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  • 02:18

    Hard Starboard Radio: Trump Peril

    in Politics Conservative

    The GOP's Trumpward shift puts the entire party at risk; The TSA spent $160 million on airport scanners that can't detect weapons; Planned Parenthood goes on the offensive in Florida; Obama sends a tank and a cannon to Bulgaria; The Kentucky Anti-Sodomarrage Rebellion wins a (temporary) stay; Drill, Shell, drill in...the Arctic?; The Obamanet remains American....for now; House GOP cedes Planned Parenthood investigation to Obama DOJ; Hillary Clinton tells #BlackLivesMatter to bleep off; Platte River Networks was awfully well-connected for a "Mom & Pop shop"; and Obama is earning (impotent) contempt at home and abroad.

  • 03:13

    Dr. Alli Muhammad - The Race War and The Black-Afrikan Warrior in Peril

    in Politics

    The Race War and the Black African Warrior In Peril: A Cycle of failure, genocide, addiction, destruction and self-destruction, the Black-African Holocaust and T-BAHD and corollaries and what must be done!

    In this historic lecture, (broadcast & discussion),  Dr. Alli Muhammad, Our Black Power Warrior General, brings a hard but needed message to the warfont, confronting the repetitive cycle of failure, genocide, addiction, destruction and self-destruction,  dangers, irresponsible behaviors, activities, actions, the Black-African Holocaust and T-BAHD and corollaries plaguing the BLACK RACE, COMMUNITY and the Black-African Warrior for 100s of years; Doc Alli confronts the perils and brings the answers to the problems.

    Professor Griff who was guessed last week and respectfully rescheduled for this week, comes on as SPECIAL GUEST this week (MARCH 5, 2015).

    Special Guest: Professor Griff comes in and weighs  heavy on the issue and drops powerful weight and very powerful facts, concluding the  discussion.  Listen to this powerful message FAMILY. BLACK POWER!

    Baba Osagyefo Olugbala Revolutionary Goon, General Dr. Alli Muhammad M.S., PhD, MD AKA "Super Nigga". Fights for us on many battlefields he is our BOLD REVOLUTIONARY BLACK POWER WARRIOR GENERAL. Dr. Alli Muhammad is the Chief-General-In-Command of the RBPP,  the General in Command of the Black Race, Community, Nation and movement. BLACK POWER!!!!!!

  • Interview with Brigitte Harris

    in Radio

    Brigitte Harris committed the suffocation and castration manslaughter of her Liberian-born father Eric Goodridge in her Rockaway, Queens apartment on June 28, 2007. Both Brigitte and her sister, Carleen Goodridge, had been raped and sexually abused by their father since they were little girls. Brigitte's abuse started at age 3 and lasted until she was 17 years old. Due to her abuse allegations, Brigitte received an outpouring of supporters, including U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, New York State Senators Diane Savino and Eric Adams. At her highly publicized trial in Fall 2009, she was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison. After serving 5 years, she was released on parole on August 13, 2012. Brigitte's case was profiled on the Oxygen Network series Snapped in November 2010 and later profiled on the Investigation Discovery program Deadly Women in the episode "Parents' Peril".

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    Transformed Traveler Show welcomes Jennifer Myhre

    in Lifestyle

    Medical missionary to Africa weaves adventure tale to shine a light on the oppressed and the orphaned

    This beautifully-written adventure book for young readers brings to life the African savannah Myhre calls home, inviting readers to explore the country through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy named Mu. Orphaned as a toddler, Mu has served his whole life in his great uncle’s house where he is unloved and ignored. In his drudgery-filled life, Mu has little hope of happiness and doesn’t believe anything will ever change.

    On his way to draw the morning water one day, Mu is astonished when a chameleon greets him by name and announces they will embark on a quest together. Mu and his chameleon guide face peril and find unexpected allies as they journey through an ever-changing African landscape.

    Myhre has served alongside her husband as a doctor in East Africa for more than two decades. While living in a very remote area on the Uganda-Congo border, Myhre noticed that although her children were avid readers, none of the books in their hands related to the world in which they lived. So she began to write short novels for them each Christmas, which they would read aloud together. “Most of the kids who hung out at our house every day had lost one or both parents and struggled to stay in school. Our next-door neighbor ended up in a rebel group,” Myhre admits. “This is reality for kids in much of the world. So I wanted a story where kids who live with that kind of challenge had courage and hope, even if they made mistakes.”

    A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest gives a voice to the millions of children like Mu who must make painful, irrevocable choices along the path of growing up. Dealing with real themes African children face every day, such as forced labor, the duties of child soldiers and the Ebola virus, Myhre hopes A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest will captivate young minds.

  • 01:20

    Evening with Ella Curry, Vanessa Riley and Nicole Hampton

    in Books

    Unmasked Heart by Vanessa Riley
    Shy, nearsighted caregiver, Gaia Telfair always wondered why her father treated her a little differently than her siblings, but she never guessed she couldn't claim his love because of a family secret, her illicit birth. With everything she knows to be true evaporating before her spectacles, can the mulatto passing for white survive being exposed and shunned by the powerful duke who has taken an interest in her?


