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    PepsiCo at Blogher

    in Social Networking

    John C. Havens of Blogtalkradio interviews attendees with Pepsico at Blogher!

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    Why Communication Fails and What to do About it

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interviews Dianna Booher - Communication Strategies for Leaders

    Dianna Booher is a recognized communication and productivity expert. She is also the bestselling author of 46 books, published in 26 languages, with nearly 4 million copies sold. Her personal development topics include leadership communication, executive presence, writing, and life balance. Her most popular titles include:

    • Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader
    • Communicate With Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition
    • Speak With Confidence

    National media such as Good Morning America, USAToday, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg, Forbes.com, CNN International, NPR, Success, and Entrepreneur have interviewed her for opinions on critical workplace communication issues.

    Clients include IBM, ExxonMobil, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Pepsico, Department of the Navy, just to name a few.

    She has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association. Success Magazine has named her to its list of “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century.”

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    Erin Blaskie: Author, Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist

    in Motivation

    Erin Blaskie first got into computers when her dad handed her a Commodore 64. She was six years old. When the Internet became widely available, Erin started an online journal on the platform Open Diary and began sharing her thoughts with the world. She hasn’t stopped over-sharing since.

    In the ten years since starting her first online business, Erin has helped numerous businesses come online, establish their web presence and create community. Erin’s primary expertise is in creating solid systems and processes for businesses but she also leads clients to leverage the power of the Internet to nurture community, create culture and inspire change.

    Erin has worked with companies such as Disney, Post, Kraft, Travelocity, Microsoft Canada, Ford Canada, PepsiCo., 3M, Maple Leaf Canada, Canadian Tire, Alliance Films, Feld Entertainment, The Body Shop, TD Bank and more.

    Erin has been an online video host for Butterscotch.tv (a division of Tucows), co-hosted the Macgasm video podcast, has been involved in small and large-scale social media activations with prestigious public relations firms and has been turned into a video game character in the iPhone / iPad game, “Bar Star.”

    Erin has been quoted in five print books, received numerous business awards, has delivered presentations on local, national and International platforms and has been featured in notable media such as the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Inc.com, Huffington Post, AMEX Open Forum, Portolio.com, Examiner.com, About.com, Business Insider, Chatelaine, Costco Connection, ABC, CBC, and CTV Morning Live.

    Erin is also the author of four books including her recently released book, "Destiny: A Love Story About A Video Game, Marketing and Story Telling. 

    Website: www.erinblaskie.com

    Twitter: @erinblaskie

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    The Detectors Radio Network Ebola tied to HEK 293

    in News

    Do you recall the Pepsi scandal which spoke of HEK293 a taste enhancer being added to Pepsi and other products where as HEk 293 was stated to contain Aborted Human Ebyols ......

    Now its 2014 where there are rumours that HEK 293 was approved and now is within these products. And as we purchase them we are constructing a gene base which is acceptable to disease like ebola. Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells, commonly known as HEK 293, are a specific cell line which, as the name denotes, were derived from the kidney cells of an aborted human embryo in 1972. This cell line is widely used in efforts such as cell biology research and biotechnology/pharmaceutical development.

    Senomyx is a U.S.-based biotechnology company focused on "discovering and developing innovative flavor ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply industries," primarily additives that amplify certain flavors and smells in foods.

    A controversy over Senomyx originated with the pro-life organization Children of God for Life, which maintains that Senomyx uses HEK 293 in its flavor ingredient withn major food companies (including Nestle, Campbell's Soup, Kraft Foods, and PepsiCo) partnered with Senomyx:
    Activation of PKR (double-stranded-RNA-dependent protein kinase) by DNA plasmids decreases translation, and limits the amount of recombinant protein produced by transiently transfected HEK (human embryonic kidney)-293 cells. Co-expression with Ebola virus VP35 (virus protein 35), which blocked plasmid activation of PKR, substantially increased production of recombinant TPL-2 (tumour progression locus 2)-ABIN-2 [A20-binding inhibitor of NF-κB (nuclear factor κB) 2]-NF-κB1 p105 complex. VP35 also increased expression of other co-transfected proteins, suggesting that VP35 could be employed generally to boost recombinant protein production by HEK-293 cells


