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    As I already explained at an earlier time, Atlantis and MU mutually destroyed one another.  But there was a special state of affairs, and so I have to start the history at a very early time.  Around 150,000 years ago in earth time, our home worlds finally found peace and liberty after very long times of wars and revolutions.  A short time before the settling of the peace and quite yet, a scientist by the name of PELEGON elected himself leader of a group of about 70,000 human beings, which whose help he took possession of several great spacer ships and fled.  Being an important scientist, it was an easy thing for him to coerce the 70,000 head group under his control, and to bring them through space and time in his wild escape towards Earth. 

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    Contact Report 70 Galactic History and War in the Plejaren System

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    86/But for this time an expedition was not the reason, but again an escape. 87/In the homeworlds of the Pleja-Systems war broke out once more between the highminded scientists with their unbridled thirst for command, and ,the people, who they subjected by their terrible weapons and other things. 88/But while the wicked destructive raged in all three homeworlds, a great group of otherwise-thinking scientists bound themselves to¬gether under the leadership of a certain Pelegon, who had himself already attained the level of IHWH. 89/ Under his leadership, 70,000 human beings, among them many scientists, working together, took command of different space-ships, and escaped from the Pleja System. 90/According to the coordinates of the old registers, the refugees reached the SOL-System, and by this once more the Earth, where the Titans then settled once more. 91/In Earth chronology, this happened about 150,000 years ago. 92/On the homeplanets, the wicked war was fought, until its bitter end, and the scientists got challenged. 93/Their kind of government was removed and given into the hands of spiritual leaders, who announced the long forgotten spiritual lessons anew and educated the nations. 94/ These recognized the value of the lessons, appropriated them, and lived accordingly since that time, from which they found the final peace and lived since then under the law and order of absolute determination, which conditions are preserved until today and will never change. 95/In the run of the next 8,000 years, the Pleja nations developed themselves up to a very high spiritual level, in result of which, they made alliances with every possible similar and other strange nations of nearby and far-away systems, and unanimously lived for evolution.

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    Michael Horn on the Billy Meier Case

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    We will be covering the following topics tonight:
    The existance of a beautiful planet in our solar system called Malona that existed in the ancient past. The destruction of the planet Malona. A great war that took place on earth that existed before the society of Pelegon. The society of JHWH Pelegon that existed in our ancient past here on earth. The destruction of the society under Pelegon and the escape of these peopel to BETA CENTAURI The society of Atlantis and the JHWH ATLANT The scientist SEMJASA who was responsible for the development of modern earth humans. The rise of TRANSHUMANISM (the merging of man and machine) in our future. The difference between Creation and the current idea of God.

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