    Glimmer in the Darkness by Nicole Hampton
    For Shannon Johnson, full-time wife, mom and freelance writer, life as she knew it changed one spring afternoon with the ringing of her doorbell.  On the other side stood Vaneetra James, former mistress of Shannon’s husband, Daniel.  With two sons, Shannon resisted the urge to leave Daniel in order to keep her family intact. However, she refused to deal with the issues resulting from Daniel’s extramarital affair.
    When Shannon thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a tragic turn of events in Vaneetra’s life turned Shannon’s already fractured world upside down, sending her marriage into an even deeper peril.
    Feeling desperate and trapped, Shannon made a series of rash decisions that landed her in the arms of another man, bringing her already fragile world crashing downward.  Having to come to grips with the reality that the man she once thought was extraordinary was just ordinary, she had to trudge the road of forgiveness, while learning to love again and accept what she never imagined could ever exist.


  • 02:40

    Putin is King - Penn & Teller - Dr Goznell.

    in Politics

    Hr1  If Hillary had just come clean sooner, this email scandal would probably have never come to light.

    Putin's put a coalition in Syria together in less than 6 weeks... what have WE done?

    Joe Dan Gorman, Host of Intellectual Froglegs, talks current event, the Democrat debate, and more. If anybody can win California, it's The Donald! Joe Dan is all in for Trump

    Hr2  Penn & Teller break down the 2nd Amendment for those who might be confused.

    House of Reps gets ready to try to overturn Obamacare AGAIN!

    Despite health reform, 32.3 million are uninsured.

    Is there another Dr. Goznell? Michigan abortion doctor had fetal remains in HIS CAR!

    Rand Paul calls live-streaming dumb-ass! Running for office is not for the faint-of-heart!

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz refused to say whether her children were humans before birth. What's the big deal? State your beliefs! It's a simple yes or no.

    Hr3  Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb's answer to enemy he's most proud of causes controversy. Sometimes it's kill or be killed. He is the true definition of a HERO. He didn't just save himself, he saved his brother in arms at his own peril.

    Sally Kohn says conservative Christians treat women no better than Islamists. She KNOWS a conservative?

    Football coach says he will defy school's prayer ban. This is what it looks like when a school district tramples religious freedom & defies the constitution.

    Waffle House doubles down on ‘No Firearms’ policy, even after concealed carry saved the day.

    BREAKING NEWS, Russ Jones with USA Radio Networks, reports 150 Palestinian Arabs have set fire to Joseph's tomb thinking it's better to destroy the tomb than allow Jewish prayer there. Palestinians declare a Day of Rage for October 16th. #HolyWar!

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    Foolish politics, tragedy in Oregon: another sad event on our watch

    in Politics Conservative

    Foolish politicians continue to lead from behind- they contiune to corrupt our values and culture by pushing their idelogical agendas both here and abroad- the cost of those actions is one that America continues to pay at is own peril. The sad tragedy in Oregon is yet another example of how far we have fallen as a country as we continue to surrender our values and undermine our belief system, at the cost of lives


  • 01:06

    Fly the “friendly” skies, at your own peril

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Discussion  topics:

    Flight attendants and airline kiosks;

    Airline charges for luggage and incidentals;

    Patriot Act and its intersection with domestic and foreign travel;

    Allegations FIFA pocketed $150M from World Cup;

    Federal wrongful death lawsuit against Fort Worth Police, they were at the wrong house;

    Debt free colleges, a talking point for Democratic presidential hopefuls;

    NSA might not be able to purge bulk data collection despite concerns;

    Memorial Day and the meaning of it, besides bbq.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoTheRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow.

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

  • Conversation with Daryl Bates & Dr. Keisha Pitt: The New Black Codes founders.

    in Culture

    Please join us Sunday at 10AM CST as we converse with Daryl Bates & Dr. Keisha Pitt, founders of The New Black Codes.

    We began The New Black Codes after realizing that our community was in serious peril. With the media in frenzy over the recent crimes against our community, we decided that something had to be done, and done now!  We didn’t want to just sign a petition or talk within our family and friends about all the issues our community has. We believed our community needed real change. We researched the statistics on our wealth, assets, family life, and health compared to other racial groups. The results were so alarming we got to work right away. We believe this change can only come with improving all of these categories. We cannot play victims any longer because the laws keeping us back has been removed. We now must be the players in this game.

    Besides thriving to improve our community, personally we enjoy spending time with our family and friends. Dr. Keisha Pitt is a successful chiropractor and Daryl Bates is a thriving business owner. Both have a love for learning and charity.

  • Marko Saric--Where Blogging and Marketing Meet!

    in Business

    These days, the word “passion” is being overused when describing how someone feels about something – it has lost its meaning. Now, meet Marko Saric – the exception to the rule. His passion for online media has been bubbling for many years, starting back when he was a teenager. His blog about the band "Metallica" became to band's official website in Denmark.

    Now an accomplished blogger, his website, http://howtomakemyblog.com is a perfect guide for beginner and experienced bloggers alike. He will be sharing with us:

    How to avoid the peril of perfection
    How to give the value your readers are looking for
    How to avoid the trap of talking about the wrong person

    And more!

  • The Book Of Revelation Is Opening Right Before Us!

    in Christianity

     In this episode I will be discussing the pope's visit and how many are being decieved by this great delusion just like they were obama.  And how many people are falling all over themselves treating the pope like he is even Jesus Himself even some callling him Jesus to their own peril.  I will share some recent moments for the pope in the US and how he had another interfaith blasphemous meeting to help usher in this world system of anti-christ religions and much much more just letting the Lord lead the broadcast as always..Amen!