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    The Secret to Maximizing how much Money you Keep as well as how much you Earn!

    in Entrepreneur

    Hi there! I’m once again taking the lid off of some of the best strategies that will turn your tax blues into tax greens with a featured guest on today’s show. Perran Wetzel’s a tax accountant that’s been in the game for over 30 years and will give us some checks and balances when it comes to keeping more green dollars in our pocket versus giving them all away to our dear old Uncle Sam!

    And, who am I? I'm Tracey Lewis and I'm keeping it REAL, that is keeping it real with respect to REAL Estate! I'll be helping you major in your success as a real estate investor and business entrepreneur extraordinaire on my radio show THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING! 

    Stay tuned and thank you for listening to my show! Please also make sure you pay it forward by sharing the wealth of THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING with Tracey Lewis airing live on Blog Talk Radio Fridays at 10:00 am Central time!

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

    (All Black! All News! All You!)

    This is THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING with Tracey Lewis where Tracey works alongside you to major in your financial success as a business success coach and real estate investor insider extraordinaire!





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    Purposeful Living with Emily

    in Women

    Join Emily Fitchpatrick President of On Eagles Wings Ministries & Co-Founder of Flagship Equip on a journey to purposeful living.

    Life without intentional purpose will rob you of your legacy. Tune in for encouragement and practical tools to courageously move forward on your own path to purposeful living!

    Discover. Dream. Dare. 

    On this episode we will focus on COURAGE!

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    Internationally renound Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach, Kelly Callaghan has read for thousands of individuals world-wide. From celebrities and member of government, to everyday folks working their way through life! As a gifted medium, Kelly is able to channel loved ones who have crossed over and offers psychic readings to callers. Relied upon for her amazing accuracy and insight, Kelly enjoys a very busy and successful private practice helping clients by combining her gifts as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, and Healer. Kelly holds a degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is a certified Reiki Practitioner. TO BOOK A READING WITH KELLY, send your request to: contact@kellycallaghan.com

    Connect with Kelly via Facebook and Twitter also!

  • Tour de Pier 2016

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Heath Gregory, Co-Founder of the Tour de Pier.

    Heath has been a long-time cycling enthusiast who has combined his love of the sport with his passion of finding a cure for cancer.

    Starting in 2011 – in a little over two years – his family lost four members to cancer. Coincidentally, his friend Jon Hirshberg who had lost his father to pancreatic cancer approached him about the idea of putting together an outdoor spin event at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Gregory was “all-in”. To date, the fundraising event has raised nearly $2 million for worthy cancer charities.

    Gregory is also co-founder of the Uncle Kory Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of collaborative brain cancer research. The Uncle Kory Foundation is named after his brother-in-law, Kory Lewis Hunter, who passed away at age 42 to an aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma. The Uncle Kory Foundation is a beneficiary of the Tour de Pier.

    Gregory is a resident of Manhattan Beach and President and CEO of Baron Equities, a privately-held investment company. He received his MBA from USC.

    The Tour de Pier is one of the most popular fundraising events in the South Bay. It will take place on Sunday, May 15 at the Manhattan Beach Pier.


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  • Paradigm Shift Team Building Hangout. May 5, 2016.

    in Spirituality

    Paradigm Shift Central is a global project to help organize and build a global team of Shifters - people actively involved with helping assist in the shift in consciousness by building local conscious community where they are and engaging in acts of Shiftivism (Free Hugs, etc). 

    > Paradigm Shift Central Show Link (Follow for video, show notes and relevant links mentioned.)

    > Get the Shifter Booster Kit + Support Team Fundraising 

    The objectives of this hangout are:
    - To create a casual opportunity to introduce ourselves, where we are from, what the shift looks like where we are
    - To practice communicating
    - To discuss some tactical strategies for creating and building Paradigm Shift Communities where we are
    - To discuss Shiftivism tactics (ie - things like Free Hugs)
    - To engage in overall metaphysical and conscious conversation related to what and why we are doing what we can do to help make a difference in our local communities in the world

    Hosted by Brendon Culliton

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    FixTheNation.com -Deeper Dive into Federal Budget, National Debt, and the Future

    in Politics Conservative

    We have a National Debt- so WHO do we owe it to??

