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  • The Freddie Blaqe Show "Are We Live Yet"

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                                                 The Freddie Blaqe Show "Are We Live Yet"

    Are We Live Yet is our debut show and we like to welcome you to join us as we discuss a few topics play a few musical tracks and entertain you. On tonight's show we will discuss

    Would You Help A Cop We discuss weather or not if we would help out a Police Officer that was getting beat up by someone they were trying to arrest.

    The Importance of Owning Gold & Silver

    The Joys of Medical Marijuana 

    Special Show Guest: Rill (Lansing, Michigan... Music Atrist)


    During The Joys of Medical Marijuana we invite you to call in live and chime in on this topic. Aaron Beasley of Top Notch Medical Solutions will join us for this segment. 

    We will be conducting an inteview with Rill of Norther Hype. 

    Call in Live to the show (516) 595-8316



  • Make the Most of Monday

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    It's International Strange Music Day, and sometimes strange music can be iritating, but don't blow your top, just because Mt. Vesuvius did on this day in the year 79. Have a piece of Peach Pie, or a plate of Waffles, be cool, and remember that Monday sets the pace for the rest of the week.


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    Scarlett Peach - Siren, Songbird, Showgirl! The Sweetest Chanteuse in the South!

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    Scarlett Peach - Siren, Songbird, Showgirl! The Sweetest Chanteuse in the South!

    Scarlet Peach is the owner and designer at Luscious Scarlet Peach Creations formerly known as Luscious Peach Burlesque Boutique. She loves celebrating and sharing her divine feminine power through multiple facets. She expresses herself by being a modern day pin up, graphic artist, costume designer, signer/songwriter, and burlesque dancer. She is a fun-loving and naturally sensual woman committed to enriching her life and others with her passion for divine self-love.

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    Peach State Pandemonium

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    Join Bobby Simmons, Jerry Oates, Jay West & Michael Norris for tonight's PSP show. A bit of a chance for tonight's show. Originally we had planned to have Bill Apter join us, but I have not been able to catch up with him this week. If I hear from him before we go on air tonight and he is still able to join us that will happen. Otherwise we will have another open forum and schedule Bill for a future show.


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    After months of negotiations — which the leader of one of the groups characterized as a sham — failed to achieve a compromise, animosity between Legalize Maine and the Marijuana Policy Project made its way to the streets and storefronts of Portland, as the two organizations each work to gather more than 60,000 signatures required to place their questions on the November 2016 ballot.

    Homegrown versus Washington

    The president of Legalize Maine, Paul McCarrier said the Marijuana Policy Project and its local affiliate, Regulate Maine, are resorting to Washington-style political tactics that include spreading misinformation, vague threats and bad talking when interacting with his group.

    “We were really hoping that they would work with us, adopt our language and be the heroes of this state by giving the locals the power,” McCarrier said.

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    Halfbreed Billy Gram on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!

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    Aug 19, 2015 -Tonight's guest is the leader of Cult Fiction, "Halfbreed" Billy Gram! Topics include: -What did Billy like as a childhood wrestling fan? --His favorite wrestlers/managers? -What steps did he take to break in to the business? -How did his music background help him in wrestling? -Having liberties taken on him -Seeing IWA-MS and CZW for the first time --Meeting Toby Klein and Deranged -Working TOD 4? -Memories of working IWA-MS --Favorite experience in IWA-MS -Thoughts on working for CZW and John Zandig. --Bringing JC Bailey back to CZW -How did Billy create Cult Fiction? -Thoughts on the lost art of being a manager -Billy's current run in SoCal's UEW promotion -Thoughts on Hulk Hogan and racism in wrestling. -On losing Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes -Thoughts on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan -Jay recaps Pepper Pong --What happened when Jay Cat met the Peach Ghost Scorpion?

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    Peach State Pandemonium

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    Join Bobby Simmons, Jay West, Jerry Oates & Michael Norris on Thursday August 13, 2015 at 8 PM for another free form open discussion on wrestling as it used to be.

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    Award Winning Author Tessa Shaffer of Heaven Has No Regrets

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    Greetings From Insanity to Sane welcomes Tessa  Shaffer Author of "Heaven Has No Regrets" please join us for an hour of inspiration August 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.CST. To be apart of the audience please dial (323) 693- 3830. If at anytime you desire to speak with our guest please dial 1.


    When we were 16, my cousin and I joked about writing a book together someday and publishing our diary entries from the same dates.  How different, yet the similar they would all be.  How messed up a lot of them would seem.  But we loved thinking about how those entries put together would tell a story.  Our story.  A story of struggle and survival. Most of all, we liked the idea of someday being the survivors of our own story.  We both did survive those stories, but in different ways.


    "The girl with the soft voice holds up a picture and asks, "When was this one taken..." And she holds the picture carefully by the edges. She knows that these pictures are all that I have left, and even they tell a lie. I think about my cousin and I in the 'selfie' that my friend is now holding, and how neither one of us will ever be those same two people again. She got promoted to angel wings. And I now have to walk the earth to feel all the pain of a rapture gone wrong..."  ~Heaven Has No Regrets


    The day she passed away, I started writing in a peach notebook.  At first, they were all letters to her. Then, there were more notebooks filled with memories and questions. Eventually, I started writing about the pain.  Not just the pain of death, but the pain of life.  The pain of secrets.  The pain of survival.  Heaven Has No Regrets is the collection of my grief and the journey of my healing.

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    Peach State Pandmonium

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    Join Bobby Simmons, Jerry Oates, Jay West and Michael Norris tonight at 8 PM as we have an open discussion on wrestling how it was. We will discuss the passing of Roddy Piper, his time in Georgia and his legacy in wrestling.

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     Make sho you TUNE into @blackkushradiobkr #BLACKKUSHRADIO TONIGHT with your host's ChopGod, Chrnc Dj Dre,itsBriWorld, and iKeaiRock!!! TUNE in this Thursday frm 7-9pm to check out our EXCLUSIVE interviews, MUSIC, AND THE LASTEST TOPICS AND TRENDS!!! You don't wanna miss this so Call in at 773-897-6229...or log in at www.blogtalkradio.com/gipbkr216!!! STAY TUNED!!