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    Pedophilia the next "Orientation" ( Encore Broadcast )

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    Pedophilia the next 'sexual-rights' revolution? We are going to talk about what may be the greatest moral crisis To date: Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established more than 50 years ago, insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior. If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized.



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    Suicide prevention and LGBTQ - Pedophilia, normal for males?

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    Hr1  Brad Dacus from Pacific Justice Institute talks about the California ban on counseling for minors faced with gender dysphoria. He says depression & suicide is so high among transgenders, that most do not see their 30th birthday. They need access to counseling before their 18th birthday.

    Students' free speech rights to not end at the schoolhouse gates. Federal court ruled that schools cannot silence free speech on high school campus, allowing students to pass out flyers, etc.

    To eliminate all music that has any religious connotation would eliminate ~40% of all heritage music.

    There's a difference between "sex education" and "indoctrination." And you DO have a right to opt your child out of it! 

    Hr2  University of Cambridge says pedophilia is normal for males. What about the children involved?! Is anything off limits anymore?

    Former transgender Walt Heyer says the whole gender change concept is a complete fraud. You can't change genders. It only fosters confusion, and what we're doing with sex education in schools is only serves to confuse kids and amounts to child abuse.

    Why are activists so fearful of parents getting proper diagnosis and counseling for their children who may have dissociative and comorbid disorders? We're supposed to protect the children and get them proper medical care.

    We're actually manufacturing gender dysphoric children in schools by normalizing transgenderism. The 41% suicide rate should be a red flag, it's not normal!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Pedophilia the next 'sexual-rights' revolution

    in Current Events

    Psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists , insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior.If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized. We must view this unprecedented phenomenon theologically in order to see its full import. What we are seeing is, through ever greater technical power and prowess, is the complete unraveling of what God so tightly bound in creation.


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    Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime?

    in Moms and Family

    The normalization of sexual child abuse is a part of the LGBT agenda yet to be realized but certainly being pursued. We will explore the recent article in the New York Times by a New Jersey Rutgers Professor  Margo Kaplan teaches, who teaches courses on health law and policy and criminal law.  Her research explores legal limitations on intimate decisions, particularly the use of criminal law in areas of health and sexuality. In other words pedophilia should be viewed as normal thus acceptable. NAMBLA The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States. It works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors.

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    Alfred Kinsey is known as the father of the sexual revolution and also the man who encouraged pedophiles to record their molestation experiences with infants and adolescents.

    Tonight we will discuss the Kinsey Reports which includes the recorded rapes of children by pedophiles.

    One child was masterbated/molested  for 24 hrs. 

    Your Kids Not Mine

    Call in to snitch on your neighborhood pedophile. Bring it out of the closet.

     No more lies…. no more shame




    Also the Ebola Scare, Renisha McBride Verdict, & Eric Garner Update

    August 8, 2014…….9p CST/10 p EST…..LISTEN/CHAT/CALL~ 347-637-3074

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!                 





    THE LOTUS PLACE            

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    Pedophilia is normal - Acorn is alive!

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    Hr1  According to univ prof Margo Kaplan, people choose to sex offend children. They do not choose to be pedophiles.

    Kevin Jackson from The BlackSphere stops in to talk, microaggression, professional huggers, and a racial divide that splits families.

    Hr2  In the eyes of the state, marriage is a contract. From a religious / faith perspective, it's from God.

    The new mantra is, you can't tell me how many to love.

    How were 73 people shot in no gun zone Chicago over this past weekend? B/c gun control works! Right?

    Economic rundown. Who's cutting, who's closing, and who's giving up.

    What's driving the racial divide? Rebranded ACORN organization, MORE. Community organizers have to pay people these days because apathy is so bad. And if you don't pay... they'll out you on Twitter!

    Gov. Bobby Jindal signs religious freedom executive order.

    Hr3  Is WalMart caving to Muslim employee's?

    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks Obama is too conservative and unveils national Communist plan for America.

