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    Pet Radio-The Legacy of Homer and the Story of Raising Mercury

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    Before there was Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat, Homer the Wondercat captured everyones heart, and inspired people to appreciate handicapped pets through Gwen Copper's best selling book, Homer's Odyssey. Homer crossed over months ago, but his legacy lives on brighter than ever before. Gwen Cooper joins us in remembrance of the journey and how it changed her life and continues to inspire others.

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    "Mercury was found when he was about 4 days old (just over 5 ounces in weight, and eyes still shut, born about September 3rd/4th 2013), and we believe he was hit with a weed whacker since people in the neighbourhood had been doing yard work in tall grass shortly before he was found. He was taken to our vet, his wounds were cleaned up, and we were then called to care for him since we do a lot of bottle babies and special needs kitties for rescues. We fed him around the clock, and cleaned his wounds multiple times a day until they fully closed over. As far as bottle babies are concerned, he was actually very calm and content, only crying when he was hungry or wanting a cuddle. He grew well, and from the very start he would move on his own."

    Mercury suffered severe injuries and has made remarkable progress. You will hear the heart warming story of raising Mercury.

    Phone lines will be open to speak to both guests. For more information about rescue cats, please visit our web site.

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    Pet Radio-Small Dogs with Attitude

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    Zeus McGoose is a Pomeranian that stands tall above the rest: he is "throwback" which means he is quite a bit larger than the normal breed standard and that much more loveable! You will neet Zeus and his sister.

    Trainer and writer Darlene Arden also joins us to discuss how to solve some of the myth behavior problems often associated with small breed dogs. 

    Dr Jill Goldman M.Sc, PhD, CAAB will discuss the problem of dog boredom and how it leads to destructive behavior. Dr. Goldman is a certified applied animal behaviorist.

    Zeus's Facebook page

    Dr. Goldman

    Darlene Arden

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    Pet Radio- Christmas Party! Dogs, Cats and Llamas!

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    Join our Christmas party with dog trainer Colleen Demling, David Chapman with the Llama Sanctuary of British Columbia, and several surprise guests. We have holiday music and all kinds of fun planned. We will have updates from guests who appeared earlier in the year, and clips from a few of our favorite shows of 2014.

    Phones will be open in between guests. Call in to wish everyone a merry Christmas, tell us what you have liked or disliked about the show, who your favorite guests have been...

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    Pet Radio-Reality TV Animal House and Koby Puppy Einstein

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    "Animal House" is a television show concept that will renovate or build animal shelters in struggling communities. It’s family-friendly, inspirational and very close to becoming a reality. We are preparing to shoot the pilot episode and will then be in a position to lock a home for the show on network television, cable television or with an online content provider.


    Through their Facebook campaign, "Animal House" has been contacted by approximately 180 non-profit organizations in need of help. Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello,  Washington is attempting to rebuild after their facility burned to the ground in 2009. Caring for mostly dogs and cats, they have a partial shelter and need assistance completing the building. The pilot episode will profile the animals of Othello who are in need of a safe haven and the dedicated individuals who are fighting for them. 

    Rebecca A. Rodriguez, the Creator of "Animal House" joins us.

    Koby aka Puppy Einstein is a very talented little dog that has learned and performed many tricks and paints pictures for charity!   We will talk to Kim Mobley who will tell us all about her darling dog and how Koby learned all the tricks. 

    More guests yet to be announced.

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    Pet Radio- Stray Cat Alliance and Mr Puss

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    Join as we talk to Christi Metropole, Executive Director of the Stray Cat Alliance of Los Angeles who is doing great work in the LA area saving kitties and caring for feral cats.  Also joining us is Shauna and her cat Mr. Puss, and Patricia Sullivan of  the Museum of Maritime Pets. Just added: Pamela Merritt will discuss how your cat communicates with you and cat emotions.

    You may call in to speak to any of our guests to make this a purfect show! This show os all about the kitty!

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    Pet Radio-Kitties Who Make You Smile

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    Meet three kitties guaranteed to put a smile on your face! First we will meet Trooper the handicapped kitty, then Aragon the cat (Lord Tubbington from the TV show Glee), and then Alexandra the service cat who actually drives a wheelchair for her handicapped care giver!  You will learn how special cats can be and the difference they make in people's lives. The show is open to all callers. 10 am pst Saturday.

