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    The Wedding Jeannie's Health & Wellness Series w/ Pediatrician Dr. Allison Gati

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    The Wedding Jeannie's Health and Wellness Series Continues with Pediatrician Dr. Allison Gati!

    This week we chat with another amazing doctor about child care and pediatrics. We've discussed pre-child preparation with an OB/GYN and now it's time to talk about what happens once you get pregnant and you are waiting for the baby to arrive! How do you go about finding a pediatrician that's right for you? What questions should you ask them? What types of "equipment" do you need for the baby? What happens during the first few weeks that one should be prepared for? Dr. Gati will answer these questions and of course opine on the new age debate of whether or not you should vaccinate your baby – clearly not one to miss!

    Join Jeannie Uyanik live at noon on Wednesday, February 26th for another interesting show in the series!

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    What Every Parent Should Know About SIDS...

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    Did you know that SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants 1-month to 1-year-old? It claims the lives of about 2,500 each year in the United States. Your national family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton will spotlight this critical health topic with celebrated board certified pediatrician Dr. Kevin Springle. He will share key information to help decrease the risk of SIDS for your family and friends. Stay informed with LTA! 


    Please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you.  #LTA #LTARadio 

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    Saving Baby Madi: 14 Things Courts Ignored While Turning Her Over to Her Abuser

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    Between 2003 and 2011 little Madi was sentenced by the Family Court of Columbia County Arkansas to unsupervised visitation with her father whom was a substantiated sexual abuser in Louisiana. The abusers father had served as a Judge on the Arkansas Supreme Court and worked as an attorney. Business connections with members of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office protected the abuser from prosecution. At the onset of forced visitation with her father Madi was screaming, crying and clinging to her mother's leg to keep from being passed over to her father. In Mar.'06 the child was taken to the pediatrician for chaffing and severe rashes in her “private area”. The father owned several well known bars that had the reputation for serving drinks with date rape drugs to young women who attended the bars. The health department was involved in investigations as was the drug task force of the FBI. The bars were shut down for “non payment of sales tax”. The perpetrator was caught with a counterfeiting plate, and never prosecuted. There was hard evidence of drug trafficking, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of ography. The perpetrator continued as untouchable – even admitting to all criminal actions.

    Columbia County authorities stated to the mother of an ex wife of the perpetrator who was fighting for custody of her son, “We will bankrupt you if you keep seeking court action against our client”. The mother in question attempted to pursue custody of her child based on ample evidence. She lost her home, her personal finances and her child. The perpetrator was given custody of the child, and was able to leave the state of Arkanasas to move to Missouri, where he is supposed to be on a sex offenders list, but isn't. Madi's mother and grandmother joined forces along with other unlikely forces to protect Madi as much as possible from abuse during forced visitation with her father.

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    Ask MomRN Show

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    According to the American Cancer Society, there are nearly 14.5 million cancer patients and survivors in the U.S. and more than one and a half million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. As the number of cancer survivors continues to increase, the need for support around survivorship issues, such as working during and after treatment, is becoming more and more important. Experts Kathy Flora and Rebecca Nellis discuss the benefits that working during treatment can bring to cancer patients and survivors, the challenges they face while working or looking for work during/after treatment, and tips on how to navigate workplace conversations.

    November is National Family Caregivers Month. A staggering 40 million Americans are caring for an adult relative or friend, but many of those people don’t even think what they are doing is considered caregiving. Caregiving Expert Amy Goyer specializes in family caregiving and multigenerational issues and she will give us tips on how to manage caregiving along with life and work.

    Winter is a challenging time to keep kids healthy because it's cold & flu season. Pediatrician Dr. Nina Shapiro share tips to keep kids well throughout the winter.

    TechExpert and MTV VJ Host Desi Sanchez previews the Hippest and Hottest New Gifts for the Holidays!

    Lifestyle and Beauty expert, Karen Firsel shares tips to keep us looking and feeling our best this fall and winter!

    Fire safety tips from Fire Chief John Sinclair to keep your family safe from house fires.

    Kathleen Campisano, VP of Toys & Games for Barnes and Noble, has exciting news about Maker Faire events being held in B&N stores nationwide this week.









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    Ask MomRN Show

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    This week's show:

    With the holidays come work functions, family parties, constant social gatherings, and the desire to look and feel our best. Let's not forget those New Year's resolutions...
    MORE magazine's Didi Gluck helps us get a headstart on 2016 by sharing the best anti-aging tips, trends, and must-haves to help turn heads and the hands of time. 

    When most of us were growing up, we had our meals at the table, as a family, at least a few times a week. But now, we eat in the car, on the couch, or behind a desk….and that’s a problem. In a recent survey, 45% of parents think dining rooms are becoming obsolete.

    Here to help us Take Back The Table and reconnect with our families is internationally-known nutritionist and the host of SavingDinner.com, Leanne Ely.

    Many parents spend a lot of time preparing for a baby's arrival, and many companies (like Netflix) are re-evaluating their parental leave policies. Dr. Meg Meeker, renowned pediatrician, shares important tips for parents going back to work after maternity/paternity leave and info about infant nutrition.

    Excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie? Award-winning journalist, internationally recognized parenting author and lifestyle expert Jeannette Kaplun will show you how to throw an out-of-this world-movie night for your family & friends.

