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    Mikey Rupert from the Cooper & Rupert Podcast

    in Sports

    On this episode of the Sports Gal Pal podcast, Ramona is joined by one of her favorite sports podcasters, Mikey Rupert from the Cooper & Rupert podcast. Together they discuss not only the expectations of the upcoming college football season, but also why Ramona should stop complaining about UVa's two seed in the NCAA tournament, why it's okay to miss a game once in awhile, and why Ramona loves his podcast. 

    Also, Ramona also talks about why the preseason is so important and gives advice on how she herself deals with her husband's obessions that she personally can't stand. 


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    The Force Is Strong with the Podvader

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    The Sports Gal Pal, Ramona Rice, is joined by her podcasting mentor Jay Soderburg (aka the Podvader) but Jay brought along his wife Benay (Queen Podme) to the show as well. They had a frank conversation about balancing real life with the love of sports and how marriage is work.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    Queen Podme does not share Podvader's obession of the New England Patriots
    She does recognize that Podvader has influenced their kids in sports but mainly positive 
    She uses Sunday football days as days to still spend as a family - despite not wanting to actively watch football

    Podvader and the Sports Gal Pal also discuss some upcoming events on Blog Talk Radio - including her two-a-day series with all of Podvader's Next Fan Up Superfans.

    Also, the Sports Gal Pal talks about why kids growing up is a good and bad thing (the moms will totally get it) and why the Little League World Series is worth watching.

    Next Fan Up Podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup

    Follow Jay Soderberg @TheRealPodvader 

    Follow Next Fan Up @NFUpodcast

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    Terry Nicholetti Talks About Her New Book and Pen-Pal Kit

    in Books

    Children's author Terry Nicholetti talks about her new book and Gold Star Magic Pen-Pal Kit, designed to bring children and their grandparents together - one story at a time!

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    Voices of the Cannabis War Episode 5-Compassionate Release~ Free Pot Prisoners!

    in War

    Voices of the Cannabis War showcase the voices of the victims in the cannabis war! This week the theme is Compassionate Release!  This week you will hear from Beth Curtis and her outlook on compassionate release, we will be discussing Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda, Cheri Sicard will be on to update us about Paul Free (a prisoner serving life) he has a birthday soon!  We will be getting a call from life prisoner Craig Cesal and we may hear from recently released Larry Duke, who was released from a life sentence thanks to compassionate release!  Stephanie Landa will be updating us on how you can help prisoners and Mindi will give her Mindi update!  We may also hear from Miggy 420 about what's going on in Washington!  You don't want to miss this show!    Our show brings the voices for you help you understand the trauma going on with those and those possess, sell or cultivate cannabis.  Over 50 people are serving life sentences and have been in since the 80's. Through a series of shows, you will hear from their family members and the prisoners themselfes. This show is an effort to remind the world of their sacrifices.  Voices of Cannabis War is hosted by Eugene Fischer (who spent 25 years of a life sentence in federal custody for our plant) and Kristin Flor (who's father died shackled to a bed because our plant is federally illegal).  It is presented to you by volunteers, Becca Nichols, Danielle Vitale Obrien, Mindi Griffiths, Kristin Flor and Eugene Fischer.  Regular guests include Craig Cesal (serving life in prison), Stephanie Landa, Mindi Griffiths, Miggy 420 and more!  

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    Introducing The Sports Gal Pal Podcast: SGP 000

    in Sports

    I got into sports to connect with my sports loving husband - he LOVES sports - all the sports.  And it wasn’t that I didn’t like sports - I had favorite teams but I didn't really understand sports. I checked out the Football for Dummies and learned the basics. Then I started to play fantasy football and I spent Sundays with my guy watching and discussing football. Here’s the great part - we were spending awesome quality time together - and he didn’t roll his eyes at the “togetherness” because sports is a group activity anyway.

    Sports for us has nothing to do with our bills, our kids, our real life. It’s an escape we get to have together.

    But so many wives and girlfriends still feel like “sports widows” banished to the sideline while their guys go into the field and emerge after playoffs. Sports widows needed was a show where a woman is speaking directly to them saying - I’ll explain what all this is - you still don’t have to like sports, but I want you to understand why it's so important to him.

    Here is what you can expect from the podcast.

