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    42 U.S. Code § 663 - Use of Federal Parent Locator Service in connection with enforcement or determination of child custody in cases of parental kidnaping of child

    They get this money right after your child is born. They appropriate money for child support purposes in Advance..

    42 U.S. Code § 651 - Authorization of appropriations

    Current through Pub. L. 113-234. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    US Code
    Authorities (CFR)
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    For the purpose of enforcing the support obligations owed by noncustodial parents to their children and the spouse (or former spouse) with whom such children are living, locating noncustodial parents, establishing paternity, obtaining child and spousal support, and assuring that assistance in obtaining support will be available under this part to all children (whether or not eligible for assistance under a State program funded under part A of this subchapter) for whom such assistance is requested, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated for each fiscal year a sum sufficient to carry out the purposes of this part.

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    Essentials to Rebuild the House of the Lord

    in Christianity

    There is a reason why we are largely unsuccessful in our attempts to build and advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  Quite simply, we are in error and rebellion against the Word of God.  Nothing happens in a vacuum.  If we are going to make progress in rebuilding the house of the Lord in this culture then we must work in obedience to God and His Word.  If the roots are corrupt the plant will not bear good fruit.  If the foundations are crumbling the house shall not stand.  We must build but we cannot build with four necessary elements. 


    In the past we have focused on doctrine and unity and in this episode we are going to discuss four forgotten truths.


    For more information about Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity go to www.reformedholytrinity.org

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    An Evening of Answers From The Bible: Your Questions Part 2

    in The Bible

    See Co-Host Jim Simmons At The Marathon - Runner!

    Welcome A Great Opportunity!

    OK, we are "Ask The Pastor Now..." so why not have a night devoted to answering your questions? We are backed up so that is just what we will do. Tonight we are are going to focus on the questions that we have and remember, the answers are based in Scripture not us. Yes it may be Ask The Pastor but we are including Jim so two heads should be better than one.

    Join Us Tonight As We…

    Focus On Questions AND Answers!

    Please plan on joining us for a special evening on Ask The Pastor Now!

    Be A Part Of The Next Broadcast and Ask Your Question!

    Leave your question at 1-866-275-4472 after you select option 1. By the way, if you already have a question about the topic or something about the Bible, ask it in advance. Leave your message on the voice mail and we will cover the topic in the broadcast!

    Don't miss out; relax, calm down and get a cup of tea. Turn down the ringer on the phone and listen in as we share from God’s Word.

    Sign up for the WriteLyons Newsletter or Email us at: btr@askthepastornow.com if you have a testimony to share. Please follow us on Twitter @writelyons and visit us on the web at askthepastornow.com.

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    in Spirituality

    Join Me this Thursday with my Special Guest Astrologer Kathy Rose

    About Kathy

    I began my study of astrology and all things metaphysical in third grade. I pestered my mom constantly to get me a book about astrology — she finally gave in and bought me "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs". I remember as I was reading, it was like I was remembering something I already knew.

    That was when I started to think about the concept of reincarnation and past lives. I felt like I had studied astrology in another life - it was all too familiar.

    I was always very intuitive in my childhood - once in 4th grade I won a contest because I guessed how many little candy hearts were in a giant jar. It was my first experience using intuition "on command". From that point on I was focused on developing and understanding the psychic senses along with the exploration of astrology.

    When I was 24 I started my practice as a full-time astrologer and intuitive. I also met Pete Sanders, founder of Free Soul, at that time. Connecting with Free Soul gave me the methods and techniques to really advance my ability to get information intuitively.

    I immediately took the instructor training for the Free Soul Method, and began training other people to understand and tap their own intuition. Since 1984 I have traveled all over the nation giving lectures and teaching. Helping people learn how to activate their psychic senses "on command" and to realize their full soul potential is what is most important to me. I have incredible gratitude for Pete Sanders integrity and commitment to providing this education.

    It's been over twenty years since I started my astrology practice and began teaching Free Soul. I'm still enjoying every minute!

