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    Perfectionism: A Flawless Performance Part II

    in Spirituality

    Psychology Today makes an interesting statement, "For perfectionists, life is an endless report card on accomplishments or looks.  It is a fast track to unhappiness... What makes perfectionism so toxic is that while those in its grip desire success, they are most focused on avoiding failure..." 

    On our last show we began to discover the signs, symptoms, strengths and weaknesses of perfectionism.  We discussed the importance of examining the positive and negative aspects of perfectionism, identifying the areas of weakness, and bringing our challenges to God in order to better move towards living a life free from the strains of performance.  

    On this show we will pick up right where we left off to continue our journey to a happier, healthy, and balanced life in Christ.  

    Reference Workbook: Learning to tell myself the truth by Dr. William Backus: A six-week guide to freedom and Anger, Anxiety, Depression, and Perfectionism. 

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    Progress Not Perfection: Letting Go and Looking Up

    in Self Help

    Perfectionism is both a gift and a curse... just ask anyone who is a self-proclaimed "perfectionist." It fuels them to achieve, but it also causes them to burn out. Is there a happy medium then? Is it possible to aim for perfection without falling prey to the "perfectionism" curse? Come find out as you join this lively and interactive group chat with three of the LCRN's top experts on perfectionism and self-proclaimed "recovering perfectionists."

    Lisa Marie Pepe empowers women to embrace how beautiful they truly are by providing them with the tools they need to live healthfully, gain more self-confidence, and meet the world on their terms. Lisa Marie  also works with budding female entrepreneurs, helpng them to create a thriving online business. Her new book “Abundantly You! On Purpose in Business: Face The Fear of The Unknown” is available at Amazon at http://bit.ly/LMP_AYOP. 

    LeAnne Parsons, a CPC, ELI-MP inspires adoptees and their families to navigate the complexities of adoption. LeAnne is CEO at Legacy Now Lived™ and the Founder of The Tapestry of Adoption. Known as The Walk Your Talk Coach, LeAnnes coaching process allows others to see that what is Unmentionable Is Unmanagable. She is not afraid to talk about the hard stuff! Contact LeAnne at www.thewalkyourtalkcoach.com. 

    Jennifer Flynn helps others reestablish balance in their lives.  When you find that you are never enough, overwhelmed with work, coming in behind all others at home with no time for yourself, she brings the map and flashlight to get you back on track toward to destination of a joyful existence.  With specific tools and resources, you will have vision, clarity and relief after just a few sessions.  You can contact her for a complimentary discovery session at www.thebalancemaven.com

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    MyNDTALK - Better Than Perfect

    in Psychology


    "Perfectionists strive toward unattainable goals, and their behaviors can wreak havoc on both their physical health and their psychological well-being. Step-by-step instructions ... to find balance, freedom. .. including seven ways to overcome perfectionism that range from choosing passion over perfection to remembering you're more than what you do." Don't miss the hour that could change your life! 

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    Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo- Better than Perfect: Create A Life You Love

    in Self Help

    Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo. The original live interview was 11/14/14.

    Perfectionists exist in every walk of life. While outwardly they appear to be very accomplished, they are often unhappy and unfulfilled. Perfectionists strive toward unattainable goals, and their behaviors can wreak havoc on both their physical health and their psychological well-being.

    With the ultimate goal of helping readers achieve happiness and prosperity without the stress of making sure things are “perfect,” Better than Perfect is a fundamental guide for all perfectionists seeking new, fulfilled, and empowered lives.

    Elizabeth started her professional career as a Physical Therapist after getting her Master’s degree at Duke University. In her quest to help people actualize their dreams, Elizabeth went back to school to get her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Wanting to help people “before they need a couch,” Elizabeth now coaches, consults, and speaks to groups about how to achieve their desired results.

    Her website is http://elizabethlombardo.com/

    To order Better Than Perfect click HERE    To order A Happy You click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com



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    Psychotherapy & the Brain

    in Health

    Host Silvia Casabianca interviews  Florida Mental Health Counselors Association's  current president Darlene Silvernail, PhD, LMHC, CAP, about their upcoming 2015 Conference. Main theme of the event, taking place in February in Lake Mary, FL, is Psychotherapy and the Brain.

    Topics such as the role of touch and movement in rewiring the brain; Neurofeedback imagining and Mental Health; Therapeutic Integration of Trauma, Addiction and Spirituality; the Neurobiology of Sex Addictions, and Psychodrama Techniques for the Perfectionists, among about 40 other subjects.

    FMHCA has contracted the renown comedian, Mark Lundholm, to kick off the conference. The FMHCA's conference offers an exciting opportunity to network with other mental health professionals in Florida while offering quality continuing education that fulfills licensure requirements.

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    Smart Women & Love … Perfectionism – on Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie D. Graham

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.


    Dr. LeslieBeth Wish conducted five years of research with 1,200+ women worldwide for her book, Smart Relationships: How Successful Women Can Find True Love.  A nationally honored psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Wish's advice has appeared in Women's Health, Self, and More magazines, as well as on msn.com and match.com. Ladies, learn how to remove your "man blinders" and never be fooled again – and the one thing to NEVER do after a breakup. Dr. Wish will also explain the "love toll" on women who are all work and no play. Info: www.lovevictory.com


    Are you a perfectionist? You're not alone, says Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of the upcoming book, Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic.  She says we encounter perfectionists in our offices, in our homes, in the mirror … but striving for unattainable goals can be a serious roadblock to good health, happiness, and success. Dr. Lombardo is often interviewed by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Money magazine, USA Today, MSNBC, CNN, Dr Oz and NPR. Info: http://elizabethlombardo.com  She also wrote A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. Shaquille O’Neal calls Dr. Lombardo his "Head Coach for Happiness".

