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    BackPackJones Sports Hour "Episode #1 2/6/15"

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    Pete Carroll history of questionable playcalling & Tom Brady true legacy 

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    Yogi Roth: A Modern Day Indiana Jones

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    Yogi Roth has been described as a modern day Indiana Jones.  He is a media personality, college football analyst, best-selling author, motivational speaker, actor and an Emmy nominated filmmaker.  At heart, though, he’s a guy from a small town in Pennsylvania who loves to share a good story.

    Win Forever, the New York Times best-seller that he co-authored with Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, is one of those good stories.  His most recent story, though, is Life in a Walk, a documentary about a walk Yogi took with his dad.  It’s not just any walk but one through Portugal and Spain along the Camino De Santiago.  Yogi says that the film is about making a decision to act on his strong feeling to spend more time with his father.

    Today he’ll discuss the making of that film and his ongoing exploration of human potential.  He is the co-founder of Win Forever, a brand inspired by Pete Carroll, that furthers human potential, elevates mentorship and inspires leaders through a philosophy of competition.  When he’s not doing all of the above, Yogi travels the nation delivering motivational presentations about living a Life Without Limits.

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    Episode 3 | Super Bowl Breakdown

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    Andrew & Rosco breakdown the Amazing Super Bowl XLIX. Is Tom Brady the best QB ever? What about the Pete Carroll call, whose right & whose wrong? What does this mean for Seattle's future? Tune in & feel free to call, we love opinions!


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    Sports Reality Radio Superbowl Review...5:30pm-6pm

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    Listen in with Curt and Rick as the review Super Bowl 49 and Patriots 4th Championships in 8 tries beating the Seahawks 28-24. Rick came closet to his prediction than I did but it was close. Does this make Brady the best QB of all time? What was the deal with Pete Carroll not giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the goal line to win the game? I think me and Rick will both agree on the reason why.

    Tune in 5:30pm tonight and call with your opinions of the outcome! (347) 838-8449

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    NFL Predictions for the 2015 Season

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    Super Bowl 50 Predictions

    My Pick is New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

    New York Giants 20-17 win Super Bowl 50

    Which Quarterback will excell in 2015 NFL Season

    College football picks for 2015 season

    Draft Day predictions ....Will Tampa pick Mariota?

    Will the Seattle Seahawks rebound from the devastating Super Bowl Loss?

    Next season will prove what Pete Carroll is made of...did the devasting bad call deflate Pete Carrolls changes of returning to the Super Bowl.

    Will Beast Mode continue on his Rampage in 2015?

    Call James "Backhand" LeCroy at 818-475-9254

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    Bad Call Aside, Why the Seattle Seahawks Deserved to Lose Super Bowl XLIX

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    It was one of the most competitive and weirdest Super Bowls in the history of the unofficial American holiday in which the New England Patriots finallly broke through after 2 previous losses, both to the Giants.  There were lead changes, bad behavior and questionable play-calling, especially by Pete Carroll.  What was his real thinking in making the call he did to not let Marshawn Lynch score the expected game-winning touchdown?  We interview a successful football coach to gain that understanding. Also, why the Seattle Seahawks deserved and needed to lose Super Bowl XLIX along with does this Super Bowl victory firmly cement Tom Brady and his legacy as the greatest player to ever play in the NFL?  We'll also determine who the greatest unsung hero in the history of the Super Bowl is.  Is it Malcolm Butler or another unsung hero in Super Bowl XLIX or another Super Bowl altogether? The core show panelists will answer these questions plus much, much more in what figures to be one of the most exciting shows of this year.   

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    Special Edition of Searcher's Road Map with Guest Tom Carroll

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    Out guest this evening is Tom  Carroll, Author of, The Oracle Guidance for Growing a Soul." Tonight, Tom and I will be discussing, Something Tom calls, The Ten Project which he claims is a method for developing surrender in an individual and the only way to achieve genuine agreement between any two or more persons at the same time. Tom claims that surrender and agreement are essential for creating an opening for Transcendent powers as well as life - even world changing wisdom. These ingredients, Surrender and agreement, brought together in this way has never never been done before - at least no record of the event or memory can be found. The Ten Project is the subject of a book Tom is currently writing. The intention of A Ten Project event is to safely release wisdom and healing energy far beyond anything previously seen in the earth. The Ten Project, rooted as it is, in Perennial Wisdom, offers a solution to present political as well as individual and interpersonal chaos. Ancient scriptures tell us that we will parish if we loose our vision - not our eyesight - but vision - principles and ideas that bind the family of man together - principles so badly needed at this time when nations and the people who they are composed of are confused and seemingly irreparably divided. Join us for this special evening and an invitation to participate in; The Ten Project!

    Tom Carroll


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    EFG 299 - The Return of Pete Russo & Battlemania

    in Wrestling

    Efed Guerillas returns to our usual Friday timeslot, this time with hosts Ford & Lindz -- joining us this week is a LEGACY Co-Host and Battlemania judge Pete Russo! We'll talk a bit of the hooplah that surrounded and permiated the Efed community in regard to Battlemania, before diverging into our usual FWC topics such as Legacy of Champions, Jolt Wrestling, Defiance Wrestling, and other frequent feds of discussion like Wrestle UTA. Join us at a slightly later start time, and get the word out!

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    Hot Tub Prices Des Moines, Carroll

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    Hot Tub Prices Des Moines, Carroll, IA  515-270-8702  New, Used Hot Spring Spas and Hottubs on Sale.  We also sell Swim Spas and Finnleo Saunas at Low Prices. 50317, 50315, 51401

    Hot Tub Benefits: What the Ancient Greeks Knew

    Today, the benefits of hot tub use are undisputed, but few people truly understand why. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits to be gained from a soak, and why the ancient Greeks prioritized the bubbly.

    Heat Is Often the Solution
    In ancient Greece, temperatures in baths reached upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was clear how elevated heat impacted the body, relaxing muscles and joints, improving circulation, even increasing appetite.

    The Therapeutic Powers of Hot Tub Use
    The Greeks believed in the healing power of natural hot springs. A proven strategy for beating insomnia, easing chronic pain, even reducing symptoms of Type II diabetes, regular hot tub use provides tremendous benefits.

    Calm, Soothe and De-stress Naturally
    The overall effect of soaking in hot water is relaxation. A quick twenty minutes is all it takes to calm, soothe and de-stress from the comforts of home.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide… “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub” Just give us a call at 515-270-8702 or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com

    14100 21st Ave N, Suite B, Plymouth, MN 55447

    Hot Tub Prices Des Moines, Carroll, IA

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    Kickin It with Corey Carroll

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    Business Entrepreneur, Corey Carroll.

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    All-Star Boxing Weekend

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    Today we'll be talking about six fighters in three main events, all in one night. Chavez Jr (48-1-1-32 K.O) steps in to the ring with Fanfara (26-3-15 K.O) on Showtime 10pm ET. Before that, the hard hitting Matthysse (36-3-34 K.O) goes head to head with the will breaking Ruslan Provodnikov (24-3-17 K.O) on HBO 9:45pm ET. Then Terence "Bud" Crawford (25-0-17 K.O) takes on Thomas "Cordero" Dulorme (22-1-14 K.O). Make your prediction for the fights, how do you think things will turn out for these rising stars? Updates on #MayPac Mega Fight on May 2nd. Also, today in the Sweet Science. Matthew Saad Muhammad vs Pete Mclntye 4-17-1982

    Join the movement Aftermthboxing

    #ComeBack2Boxing call (213) 325-3434

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