    Trooper's Facebook page

    Aragon's Facebook page

    Alexandra's Facebook page

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    Pet Radio-Living with a Tripod Cat: three legged wonders

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    Today our feature guest is Tripawds, the largest online community for three legged animals and their people., and Erica and her tripod cat named Jill. You will hear heart warming stories of living with 3 legged animals.

    Also joining us is Dr. Mitsie Vargas who will be discussing national pet week and what that means to pet parents, and Megan Kate Ferguson, (international animal trainer and enrichment specialist)   will tell us about the Pet Wall of Fame.

    So sit back, put your feet up, and get ready to smile and shed a tear! Get your cat treats out: it's time for the Pet Radio Show!

    Tripawds web site

    Tripawds Facebook

    Pet Wall of Fame

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    Pet Radio-Having a Ruff Week-Scrappy, Milo, and Chopper the Biker Dog

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    Meet Scrappy and Milo Macaroni from Operation Pet Pals. Operation Pet Pals delivers stuffed animals to those in need of comfort. Scrappy and Milo are the ambassadors and in charge.  Jocelyn Taylor thinks she is in charge!

    Spike Taylor, was an amazing little rescued Papillon beloved by thousands in the US and in 70 countries around the world for his spirit and will to live life to it's fullest! Spike beat severe Congestive Heart failure in style & complication free for over 5 years after his 6-8 months-to-live diagnosis. He finally decided it was time to journey on right before Christmas Day, 2013. He was approximately 15 years old. 

    Who's In Charge Now?
    OPP is headed by Spike's hooligan 'brothers from another mother' Scraps McGee and Milo Macaroni. Along with delivering stuffed animals to those in need of a little soft comfort, they live a life of crazy adventures.. Sharing smiles and inspiring others along the way. 

    Operation Pet Pals

    Chopper the Biker dog is a Boston terrier with a big personality who works as a therapy dog giving comfort to those in hospitals and nursing homes.  He even has his own motorcycle...Harley of course! Visit Chopper' s FB page

    Also joining us is Colleen Demling CPDT, to talk about how to train your dog to be a therapy dog. Colleen is our go to dog trainer making her 2nd appearnce on the Pet Radio Show. Please check out her web site Pawtopia. 

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    Pet Radio-City the Kitty

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    Meet City the Kitty, featured on Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell and Bad dog. City is a big boy, half Bengal, half Manx, and a proud Polydactyl  Also joining us is Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly to share with us their travels in Utah.

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    Pet Radio- Mango's Mission and Animal House Shelter

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    Mango is a 2 yr old girl, overflowing with cuteness and love. She was found on the side of the road in a ditch in Fort Worth, and was picked up by animal control on a random call and dropped at the local city kill shelter.

    After being saved by Emma’s Rescue, multiple tests indicated damage that was irreversible. She suffered a fractured back and pelvis, and now depends on a wheelcart to get around. Mango also suffers from incontinence, and has to wear a diaper .

    Emma’s Rescue has a program called Emma’s Rescue Reserve, which adopted her out to Judy who is a veteran in Ohio. Together, Judy and Mango are on a mission going to VA hospitals and clinics offering emotional support and inspiration. 

    Also joining us is Cindy Ritter from the Animal House Shelter in Huntely, IL.a no kill shelter who rescues all breeds of cats and dogs.

    Read more about Mango HERE and visit her Facebook page.


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    Pet Radio-Are Hybrid Domestic Breed Cats "Frankencats"?

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    There are three domestic breed cats that were created by cross breeding a domestic breed to a wild small cat specie resulting in a domestic cat with the coloring and physical characteristics of their ancestors. Most of these cats today have less than 10% wild cat in their lineage, but some animal rights groups are calling these cats a monstrocity, "frankencats" and is pushing the state of California to outright ban the sale, ownership, and breeding of these beautiful animals. The "Bengal" cat is the most popular of these breeds with over 100,000 in the USA.

    Joining us today is certified cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger who is an expert on the Savannah and Bengal breeds, and Savannah breeder and TICA Savannah Breed Chair Brigitte Cowell will dispell the myths and misconceptions of these breeds. Marilyn wrote an article about this subject on Catster. The backers of this legislation are the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Big Cat Rescue., who both did not respond to our invitations to join the show. ALDF is based in Portland, Oregon and has been successful in passing a ban in Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island. 

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