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    Legal Eagle and the Coach with Bryan Kiser and David Altenbern

    in Business

    Legal Eagle and the Coach with Bryan Kiser and David Altenbern and their guest Rajesh Kanuru & Doug Noll:

    Rajesh Kanuru, one of the founding partners of KP Law, LLC, has established a reputation for being a zealous advocate for his clients who were hurt through work or the negligence of another. Believing that involvement is key to a successful representative, he has fought for the rights of clients against large corporations such as PepsiCo, Ace-Hardware, Dominick’s, Ford Motor Company, Fed-Ex, UPS and many more. His dedication to his job is unparallel to any other. He is tenacious when it comes to fighting for the rights of hard working individuals. Kanuru excels as an attorney, because he is able to advocate his client’s position and through this, is able to satisfy his client’s needs. 

    Doug is a sought-after keynote speaker at national conferences. He has an active international training and workshop schedule. From the Middle East to Asia to Europe and throughout North America, Doug teaches executives how to lead groups in difficult decision-making. He also teaches advanced mediation and conflict resolution skills and master negotiation workshops. In addition to being a keynote speaker and negotiation trainer, Doug is a full time peacemaker and mediator. He specializes in difficult, complex, and intractable conflicts. He is an adjunct professor of law and has a Masters Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Doug is AV-rated and was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to peacemaking. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators and on the American Arbitration Association panel of mediators and arbitrators. 

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    Celebrity Chef G. Garvin talks about FIGHT HUNGER, SPARK CHANGE Campaign

    in Lifestyle

    Six of the Nation’s Largest Food Companies & the Walmart Foundation to Generate 28 Million Meals & $3 Million in Donations to American Food Banks

    Celebrity Chef G. Garvin is ready to explain why the FIGHT HUNGER, SPARK CHANGE Campaign is being launched at a critical time for many Americans.  Food banks are facing a growing need for donations due to historically high food prices and drought conditions threatening to drive up the prices of fresh produce and meat. In fact, Feeding America recently released its Hunger in America 2014 report showing that in a single year one in seven Americans, including 12 million children, turn to the Feeding America network for food assistance.

    To help meet this need, the Walmart Foundation is teaming up with six of the nation’s largest food companies – including General Mills, Unilever, Hormel, ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo/Quaker and Kellogg Company – to distribute $3 million to food banks and local partner agencies across the country.  On Sept. 25, join Chef ‘G’ in the kitchen as he explains the importance of making sure that families have access to nutritious meals. For more information, visit: www.walmart.com/fighthunger.

    Hosted by Min. Jonathan Simmons and guest co host Chef Sara Ray of A Culinary Life


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    MLT MBA Prep Fireside Chat

    in Management

    Although comprising nearly 30% of the US population, African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans comprise only 3% of senior leaders in corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurial ventures.

    Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is the premier career development institution that equips high potential African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans with the key ingredients—skills, coaching and door-opening relationships—that unlock their potential. By cracking the code on career potential, MLT is developing the next generation of minority leaders, for the corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors, who will in turn have transformational impact on our communities. 

    MLT delivers programming that puts minorities on the fast-track to success at every stage of their careers: from College through MBA and the Executive levels. 

    MLT is a leading source of minority talent for top graduate business schools and for many of the nation's premier corporations including Citi, Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey & Co, PepsiCo and Target.  MLT's innovative solution has also resulted in strategic partnerships with leading philanthropies such as New Profit, Inc. and The Starr Foundation.  MLT has been featured on the cover of Fortune and in CNN's "Black in America 2: Tomorrow's Leaders."

    Are you a minority?

    Are you interested in earning an MBA?

    Are you ready to join the next generation of Rising Leaders? 


