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    Accessing The Strength of Personal Power

    in Spirituality

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    At some time or other we have all come across the expression “personal power”. The concept of personal power has been used in the fields of professional coaching, self-improvement and personal development for over 20 years. What exactly IS personal power? And how can you access your own inner power to live your best life and reach your highest potential? This week we will be exploring what we really mean by personal power, understanding the many ways that we can unknowingly give our power away, and learning some practical techniques for accessing and reclaiming your innate power so you can be who you were born to be in the world.

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    Accessing your Personal Power with Les Jensen

    in Spirituality

    We all have more power to discover about ourselves. Each one of us is an infinite being, having a human experience. Yet, if you cannot convert your own personal power into effect, then your power has no way to actually change your life. To understand what your own personal power is, and then how to bring it into your everyday living, is to make the power have effect in your own personal life.

    Your Soul has a vision for your life. It knows your potential. Yet if you can't get your ego onboard, well, then it doesn't make much difference. Love is the source of authentic power. Your heart is the center of your power. Take the time to understand the nature of yourself as a powerful, capable human being.

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    Increase Producitvity By Taking Back Your Personal Power

    in Business

    Most people have unknowingly given their power over to time and time is running the show. Running their lives. They do everything by the clock, trying desperately to squeeze everything into that small space of time they have each day, and life is not working at all. They've allowed themselves to be ruled by time and don't see that they aren't in control and that's why their days get away from them.

    The key to getting things done lies within. Being productive starts with a shift in mind set, perspective and taking back the power that you handed over. Personal power is directly related to your level of productivity. If you've given your power over to time and let it run the show, it's time to take back your power to increase productivity. Join me and learn more about your personal power, how it's related to getting things done and how you get it back.


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    Personal Power - Robert Pante

    in Business

    Robert Pante is a intuit, writer and international consultant.  He is a very powerful author, trainer and leader.  Robert walks the talk.  Today Robert will inspire you to tap into your personal power.  Learn the sources of power.  Go back to the basics with super intention.  You may be far more powerful than you think.  Now is the time to manifest that power and get the results you want and the success you desire.

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    Secrets of Personal Power and the influence of healingmusic, with Bro. Evan

    in Self Help

    Tonights show is how to apply the strategy of harnessing the science of personal power. The importance of taking the time to learn the science of personal power, the art of seduction, and the importance of music for healing of the heart and soul. The references will be drawn from several sources such as the "48 laws of Power", "The Art of Seduction," and how to win friends and infuence people. Combing the studied wisdom and experience of these methods to break the forgotten programs of the self perpetuating conditioning of the "Willie Lynch Syndrome" your personal desires for your life are within your grasp. Tonight's show will reveal some of the secret techniques of creating better harmony in our personal lives. The magic of healing music will be presented by Bro. Evan Worldwind. He will share his journey of healing music and how it can transform your heart and mind.

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    Lost In Light

    in Spirituality

    Today, to Celebrate the Life of Robin Williams, we delve into the new offering from Dyan Diamond's 'True North House' Publishing...'Lost In Light'. Creators Taryn Schlebusch & Michelle Wright, and Collaborators Avril Guthrie & Dyan Diamond join NonViolent Personal Power radio today, to share this newest project, and let us know that regardless of what you are going through, there is always hope, and there is always a pathway through the hurt, to get to the LOVE!


    As a Montessori teacher with a Poetic legacy, and a Photographic Phenom with a Miracle Baby, Taryn & Michelle will entertain you with their history, and mesmerize you with their creativity, so sit back, enjoy the ride, and get ready to feel the Rainbow of your emotions! Thanks for tuning in to the 'Lost In Light' episode of NonViolent Personal Power radio ;)

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    Your Guide to Greatness Living in Personal Power

    in Self Help

    Every day we make steps towards living in our Personal Power. Personal Power is about more than acting courageous; it's about living life in an authentically courageous way.  Todays show will focus on how to step out of the box, color outside the lines and stand in the ring alone. Are you ready for this challenge? Everyday we get to make decisions about our life. Our thoughts produce actions that make our lives what they are.  Join us as we explore these thoughts, decisions and actions while creating new pathways to living authentically courageously YOU!  This show is a follow up from our previous show on Greatness.

    Inspirational Quote: "Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." WIlliam Shakespeare

    Board Certified Life Coach Billie C is an innovator and creator who has motivated numerous people to realize their dreams and take action to accomplish their goals. She is the founder of Inspirational Strength a Personal Development Community that host workshops, conferences, seminars and personal learning sessions for people who are ready to make positive changes and get things done.  As a former educator who recreated herself as a specialist in the field of Personal Development she understands what it takes to make lasting change happen in your life. Coach Billie also holds a B.A. in Psychology, is a Stress Management Specialist and Success Champion.  She uses these skills everyday to help others ignite their passions and live life bigger than they ever dreamed. Learn more at www.inspirationalstrength.com


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    SF #219 - Personal Power Opportunity Makers

    in Motivation

    Mordant is on his journey of taking control of his life and McFall is swimming through the universe of possibilities.




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    Law of Attraction - 10 Vital Traits to Magnify Your Personal Power.

    in Spirituality

    These 10 vital traits when developed will magnify your personal power.  You will find your personal power growing and getting bigger and bigger.  As your personal power grows, you income will grow, you love life will grow, your health will grow, and everything around you will begin to grow because your personal power is growing.  STOP being a victim of life.  Start moving foreward with the Law of Attraction and personal power.

    Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink for this important, life changing podcast.




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    Law of Attraction - Building Self Confidence & Personal Power

    in Spirituality

    There is nothing more important that having a large amount of self confidence.  Self confidence is critical for success and the activation of the Law of Attraction.  You can have it all through the Law of Attraction but you will need stong personal power and self confidence.  

    Join Robert Zink, Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach for this special Law of Attraction Podcast on Self Confidence.  Learn the 7 secrets to building your confidence and personal power.  

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    Finding Your Personal Power Base In Solitude

    in Spirituality

    The Universal Law of Solitude affords us the most amazing experience ever.  It is the end result of The Universal Law of  Silence, which we discuss last week.  Like silence, the Universal Law of Solitude plays an integral role in the creation of what we are wanting to manifest in life.  Understanding the subtle nuances of how the Laws work can be the difference between manifesting what you want for your life, and living a life trying to manifest what you are wanting.

    Join me, Dr. wendy Dearborne choice expert and coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we delve deeply into the Universal law of Solitude and what that may mean to you.