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    in Religion

    The prototypical perfectionist is someone who will go to great (and often unhealthy) lengths to avoid being average or mediocre, and who takes on a "no pain, no gain" mentality in their pursuit of greatness. Although perfectionists aren't necessarily high achievers, perfectionism is frequently tied to workaholism


    Demonic means indwelled with a spirit or mental disposition that
    gives you a higher IQ or intellectual capacity. What makes you demonic is REPETITION; DISSATISFACTION AND PERFECTIONISM.

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    Lessons from Mom: Perfection vs. Excellence with Sarah Zink

    in Women

    Perfectionism can sabotage and stall you by distracting form the purpose of your efforts. It can (and usually does) negatively impact your effectiveness, productivity, efficiency and peace of mind. Perfectionists lose sight of improvement, because they are focused on ‘perfect’. They also waste time and resources, and demotivate the people around them. Sounds sad, doesn’t it? For someone who wants to do things right, there’s a whole lot of wrong that comes from it.

    Excellence, on the other hand, focuses on IMPACT. People who are focused on excellence, are satisfied with doing a great job, even if it isn’t 100% of what they had in mind. People focused on excellence are less fearful, more inspired, less defensive and more resilient when things don’t go right.

    Tune in to hear more.

    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to be YOUR wise advisor. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard. Every show, we are commited to bringing you new ideas and suggest new ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your thinking and change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!

    Check us out at www.PlaidforWomen.com.

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    Decorate Your Castle-Unparalleled Paint and Wallpaper

    in Design

    Farrow & Ball is devoted to producing unparalleled paints and wallpapers that transform homes around the world. They are paint perfectionists, creating unmatched paint colours using only the finest ingredients and age-old methods which have withstood the test of time and the passage of many a fickle fad. They also make handcrafted wallpaper created using their own paints to print designs onto paper using traditional block and trough printing methods, which is what gives them their uniquely beautiful texture.
    Farro & Ball's meticulous approach to producing paint and wallpaper is rooted in their past. Farrow & Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, England, in the same small town they have resided in since John Farrow, and fellow paint pioneer Richard Ball first founded the company.
    From small beginnings their reputation for quality quickly spread until the pair were supplying paint to the Admiralty and the War Office. The company bucked the trend towards cheaper, acrylic paints with high levels of plastic, in favour of the original formulations and natural ingredients.
    Over the years Farrow & Ball has been loved and appreciated by a dedicated and growing group of loyal customers all over the world who recognise the difference that attention to detail, quality ingredients and craftsmanship make.
    Today, their quest to create unmatchable products continues. Over the years they have grown their range of paint finishes, and they have added wallpapers to their portfolio, but they have never forgotten their past. Farrow & Ball may have over forty showrooms as far and wide as New York, Paris and London, but every batch of paint or wallpaper, however large or small, is still made in their factory in Dorset, England.

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    in Entertainment

    Women Who Do it All is the subject of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Wednesday, February 6, 3 p.m. ET. Featuring interviews with three dynamic, artistic, creative, multi-talented, multi-focused and driven women whose lives take a variety of roles including wife and mother, high-powered career women, charity organizers, fitness aficianados and more, the show will explore the questions: Are today’s women overachievers? Do they know when enough is enough? Are they perfectionists? Do they know when to say no or even how to say no? Are modern women out to prove something? What is driving them to keep taking on more and more? Are men carrying their fair share of the burden in our complicated modern society?
    Joining the show are Staci Lawrence co-founder of Flash Mob America and is currently a cast member of NBC’s new comedy series “1600 Penn.” She is also a wife and mother; Tanna Frederick, an actress, director, surfer, marathoner, philanthropist and founder of The Iowa Film Festival, and Lisa Callif a high-powered Hollywood entertainment attorney, college professor and speaker who was named by Variety as one of The Best and The Brightest (2011) and whose credits include the Academy Award-winning film Inside Job and the Grand Jury Prize winner at the prestigious Sundance film Festival, How to Die in Oregon. Callif is also a wife and mother.
    Tune in to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio Show for Fine Minds and Lovers of Women Who Do It All, Wednesday, February 6, 3 - 4 pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.com. 

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    Good Enough is Perfection

    in Entrepreneur

    With Jennifer Bailey of the Grace Street Group
    Do you have a propensity for setting extremely high standards and holding fast to a desire to execute tasks flawlessly? Do you feel anything less than perfect is unacceptable? In other words, are you a perfectionist?
    Perfectionism is characterized by expending more and more energy to achieve increasingly smaller gains. It’s all about additional effort that results in negligible improvement.
    Despite all their hard work, perfectionists don’t actually perform better than non-perfectionists. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, perfectionist tendencies can actually interfere with performance.
    Join Jennifer Bailey to explore the Master Mind Principle of Accurate Thinking and how perfectionism effects the way you think—and actually gets in the way of efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll learn strategies for adopting a mindset that reaps the rewards of productivity, not the false promise of perfection.