pete Rose eligibility & more

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    Major League Hall of Fame is celebrating it's 75th anniversary the week of June 9th so it seems fitting to devote this episode for the 

    social issues concerning the major league.  In particular, one of the star player's who is no eligible for MLB status, Pete Rose.  Michelle will

    invite listeners to share their thoughts about the problems Pete Rose encountered, and air their thoughts on whether or not he deserves to 

    be in the Hall of Fame.  Hope to have some very special guests in the line up, feel free to call in and an hour with @Sportsxmichelle. Thank you! 

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    This week in Pete Rose

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    This week in Pete Rose league of the Hardball Dynasty baseball simulation game on Whatisports.com

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    Gays Coming Out In Sports, Pete Rose & Super Kids In Sports

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    On today's Sports Zone The Hammer and D-Town will talk about
    -Super Kids In Sports
    -Gays Coming Out In Sports
    -Pete Rose: Unwritten Rules "Stupid"
    -NCAA Final Four Results - Twitter reacts to the controversial Louisville-Wichita St. jump ball call
    Join us LIVE in the Zone Sunday's at 9am Pacific Time - Call in to join the conversation 646-595-3032

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    PETE ROSE # 1

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    PAM Time - PETE Rose: Cooperstown Trainman Singer

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    Pam Time - Pete Rose: Cooperstown Trainman Singer

    Join me as I interview the great Pete Rose, who is known for kicking up some great country music on the train in Cooperstown, NY. Listen to three of his songs (Second Time Around, Southbound Special, and I've Got Jesus On My Mind) and reminisce about some upstate baseball and music history! 

    “ALL ABOARD!” – Pete Rose is a singer/songwriter from Holland Patent, NY. He works as a rolling musician on the train from Milford to Cooperstown, New York – The Cooperstown Blues Express. As the whistle blows, riders enjoy a fun filled adventure, as well as, get to listen to the Rock Blues, Bluegrass, Country melodies of “Trainman Pete”.  As they listen to him perform his songs, the historic train ride becomes more of an adventure, as people enjoy his sultry voice and bluesy style of entertainment.

    At the early age of 14, Pete began his career as a vocalist for the Mickey Barnett Band back in 1967. He sang along side people like Marvin Rainwater, Melba Montgomery, Bobby Helmes & Elton Brit and eventually started his own band in Rockland County, New York. After meeting Bobby Ace Schaffer, Pete later went on to record 3 Albums and is currently working on the fourth. His song, “Railroad Riding Mama,” was number 1 on the European Charts, for 14 straight weeks. Pete also worked with such greats as the talented, Tommy Cash, at the 2008 Chenago County Fair.  In 2010, on the Joey Reynolds Show, Pete sang LIVE on the WWOR Radio Station. Hoping to touch people’s hearts with his gospel music, “Trainman Pete” continues to this day to perform in Country Gospel Concerts.

    Join me for a fun half hour on PAM Time. It' ---PAM - Time!!!

    PAM Murphy

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    Win In Business with PETE ROSE

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    You know, terms "All time Great" and "Legendary" seem to get tossed around alot lately. But, my guest is truly Best Known - Best Loved and Legendary sports figures of all time. And I get to talk with one...

    PETE ROSE - "Hit King" - "Charley Hustle" - is synonymous with top level success in Baseball.

    Well, this All Time Great is going to be joining me, your host Doug Huggins, on Thursday - August 12, 2010 to talk about his career, his success and also to talk about a brand new business he's kicking off on September 21, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.

    In preparing for this show I've been able to spend some time on the phone with Mr. Rose and one of the things he's most concerned with is...well, here are his own words...

    "Hey, I know times are hard right now for a lot of folks. A lot of really good people I know have lost their jobs, been downsized, or aren’t making what they really need so they can have the life and lifestyle they want and their family deserves. I know guys, even some past team mates, who were planning on retiring in the next few years and now, just can’t see a way that can happen."

    That concern has caused Mr Rose to join forces with a well respected, highly successful company, and has designed a program to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, work from home professionals and just plain folks get the extra income so they can have the life and life-style they want and their family deserves.

    Not only is Pete going to spend about 45 minutes on the show with me he's also autographed a very special Red's #14 jersey that one of our listeners can win. This is a limited edition jersey on which he's added all three of his classic signatures -
    "Pete Rose" (of course) "Charlie Hustle" and "Hit King #4256". This is something he rarely does but he's done it for my listeners.

    So be sure to join me Thursday - August 12 at 1:00 PM Eastern time to hear from a true "Legend of the Game!"

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    Twitter Talk - Should Pete Rose be in the HOF / Badgers that can play in the NFL

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    In this episode of the Red Light Sports Ramble, Evan and Troy take some of the topics from their followers on Twitter and Facebook and give their opinion, so sit back and enjoy the show, if your feeling outragous call the boys and give your opinion.

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    Today On The Boochcast, Booch talks about partying at The Atlanta Improv, Derek Shapiro calls in to plug his Monthly show, Desmond calls in to give his Raw and Smackdown Wrestling thoughts, and we rank the top 10 Celebrity Twists in WWE History. 

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    Readings With Rose - One Card Quick Readings And Answers For YOU!

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    Each week I take one question per caller, draw one card from my deck to answer your question with the help of Spirit. Please have your question ready when you call in because I'm limited on time here (only 1/2 hour) and I like to help as many people as I can in each show.  Private full length readings are available as well.

    I have over 30 years of experience as a gifted psychic, empath, tarot reader, healer and intuitive.  All of these abilities help me to understand a situation and predict where it will lead. 

    For over 30 years my work as a professional psychic has been helping people overcome their doubts, heal their hearts and go forward in life.  My spirit guides direct the readings & they find specific questions to be the ideal.  The more specific your question, the more immediate & powerful the information. The future is entirely changeable & not set in stone. We each have free will, therefore, the ability to write our own story. 

    I will always tell you the truth with love and respect; it may not be what you want to hear and I may tell you something different than you have previously been told or something that is hard to accept.  Yet only accuracy and truth will empower you so that you can make decisions based on what is revealed.  I believe that my mission in this life is to help people.  I would love to help you discover the path to your true happiness!

    If you would like a full reading, available via email, telephone and Skype, feel free to contact me at "readingswithrose@gmail.com" 

    Pay it forward and help us improve the show for all with a small Donation via Paypal to "dakini@iunamaste.com" in love, light & healing. 

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