    We have a Fed Balance of about $4T.. wouldn't you like options about HOW we pay that off? (wait til they raise rates and give themselves a RAISE..)

    We have a Budget(theoretically..) that isn't Balanced.. wouldn't you like to know WHY??

    Please check out the Archives on past shows, post or share this info, and feel free to call in and ask questions/comment during a show.

    See you soon!!

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    Ep. 05: J.C. Talon

    in Sports

    Ezekiel Elliott at No. 1 overall in your fantasy football draft? Our fantasy football expert J.C. Talon tries to make the case in this week's episode of the PFW Fantasy Football Podcast. Talon and co-host John Sahly talk about who the top rookies are coming out of the NFL Draft.

    We also give you our top 5 right now at QB, RB, WR and TE.

    Our podcast is sponsored by Lootcrate. Head to www.lootcrate.com/shaw and use the promo code 'shaw' to get $3 off your first box.

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    GOP Deciding Who To Support, Trump or Hillary, Remembering Mom & Lauren's Life

    in Politics

    Two former presidents, and a former GOP presidential nominee say "no" to supporting Trump, so does that mean they're supporting Hillary?  Will GOP make some populist adjustments or fade into insignificance and give rise to a 3rd party?  And is the Democratic party ready to come out of the closet and confirm what most of us already know about them?  Bernie like Trump has proven he knows more about the party's new base than the party elites.  The fix may be in, but that will only gets Clinton to the nomination, but it will it get her and Bill back to the White House?

    Our favorite historian, Bruce Kauffmann is here to remember mom, just in time for Mother's Day, and with all the "unlikeables" on both sides at this point, who will be able to rally the general electorate.  Economist Steve Moore discusses the proposed death of coal.  And of course, it's Friday so that means "Life With Lauren" her curious and entertaining perspective on our life and culture.  

    Plus reaganbaby.com proprietor, Megan Barth, Coach Kevin Collins, "Passed and Present"-Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, With A Look At Your First Mother’s Day Without Mom, New Conservative Senators Voice Support for Sentencing Reform & Corrections Act and more Commoner Sense.

  • The Free American

    in Education

    Clay Douglas with The Mighty Phoenix Russell Pappalardo & Madame X Jewish Supremacists are Proxies of the Archons" 

    Jay Weidner The Legendary Archons are Real

    The US has been consistently acting internationally and domestically as a criminal, disregarding its own laws, international laws, the sovereignty of other countries, and the US Constitution. A worse criminal government has never existed. 

    Yet, Americans remain subservient to the criminals that they have placed in power over themselves.

    Remember it was Israel that attacked the USS Liberty! Remember 60 million white Russians killed in Russia!  Remember that Communism was Jewish. Remember that 9-11 was Israeli not Muslims with boxcutters, remember that the Cold War was with Jewish run Soviet Union and that the Russian people were not and ARE NOT the enemies of the American people! Remember that it is these same Jews who control Homeland Security and are responsible for trying to take your guns! DO NOT EVERY donate another dime to the traitors! Make one to the LAST FREE AMERICAN!. www.freeamerican.com. Remember when I exposed  the Mossad and George Bush Sr. as the source of the drugs flowing into this country in my book "Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled" they tried to kill me! You can use pay pay  and send me an email at  clay@freeamerican.com/ If you work in a library or a government or Corporate Office ,www.freeaamerican.com is blocked by the Jews/Zionist/Mossad or AIPAC.

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    Parents and children

    in Christianity

    The youth, the Bible tells us this is a person under age forty... pretty crazy, right?  Why obey parents?  Living under my roof only goes so far.... Nobody on earth cares more for you than your mom and dad...  If this is not the case, it's sad, and it might be, look to Jesus.  Looking to Jesus no matter what will help us to love our parents more.

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