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    Get To Know Me - The Role of Person Centered Thinking in Health Care

    in Health

    Person Centered Thinking.  Is this just another buzz word coming out of the aging industry to convince you of great customer service and care? 

    Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with Dr. Stacey Starling, whose body of work includes transformative learning and change, as they discuss the true role of Person Center Thinking in the health and human services industry.

    True culture change in the health and human services industry includes the integration of Person Centered Thinking.  Learn what this means and why it is important to you the patient and customer.

    Learn more about Dr. Stacey Starling and her organization, The Starling Center for Organizational Development.

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    What is Freedom Thinking - Introductory Show

    in Self Help

    In this introductory show, Paula Tresintsis from Freedom Thinking will tell you about what is in store for you over the coming weeks.  

    Paula is a Life Strategist assisting people to move through any challenges easily and effortlessly.  Paula's unique style will have you laughing and enjoying yourself, as each show is different from the next.  Paula will engage you with topics about The Six Core Needs, to having an understanding of the challenges of infertility.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and relax as you listen to Paula entertain you.  

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    Episode 38 -Centered in the Spotlight

    in Lifestyle

    Virtual Listening Party w/ New Artist Kendoll Brinkley Brown 


    Interview with Best Selling Author - Craig Stewart


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    The Melodies Heart Centered Stories for Kids with Heart – Grandfather Oak Tree

    in Family

    Need a few moments of quiet time for the kids? Something soothing to help them calmly wake up or calmly head towards naptime or bedtime? Come with us and listen in as we tell tales of heart, adventure, fun exploration with characters to love! 

    Original stories made up on the spot through the imagination of Miss Jeannine with the occasional talented storytellers and songwriters guests that kids love based on The Melodies Life Readiness Lessons for Preschoolers! Perfect for naptime or bedtime, these social and emotional heart felt stories are available live each Saturday morning or archived on demand listening for your child ages 2-8. Coloring pages for the shows are available for download on the Heart Centered Stories website. Come join in the fun and open your heart to Heart Centered Stories today!

    This week’s story idea is:Grandfather Oak Tree

    Inspired by The Melodies How High Can You Fly with The Melodies lesson: It's Time to Stretch!

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    Daily Gogetemism #117 Talking About You To Them

    in Relationships

    Many people are two-faced and many of those people call themselves our friends. Is that okay with you? Do you believe that if a person talks about people to you then they'll talk about you as well? Let's see.

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    KMnm/working is worth every muscle strain-RA(2) 8,1436/Tues Jan. 27,2014

    in Religion

    Sawwai or the fashioned design patterend by The One G-D and lived out in the peson of Prophet Muhammad.  Are yu consciously aware of this pattern?  We all are in our physical forms, but that's not the pattern we are speaking of.  The thinking that moves each of us to do things.  The thinking that occurs in the mental chamber, and does not act before it has been approved by the conscience.  How about that?  We have to ask ourselves questions before we act out.

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    Big Bap and Friends presents T City

    in Romance

    Big Bap and Friends presents T City.

    Tonights topic: If you are the main person could you be in a relationship knowing your mate is going to cheat? Why be in the relationship? What's the purpose of the open relationship?

    These question plus the black box from your co-host 

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    A Muslim Woman's Worth, Islamic Learning Institute, Coalition 4 Good Government

    in Religion

    Saleemah Hadi , Imam Qasim Ahmed, American Government

    1st HOUR:REBROADCAST: A Muslim Woman's Worth

    2nd HOUR: Imam Qasim Ahmed of the Islamic Learning Institute offers Rational Thinking on the Quran and Arabic words to help the listeners better understand this divine book. 

    3rd HOUR: American Coalition for Good Government Report talk about trends, politics, and current events.  Q & A call 646.716.4478.

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    Karma and Reincarnation

    in Spirituality

    For the next three weeks:  Jan 13-27 on the Blog Talk Radio program we will be discussing the small pocketbook "Karma and Reincarnation" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  In this three week series, we will be discussing Part 2 of this book entitled; "Karmic Threads."  Our discussions will include adoption, second chances, life between lives--what are we doing, soul mates, twin flames and karmic partners.  This portion of the book will add some light on why we keep ending up in the same type of relationships, why we have the parents we have and what we can do to break the cycle of our karmic relationships if we are ready to move on.
    I look forward to sharing this one hour on Tuesdays with you for the next three weeks, and hopefully it will be an enlightening moment for us both. I believe these lessons shared in this book will help set the pace for your success this year.   Please join me every Tuesday evening live from 8:30-9:30 PM CST or listen to the rebroadcast anytime by downloading them to your electronic devices.   Would you like to know if you can balance your karma and how much of it you can balance in this lifetime?  Then join me and learn what Saint Germain teaches us to do.
    I stared at the beautiful Being of Light who shimmered  before me...Rather than issuing harsh judgment, the Being of Light  was a friendly counsel, letting me feel for myself the pain and the pleasure I had caused others.  ~ Dannion Brinkley

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    Escaping and Recognizing Emotional Manipulators with Dr. Carol Francis

    in Self Help

    After 38 years as a psychotherapist, Dr. Carol Francis notes that couples, parent-child relationships, business settings, romances, and daily conversations can be loaded with manipulations which are both helpul and harmful.   In this program, we make it more clear when we are manipulating or influencing each other in a positive way (as with Andrew Carnegie's "How to Win and Influence Friends") and when emotional manipulators cause serious damage.  

    Emotional manipulators are individuals who try to defeat, over-take or control others by using emotionally entangling techniques.  Starkely, these types of manipulations keep people in abusive relationships with violent spouses, sickening parent-child abuses, or bullying at work or in romantic relationships which turn very controlling and/or violent.  

    Of course, we all influence each other and in fact parents, teachers, bosses, marketing companies and advertisements can positively learn the art of manipulating their circle to create amazingly positive outcomes or connections.   But emotional manipulators are typically geared to oppression, bullying, dominating, undermining, exerting some power, or bleeding a person's finances or gaining sex on demand, even rape. 

    This podcast, one of many on this topic, helps listeners recognize the importance of 1) self-respect, 2) self-knowledge, 3) differentiaing kindness from manipulation, 4) being clear on personal vulnerabilities that give manipulators access to your emotional bank account and more. 

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in the Los Angeles Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, San Pedro -  can be reached at drcarolfrancis.com for help or comment. 

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    Melchizedek Gospel—Response in the Occident (Part 2)

    in Religion

    The evolution of religious philosophy among the Hellenic and Hebrew peoples affords a contrastive illustration of cultural progress.  In Greece, believing was subordinated to thinking; in Palestine, thinking was held subject to believing.  In Palestine, human thought was priest-controlled and scripture-directed; in Greece, the almost complete absence of priests and scriptures resulted in a startling development in depth of thought.

    [NOTE: Archive page of symmetryofsoul.org includes referenced 'Sections' previously studied in The Urantia Book. Broadcast begins each Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (02:00 GMT). Check worldtimezone.com for local time.]

    Our study this week begins with Paper 98, Section 2.

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