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    Perfecting Health in the Millenneum II

    in Health

    The news is filled with stories about Ebola, and breast cancer gets a lot of press too. Would it surprise you to know that neither makes the list of the 10 deadliest diseases? Even more surprising, perhaps, is that several of the deadliest diseases, including the number one killer in the world, are at least partially preventable. Where a person lives, access to preventive care, and quality of healthcare all factor into their risk.  Some of the most prevalent disease states suchs as Heart Disease, Cancer, COPD, CVA-Stroke and Alzeihemers disease are preventable if you consider some healthy Lifestyle changes now. Tune In!!

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    Once Bound But Now I Am Free

    in Spirituality

    Falandis Harris is a 24 year old college graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelors degree in communication. This past summer she relocated from Michigan and now resides in Dallas, Tx. She has shared this awesome testimony of the delivering power of Jesus on several radilo shows and church services. She is a member at The Potter's House of Dallas where world renowned Bishop TD Jakes is the Senior Pastor. She is a passionate musician and loves seing others experience the power of the Holy Spirit!

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    Pastor D.L. Foster: Leading the way out of homosexuality into holiness

    in Spirituality

    Pastor D.L Foster is founder and executive director of Witness Freedon Ministries and serves as founding president of the Overcomers Network. Since April 1990, DL Foster has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and his people with truth and faithful witness to the radical life changing power of Jesus Christ. He is a personal witness, after experiencing deliverance from homosexual sin 25 years ago. Pastor Foster combines a breadth and depth of over 19 years of experience on the mission field as a pioneering trailblazer, leading a movement to radically alter the way the church deals with sexuality issues. His apostolic approach incorporates both the critical components of discipleship and deliverance.

    As an expert, well versed on issues in the cross section of sexuality and theology, he's been quoted, cited and interviewed extensively in such media venues as CNN, Newsweek, Charisma, WorldNetDaily, 700 Club Newswatch, AOL Black Voices, Faith Under Fire, ABC News, Jewish World Review, TV One Netowrk and numerous other print and broadcast mediums.



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    A testimony of deliverance featuring: Annisha Timmons

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's show is showcasing a special guest with her testimony of deliverance from a lifestyle of homosexuality.  I am so honored to have this woman of God on my show to give a spoken word and an interview of newfound lifestyle. God has been very instrumental in her life and she has a testimony that will knock your socks off!!! God is awesome and he is still in the delivering business. Listen in and be fed from this woman of God!!!

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    An Evening With Pastor Joseph Bowers: Deliverance at it's Finest

    in Spirituality

    On tonight my guest is none other than Pastor Joseph Bowers from Atlanta Ga by way of Peoria Il.  I thank God for my guest on this evening I tried to record the show on last week and the devil wanted to drive so we are back this week with round 2. Pastor Bowers is the founder of Faith Deliverance Holiness Temple COGIC in Atlanta Ga.  He is the district evangelist for the Greater Atlanta district. His District Supt is Daryl Williams and his District Mssy is his mother Constance Loynes. Jospeh is the father of two beautiful daughters that are 12 and 13 years old now.   Pastor Bowers like many others was saved and fell short of the glory of God.  Pastor Bowers has been blessed to be free of a life of homosexuality for almost 10 years and is still going strong.  He is in the process of writing a book that will be out some time next year.  Pastor Bowers is a mentor for young men who are in a life of homosexuality and seeking deliverance.  Listen in as I ask Pastor some indepth questions and I pray that this interview touches someone tonight.

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    A story of deliverance with Min. Paulette Exile

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's guest is none other than Min. Paulette Exile who will be sharing a story of deliverance from homosexuality. Min. Exile is an accomplished author, radio personality, mother, Minister of the Gospel, and she loves God. I thank God for Min. Exile delivering her from a life of homosexuality that she has been free from for over 15 years. Listen in as I speak with Min. Exile on this evening.

