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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez: the face of sports

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    omg please join me this week with a full on cast from the nfl, mlb and ....wwe could adrian peterson be back with the vickings ? or has that now gone sour since his agent started a fight with someone on the vikings staff ? who has become the face of mlb? and as far as wrestling now we know why brock lesner was not on raw tv this week, has vince mcmhaon finally woken up now that the divas made things go there way when the hastag #givedivasachance made it on raw ? join us for all this and more this week LIVE  !!

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    Dr. Sergio Alvarez discusses his practice, giving back on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes renowned plastic sergeon Dr. Sergio Alvarez to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss not only what drives him as a professional but what it's been like to bring joy to his patients and give back in the process.

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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez : damn damn

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    hey jooin us this week this time of yr is always special the 2015 nfl draft is almost here, is wes walker thiniking of retiremnet ? and this time of yr is specoil for another reason...BASEBALL SEASON IS BACK which leads right to summer yeah baby, PLUS does ddp want to start a fued with the rock? did anyone watch the nxt takeover special on the network? and PLUS just for fun i want to take time on the show to find out how can you get in trouble with the boss for nude photos when you were in the ring ? lol omg what else will happen here ? join us in the chatroom this week LIVE !!

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    the sports opoinions show with matt alvarez: think more creative

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    so it's time again for me to lead and send you into the weekend, first what changes will take place at the nfl scouting combine? which team gets first round draft pick? also have you heard the nfl just made concept helmets(but they will never be worn on gameday) yes sad i know, PLUS the biggiest news in wrestling came out early this week that...soma joe is gone from tna, is this true? you know ever since the yr started others have been lying about everything in wrestling but not here. AND i know you all thought i forgot about addressing the seth rollins nude photo thing from last week well nope...and good thing i didn't because that story just got bigger to where he might not be able to be in wrestlemania, how you ask ? well join us for all this plus we'll break down raw and nxt and more LIVE !!

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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez : bad for business

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    hey hey what's up everyone join us this week and join me in welcoming back to the show again our guest this week wacko bob football season is not over but there's always something going on (yes even in the off season) join us as wacko bob takes us back to what took place at this yrs super bowl and then bob tells me we had some wrestling action after the game lol WHAT? and will there be (stupid) major changes to wrestlemania ? but first how is this new ppv fast lane coming along? join us for all this and more where anything can happen LIVE !!


    p.s. there may also be an announcemnet made about an all new website for the show  :)

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    join us for a very starnge show this week could the aaron hernandez trial have ghosts? are you gonna watch the super bowl this sunday? and a super bowl ad has been pulled, which one was it? PLUS the announcment i made last week there will be the vince mcmhaon responding to cm punk audio clip, and was it really philly's falut what happened at this past sunday's ppv? join us for all this and more  LIVE !!

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    so ladies and gentlemen you want the real entire truth about sports and wrestling this week huh? well then tune in because your gonna get all the truth iv got for you first we need to look at what happened in both the nfl and afc championship nfl game. as well as brief(and i DO MEAN BRIEF) look into the patriots with this silly cheating issue and see what the nfl has done...hell i say just fire the main main their head coach THEN how does wwe owner vince mcmhaon really feel about his employess ? well that audio clip we were trying to share with you all before x-mas guess what? we finally got our hands on it lol and how do some promoters feel about it ? PLUS  we might have a guest with us to call all this cool action join us for all this and so much more this friday LIVE !!

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    Part 2 w/ Psychic Empath Healer Noah Alvarez

    in LGBT

    Join us as we welcome back again Psychic Empath Healer Noah Alvarez of Los Angeles California!! 

    We will talk about healing! What does healing look like in the Trans community after so much trauma?

    How do heal and move forward with new insight and confidence? JOin us for a most ZEN Discussion!

    Start 2015 off with the Right Mindset! Noah will be taking calls as well!! Concerned for a family member? questions about career path? Noah will channel spirit and give you insight. 

    347 237 4756 #NoahtheSeer #thekittybellashow #empath 




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    hey i hope you all had a great new yrs but join me this week because omg we have sooo much to talk about we will be talking about how things (in everything) look on paper first what happened on saturdays nfl playoff game but even more what the heck were the refs doing when they made the penalty against the lions ?? i'll explain lol plus are you ready fo some sports jokes fun ....and you do relize what chain letters are right? i'll explain how one that's been going around might be fake, AND  some feel wwe writers left us in the dark with mondays raw since this all new war backstage might be vince vs hhh haha join me for all this and much more LIVE !!!

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    Between 1960 and 1962 more than 14,000 Cuban children escaped Fidel Castro’s communist regime as part of an airlift known as Operación Pedro Pan. LORENZO PABLO MARTÍNEZ was one of these children. In CUBA, ADIÓS: A Young Man's Journey to Freedom, Martínez vividly recounts his participation in a program that bridged two different cultures and achieved great political significance over the years. At eighteen, he forfeits a music scholarship to Prague to accept an unknown future of exile in America without knowing the language, money to pursue an education, or family to help. Plagued by guilt around his sexual identity and having to care for a younger brother, Martínez forges ahead to become the composer of his future; later he opens the doors that enable his sisters and parents to join him after a harrowing sojourn in Mexico City. With the same determination, he attends college and pursues a music education, obtaining a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music, then a doctorate from Columbia University. Even after his music compositions are published and performed on television and at international festivals, Martínez feels restless and spiritually unfulfilled. Until, that is, he is able to define the true music of his freedom. CUBA, ADIÓS is a poignant, thoughtful account of one boy’s survival and self-acceptance, written with unflinching honesty and a wry humor.


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    omg everyone happy new yr please come join me and everyone for a fun show be in the chatroom and listen live and let's start 2015 on a high note, first now that we know where fomer forty niners coach jim harbaugh is going what about his fomer team and the rest of nfl coaches and players plus im sure you heard what happened at the texas a &m college game (but if you didn't that's because the real media blew it off like eh nothing imporant) but we don't do that stuff here AND  remember dr chris amann the wwe doctor who told cm punk the lump on his back was nothing...well now dr amann finally comes out and speaks join us as we talk about all this and more about what he said in the magaizne LIVE  !!

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