    Lesson of the week- where I take something from sports and talk about my life, marriage, work or maybe just issue at hand. It’s my chance to show you that sports can represent more than just sweaty guys on a field.

    A great guest with amazing insight - I’ve got some awesome people lined up - to explain sports beyond stats and figures and to give some great insight into sports themselves

    Question of the week: the question of the week is supplied by you - and I can cover anything dealing with sports to how to handle your guy after a loss to what to bring to a tailgate. You can submit your questions to Ramona@sportsgalpal.com


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    SWAG RADIO PRESENTS: Unique Pen and Lattia Waggoner

    in Books

    Unique Penn is originally from Chicago, IL and currently resides in Italy with her husband and two children. A degree in History with a concentration in Black American Studies helped to foster her love of reading and writing literature.

    Her stories will invite into the hearts, minds, and lives of her characters. And allow the reader to examine the depths of their own morality through clever plots, intricate characters and surprising story lines.

    My name is Latitta Waggoner, I am currently residing in Orange, Texas!! I'm a country girl! I am a mother of three. I am a substitute teacher and a hospitality aide at a nursing home. I also write full time. My bestselling debut novel is Can't Stand the Rain and is available NOW on Amazon. Writing is definitely my passion and I definitely plan on making a career out of it. I desire to take my writing as far as plays, movies, and tv series in the near future. Can't Stand the Rain Part Two will be coming soon, as well as part one of my new series.

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    Look Pal....She JUST ISN'T Into.....YOU!!!!!

    in Women

    What is going on people? This your boy OSHAY! Tonight I have a  classic show entitled "Look pal....she just isnt into YOU!" This may be a hard show for some of you men to understand, but every man faces rejection from the opposite sex. We want to talk about how we can help you overcome that and improve your chances with women and NOT EMBARASS yourself. Please call in..also Joseph moss will be calling and weighing in on tonight's topic! 

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    St. Louis Rams Preview: SGP Two-a-Days

    in Football

    The St. Louis Rams were once the kings of the NFC West, and want to get back to the top of the mountain. The problem with that the divisional rivals don't seem to want to make room.  How is Jeff Fisher going to imporve both sides of the ball? Find out with Jarrod from Next Fan UP comes on the podcast. 

    To listen ot Net Fan Uo visit blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup

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    Baltimore Ravens Preview: SGP Two-a-Days

    in Football


    The Baltimore Ravens are a favorite for many to represent the AFC in the Superbowl - and for good reason. The Ravens are stacked on both sides of the ball with a formula for success. The only challenge is that they are in the AFC North and the Steelers and Bengals are primed to be tough competition. Add a schedule that includes the NFC West and the road to a championship is filled with potholes.

    Next Fan Up's Ravens Superfan Rex gives us the details to prepare for a successful Ravens season.

    Next Fan Up: blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup 

    Twitter: @NFUPodcast

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    5% Series: Interview w/ PEN BLACK (Power Allah), Author of GODS, EARTHS & 85ers

    in Culture

    The 5 PERCENTERS FORUM presents:


    PEN BLACK (Power Allah) 

    The Author of "GODS, EARTHS AND 85ERS"

    With co-hosts Wakeel Allah, Earth Mecca Islam and Allahmal Allah

    Wed. 8/12/15 at 9pm EST
    call in #: (646)595-4289


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    The Hen's Pen - "Rejoicing with the Lord on the brink of Eternity" - Rev. 6-9

    in Religion

    Sunday 08/23/15 4pm ET/3pm CTRL/2pm MTN/1pm Pac Call in and listen, ask questions or make comments at 1-347-934-0379 or during and after the program at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2015/08/23/the-hens-pen--rejoicing-with-the-lord-on-the-brink-of-eternity--rev-6-9

    The Hen's Pen is hosted by Wendy Tucker, Sunshine Gal, Anne Marie, Dan Hall and Ray Aldridge from the United Kingdom.

    We Welcome newcomer Sean to the show a Christian who has a heart for reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses!

    Check out their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheHensPenShow

    For the next 6 weeks, Pastor Dan will give a short, uninterperted overview of each chapter as it is written, not as how wt teaches. This discussion will also include point's not mentioned in his Revelation On The Brink Series you can hear free on www.GreattribulationMinistries.org website. Come and join us in the Pen, we are all looking forward to meet you!