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    Third Rail Radio - A r3belution radio joint

    in Culture


    We Are The Third Rail. Being sane in a mad world isn’t easy. Editorializing & speculating on Anything & Everything that hits your favorite aggregator. With guests, lively callers, a know it all 40 year old cynic and cook and an exterminating prone Dalek, it’s really a dance party. Co-hosted by @anticrisis73, and his Dalek friend @AnCapDalek. No subject is off limits or too vulgar. We invite you to join us on the internets for a wild ride through the tubez. Join us, won’t you? You're calls are welcome! Wild Card Bitches!  -- *jumps out the back door of moving van. break lines severed.*

    @ThirdRailRadio CALL IN FGTS (646) 929-1480

    Tonight We Leave The Track.... With guest JC aka @Absolem_v2

    of the #PayPal14 to talk about what dafuq he was doing in @Cnyrebel's neck of the woods: Germany. ZEIG HEIL!

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    Episode 4 - Up The Rebels

    in Politics

    If you are familiar with the Israel-Palestine dichotomy, there are few players on either side who seem to make a real difference in the resolution of differences that threaten to tear apart the region. Tonight's guest is one of them. He is a jew who represents Hamas. He is called the 'Terrorist Lawyer' by right wing pundit Sean Hannity, and has earned the title “The Worst of the Worst Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Jews", narrowly beating out Noam Chomsky. 

    His list of controversial clients includes Hamas, Hezbollah, the IRA and al-Shabaab. In fact if there is a resistance movement out there, he's probably represented them at some point. In the last few years, he has become an outspoken supporter of the Anonymous cyber resistance. 

    You all know who he is. Stanley Cohen is our guest.

    We will take your questions on air at (646) 787-8423

    Please call in from 8:30-10pm PDT Sat May 3rd 2014