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    Elevating Your Status: From Vendor to Trusted Advisor

    in Entrepreneur

    Today on What Keeps You Up At Night, host Brendan Major is joined by Ed Schultek, founder of Sandler Training. Ed will be bringing you lots of valuable insights from his professional training courses, including some communication tips, customer relationship builders and why it's important to understand why your clients do what they do. 

    About Our Guest

    Ed began his career in Sales with Johnson & Johnson, US, where he progressed through various Sales and Sales Management roles.  He then moved to PepsiCo International leading and managing several key company-owned and  franchised markets in North America as Area Vice President.

    Ed transitioned to FritoLay/North America, another division of PepsiCo, as Western Vice President of Sales & Field Marketing, and then moved to his third division of PepsiCo as Senior Vice President of Sales, where he built and led the first International Sales Function for PepsiCo International.

    Ed left PepsiCo to start his own firm, PEAK Sales Performance, which is focused on building leadership, sales and customer service competency for individuals and teams.

    Learn more about Ed at http://www.linkedin.com/in/edschultek

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    Leadership Lessons from the Lioness - w/Elizabeth Lions (Women, Work and Guilt)

    in Women

    Do men feel guilty at work? Todays guest, Elizabeth Lions, will be sharing her thoughts on this topic, spurred by an article she red about Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo.

    The guilt centers around the concept of the ability to ‘have it all’. Can women keep trying to ‘have it all’? Have we erroneously defined what ‘it all’ is? Join us to hear more.  



    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to be YOUR wise advisor. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard. 

    Every show, we are committed to bringing you new ideas and offering new ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your thinking and change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!


    FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen




    Tel: (806) 283-8811

    Email: elizabeth.lions@gmail.com

    Website: www.ElizabethLions.com

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    The Naked Truth: World Crisis and Biblical Prophecies

    in Culture

    We will interview Dr. Hector Caram-Andruet, the author of World Crisis and Biblical Prophecies, who has served as a senior executive with Citibank, PepsiCo, and General Foods. His analysis of present economic conditions is troubling. He points to the astonishing levels of public and private debt and says we are stimulating consumption beyond a sustainable level of personal income.

    "It is clear that nations are dealing with the effects of and not the causes of the political, socio-economic, and financial crises while governments incur growing budget deficits and alarmingly increasing national debts," he says. He points to real world issues to explain how Biblical events and warnings are unfolding today.

    Talk radio host managing editor of NEWD Magazine Tiffani Knowles  and Crystal Dundas gab for an hour about trends, music,  faith and much more. Every week we interview a super cool guest appealing to a faith-filled, urban twentysomething market.

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    How to Achieve Sustainable Growth | Rich McBee & David Martin, Kathy Quinn

    in Management

    Previously on the program, we discussed how C-Suite leaders set the tone for their entire organization to deliver amazing customer service. The same is true for the environment of integrity and empowerment they wish for their employees to cultivate. On this week’s episode of C-Suite Network Radio, our guests reveal the secret to sustainable growth in changing times. Success in this area begins with discipline, a focus on quality and empowering team members to understand the “why” and “how” behind every idea.

    Rich McBee, President and CEO of Mitel, brings more than 25 years of experience in telecommunications to his position, leading Mitel’s strategy, business performance, and global execution. Rich is responsible for advancing Mitel’s evolution and leadership in the business communications market, driving revenue growth and profitability, and devising and executing business strategies and corporate policies. @Mitel

    David Martin helps executives from across the country and around the world deliver their best ideas by identifying and overcoming the hidden, invisible barriers that derail success. Having a great idea is the easy part, but it’s only the beginning. With David’s guidance, clients find their way to realizing massive, lasting change. @growthvault.

    Kathy Quinn, consultant and executive coach at GrowthVault, whose efforts have helped shift organizational thinking and processes, spurring sales and market growth. Kathy has a solid foundation of client success achieved in service to clients such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing, Starbucks, ConAgra, PepsiCo, Unilever, General Mills and Kimberly-Clark.

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