    Celebrity interior designer, Tracy Metro, has trendy tips for getting our homes holiday party ready!

    Plus, Halloween safety tips to keep kids safe while trick-or-treating!



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    Spiritual author, Dr David Davin talks about the state of health care in the USA

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    Born 10 weeks premature in 1952, Dr. Davin entered the world with a twin, both in profound respiratory distress. His parents were advised to find a funeral home and he and his twin brother were placed in 100% oxygen for 10 weeks. He was baptized "In Periculo Mortis," in danger of death, but, as he likes to say, he and his brother "fooled the bastards" and David went on to admire the pediatrician that frequently cared for him as a young boy, the only person worthy of admiration in the dark, blue collar, white ghetto in which he was raised, most notable for its alcoholism, bigotry, and domestic violence.

    At around the age of ten he came upon a crowd of people three deep standing in the street around what he soon realized was the dying, bleeding victim of a multiple stabbing. People did nothing but wait for an ambulance as the man slowly died. Watching the life leave the man and spill onto the street with every beat of his heart, young Davin tried to work his way through the forest of grown up legs that repeatedly stopped the young boy who had taken off his belt to use as a tourniquet. The grown ups refused to let the child through, even though they just stood around helplessly. The man died before the ambulance arrived. David knew that if they would just get out of his way he could help the man live. Now, some fifty years later, he is still asking the endless crowd to get out of his way so he can do what he knows he must do.


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    Dr Paul Byrne: Life, Life Support and Death ...Who decides?

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    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Guest: Dr. Paul Byrne Dr. Paul A. Byrne is a Board Certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician. He is the Founder of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. He is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at University of Toledo, College of Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

    He is author and producer of the film "Continuum of Life" and author of the books "Life, Life Support and Death," "Beyond Brain Death," and "Is 'Brain Death' True Death?"

    Dr. Byrne has presented testimony on "life issues" to nine state legislatures beginning in 1967. He opposed Dr. Kevorkian on the television program "Cross-Fire." He has been interviewed on Good Morning America, public television in Japan and participated in the British Broadcasting Corporation Documentary "Are the Donors Really Dead?" Dr. Byrne has authored articles against euthanasia, abortion, and "brain death" in medical journals, law literature and lay press.


    RenewAmerica is a grassroots organization that supports the self-evident truths found in the Declaration of Independence, and their faithful application through upholding the U.S. Constitution, as written. Its purpose is to thoughtfully and courageously advance the cause of our nation's Founders.

    The organization is for ALL people who consider themselves loyal Americans. It has no philosophy, image, or agenda beyond this one unifying premise: America must return to its founding principles if it is to survive.

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    Action Thriller Author A.D. Starrling Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Books

    A.D. Starrling is the author of the award-winning action thriller series Seventeen.

    Born on the small island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, A.D. came to the UK at the age of twenty to study medicine. After five years of hard graft earning her MD and another five years working all of God’s hours as a Pediatrician, she decided it was time for a change and returned to her first love, writing.

    Her thriller series Seventeen combines action, adventure, science, and a dose of the paranormal to make each book an explosive, adrenaline-fueled read.

    Her debut novel Soul Meaning (Seventeen Series Book #1) has won and been nominated for several awards, as has the second book in the series. She currently lives in Warwickshire in the West Midlands, where she is busy writing the next installments in the series. She still practises medicine. AD Starrling is her pen name.

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    From Idea to Invention: Pediatrician by Day - Inventor Entrepreneur 24/7 (2of2)

    in Entrepreneur

    Continue with my guest Dr. Lloyd Charles as he finishes his experiences, and tells you how, and why, he takes multiple ideas from invention to actual consumer products. This is part 2 of a 2-part program. Part 1 aired 09/22/2014

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    Ask MomRN Show: Back to School Tips, Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons, Baby Care

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    Ask MomRN Show is back from summer hiatus and today's show is full of great guests and valuable tips!

    America's leading pediatrician, Dr. William Sears, returns to the show to share tips for bonding with your new baby.

    Kids are going back to school across the country and all that shopping can really be hard on the wallet. Shopping expert, Claudia Lombana, returns to the show to share tips for getting the best deals on your back to school shopping.

    When kids are at school, how can you be sure they are eating healthy lunches and snacks? Best-selling author and pediatrician Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann and celebrity chef and mom, Donatella Arpaia join us with their tips for helping your kids eat healthy during the school year.

    Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons is a pioneering musician, an accomplished author, a fashion mogul, and the star of MTV’s hit reality television show “Run’s House.” Beginning his career as one of the 3 members of the rap phenomenon known as “Run DMC,” Joseph Simmons and his pioneering rap group are often attributed to putting hip hop on the musical map. Today, Rev Run and his daughter, Vanessa Simmons (who is a new mom and a judge on Project Runway: Threads), are working to spread awareness about Type 2 Diabetes and knowing your risk factors.

    Dr. Tatiana Foroud, Director of Hereditary Diseases and Family Studies in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University, and Parkinson's genetic testing participant, Jon Gilman, will discuss the importance of participating in clinical trials and genetic testing for Parkinson's Disease.

    Retirement planning expert Richard Rausser, shares information on why a distribution plan is critical, and explains the most impactful distribution strategies to help you maximize what you've saved as you approach retirement.