    Socialists want a steeply graduated income and estate tax. The harder you work, the more you get taxed. That's incentive for you!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Kevin Annett - The Vatican, Pedophilia & The Royals

    in Spirituality

    Kevin Annett joins us for matrix-shattering information about The Vatican & their involvement in Pedophila. Kevin Annett joins us for matrix-shattering information about The Vatican & their involvement in Pedophila. Kevin will be speaking about the twenty year history of our fight to expose genocide and child trafficking, rampant pandemic global pedophilia, and lately establishing common law courts to put church and state on trial, to make those criminals also answer to law and remove their status of impunity which encourages their liberties for perversion. He will also discuss the spiritual Reclamation Movement as well especially what will happen in Rome. Refer them to itccs.org ... .

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    From Pedophilia to Parental Abuse

    in Christianity

    From pedophilia in a Catholic orphanage to parental abuse in the forms of sexual molestation and physical beatings, I still had hope for a future.
    Every single person who has ever lived could write a book about their life experiences. Every child of God has a testimony to the GLORY of GOD because of our Savior, Jesus the Messiah (Y'shua the Christ).
    This portion of my testimony begins with a word of prophecy, a prophetic from God written March 28, 2011, but still pertains to this year 2013. touches upon pedophilia, disappearance of children in a Catholic orphanage in Canada, Satanic ritual abuse, child slavery, sex rings and child sacrifice.  My name is Bonita Petroff.
    No matter what any of us goes through in life, God (thru Jesus Christ) has a way of turning what was meant for evil into good. But first, He will begin with the inside of the cup.  So great is His love...
    The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not desiring that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  [2Pet 3:9]
    First song - "Prophet's Call" - Christ our Life
    Second song - "I Need a Saviour" - Christ our Life
    (above songs from Canadian artists "Christ our Life"  Album -  Living Sacrifice
    Christ our Life website:
    Third Song: "Love is Not a Fight" - Warren Barfield
    Album "Worth Fighting For" - also from 2008 movie "Fireproof".

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    NY Legalizes Pedophilia – Since Jews Must Suck on Baby Penises

    in Politics

    New York legalizes Pedophilia – Since Jews Must Suck on Baby Genitals. Per the Jewish Problem at http://www.jewishproblem.com "New York has instituted a new law that legalizes the Jewish ritual known as 'Metzitzah b'peh', the act of a Jew mohel SUCKING ON A BLOODY BABY! But only if the Jew parents of the baby give their written consent. On Thursday, the health department voted 9-0 to require mohels, or ritual circumcisers, to obtain signed consent forms from parents outlining the risks of communicable disease before engaging in metzitzah b'peh — a circumcision ritual in which the mohel uses direct oral-genital suction of the infant's bloody . Orthodox Jews have expressed outrage.

    They don't think that written consent should be necessary. Tens of thousands of Jew families in New York need to get their babies sucked off in association with the traditional mutilation of new-born Jew babies, say the orthodox Jews. Following the vote, the haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America said it was profoundly disappointed with the measure. Tens of thousands of families in New York City require metzitzah b'peh, the statement said. The pedophiliac ritual of Jews have several times led to the death of the baby being sucked, since the cock-sucking Jew rabbi often infect the babies with herpes.

    Feel free to contact us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com

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    Jared Fogle, Straight Outta Compton, Farrakhan Okay With Homosexuality? + More

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the latest news that has happened since our 2 week hiatus. We will discuss the Jared Fogel scandal and the culture of White males and pedophilia. We will also discuss the Straight Outta Compton movie and the impact NWA has had on the Black culture. Did they harm later generations with their music? Lastly, we will discuss Farrakhan's sermon on homosexuality? Did he just make homosexuality the equivalent of any other so-called sin? We will discuss those things and many more. Join us.

  • Against The Grain: The Return

    in Motivation

    How does the idea of a Trump presidency make you feel? Just what is the Black Lives Matter Movement? Why does Caitlyn Jenner deserve a courage award?? What's up with all the pedophilia? Is Straight Outta Compton one of the best biopics ever? 

    All this and more, tonight.