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    It's a Family Affair with the Haley's

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's show is very special and dear to my heart. My immediate family consists of my father, Pastor George Haley, my mother, Missionary Toi Haley, myself, and my sister LaKrysta Bond (Haley). I want to discuss the effects of homosexuality on a family and the steps that you as the listener can take to be set free or someone that is dear and near to your heart. God has a special love for the sinners but this particular sin of homosexuality is an abomonation to him. I am so thankful that I am now a saved and sanctified woman and filled with the Holy Ghost and that with fire. God has given me another chance to live and serve him even though I was in this lifestyle for 15 years. God is a deliverer and there is truly nothing too hard for my God.God is able to do over and above what we could ever imagine if we let him. Listen in and be blessed from the discussion that I will have with my family, It's a Family Affair with the Haley's.

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    An Evening of Thanksgiving with Elder Emil Jenkins

    in Spirituality


    Elder Emil L. Jenkins was born and raised in Memphis, Tn, to Pastor Eddie and Missionary Martha Jenkins. The teaching he received during his early years laid the foundation for the life and the ministry that he would later come to embrace. Ath the young age of seventeen, and after growing up as a preacher's kid, On August 9,1991, Elder Jenkins decided to yield his life to Christ and know God for himself. Soon afterwards, January 1992, God filled him with His precious Holy Ghost and in March 1994, Elder Jenkins fearlessly answered God's call to preach His word.

    Elder Jenkins served faithfully as the Minister of Music under the leadership of his father, Pastor Edie Jenkins, at Fayette Corner Community Church (1991-Present) He was later appointed to Assistant Pastore (2007-Present) as he helps his fathere build the ministry and continue to win souls for Christ. His dynamic and expressive style of preaching earned him the affectiuonate title of Pastor MADD. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pasotr MADD opened the doors to the Manifestation and Deliverance Destiny Center in Middleton, Tn (Nov 2012-2014) where he officially invited others to come and go "crazy" for Christ along with him.

    On every since Elder Jenkins said yes to to God, he has yet to slow down. While pastoring the MADD center, he continued to serve as Minister of Music and Assistant Pastor at Fayette Corner Community Church. He was also appointed President of the Evangelistic Department (jan 2013-2015) and director of Security (Jan 2002-2012) both for the Tennessee Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Chriust where Bishop Brand B. Porter is the Jurisdictional Prelate.

    In the early part of 2014, Elder Jenkins miraculouslt survived a traumatic car accident which neatly claimed his life. Refusing to allow his recovery to hinder his God ordained assignment, Elder Emil Jenkins us yet going crazy for Christ.

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    Shaken but not Broken

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as my guest Evg. Candace Bowe will be joining me in the studio.  Evg. Candace L. Bowe, Founder of Vigorously Reborn Inc. and Author of Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom, is an advocate for women and young girls that have experienced adversities in life such as sexual and domestic abuse. Her message speaks volumes to empower those women to take responsibility for their lives, honor themselves, value her own thoughts, take a stand, and empower others; she has a passion for those that desperately want to pursue a life of success and happiness. She has dedicated her life to the mission that God has given her to empower women and help them see the purpose in their pain. Candace is powerful, bold, and anointed. She enjoys watching transformation take place as every women she encounters come into their birthing place. As Cande speaks, women are able to reflect upon their lives, relate to her pain, and build a drive of their own to move forward. She is a phenomenal woman.

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    Deliverance, Deception, Divorce with Min. Q

    in Spirituality

    I will be having my first guest on my show Minister Quovella Wilson and she will be sharing her testimony of deliverance from homosexuality. She is currently working on her book to be released in 2016 and is a Minister of the Gospel.  I am excited to have Min. Q on the show tonight.

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    This Means War!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as my guest Prophetess Marion Jones will be in the studio speaking on Sexual Perversion.  This world is becoming more and more corrupt everyday and I am declaring war over the enemy!!! Prophetess Marion Jones is the Ceo/Founder of Women of Grace International Ministries under the define leadership of Dr. Bill Winston.  Dr. Winston is the Sr. Pastor of Living Word Christian Center in Chicago Illinois.  Prophetess Jones is a graduate of the Ministry from Living Word Christian Center.

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