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    What the stars foretell for 2015 with Astrologer Chad C. Meek

    in Self Help

    Would you like to know what 2015 astrology predictions are to help you plan your entire year 2015 in advance? Would you like to have the ability to carve a beautiful future? Some say, you can change your future too!!! Obviously, you can't change it totally, but it’s your choice to plan for a better year. 

    We all wish to lead a better life, sometime an Astrology can contribute a little to your efforts for making the entire year beautiful.

    It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my guest Chad C. Meek. Chad is a multifaceted astrologer that has been helping clients over the last 25 years. 

    His specialty has been in financial astrology and has consulted for business people for over two decades.

    Currently he is involved with the production of “Giant Rock The Movie” a feature film that many are now calling “The Greatest Story Never Told” and the companion book “Giant Rock”. 


    Chad said: “2015 will be a challenging year for everybody so wear your seatbelt and enjoy the ride”. “Set reasonable goals and have reasonable expectations”. “AND NEVER LET ANYONE DEFINE WHAT SUCCESS MEANS FOR YOU”. I love that! Thank you Chad for this great point.

    Let's have some fun and begin with the predictions for 2015. Join our facebook group at: http://facebook.com/groups/YourLifeNowRadio 

    Contact us today at: http://YourLifeNow.info

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    Kingdom Advance / 50 Questions Ask,Know, & Answer (#41-50) 8PM * 760-283-0834

    in Culture

    Col. 4:5-6

    Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

    Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

    Notes* Kingdom citizens conduct as an evangelist (v5,6)

    They are to walk in wisdom or live wisely in relations toward them that are without, that is, unbelievers, Redeeming the time - is to make the most of every oppurtunity.

    They are to seize each opportunity to display wise behavior toward the unsaved and to use it as a chance for witnesses.

    An example of wise conduct  (V5) is daily speech that is  gracious ( with grace)  in nature.

    Such  speech is to be seasoned with salt, that is Characterized by the wisdom of verse 5.

    Gracious.wise conversation will enable the Kingdom Ambassadors to know how  to answer every man when speaking to them about the Gospel.


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    VP Laurie Rubidge and CEO Chad Schapiro's weekly radio show / podcast

    in Business

    Updates on how to advance your OurGV Affiliate business with our top leaders from around the world!

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    in Lifestyle

    Good morning, good morning, good morning!  If you're not having a good day, or you want this to be a good day, and it's not, call it into existence.  Sometimes we have to speak things into our life's situations, and creating a good day, out of a bad day, sometimes can be done by changing your mindset.  Anyway, today's topic is DREAMS.  Yesterday's topic, was CREATE, put them both together and you get, CREATE DREAMS.  Yes, it's time to turn those dreams into a reality.  On today's show, I share with you, MY dream.  One that was fulfilled once upon a time, and now I'm trying to recapture it. You, my loyal listeners, can become a part of helping me recreate this dream, one that can become, RECURRING. Talking and sharing is my life, my business, my purpose, and your love offerings, dropped in one of my buckets, will make a world of difference. Do so here,  https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/rd87/a-mother-s-sacrifice or here, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow, and if you can't do that, please share the link to my show.  Always remember, sharing is caring.  Thanks in advance for your efforts.  

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    Seahawks & Patriots win to advance to Super Bowl XLIX

    in Sports

    Let's talk some Football, as we begin with the NFL Championship wins from the Seahawks over Packers in a classic then the Patriots in a blowout over the Colts. We will analyze the games and begin to look at this amazing Super Bowl matchup. We will also discuss the last 2 coaching jobs in Denver with Kubiak, in Atlanta maybe with Quinn? Plus Tom Brady in his 6th Super Bowl. Next it's College Hoops time, looking at the Top 25 and who might be able to stop the Kentucky train. We finish with NBA talk as OKC starts to gel and teams try to get right before the All Star Break. Join us 6PM ET We are taking your calls at 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytiday.com

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    48 New Moon in Aquarius What do I Know?

    in Spirituality

    Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the New Moon on January 20, 2015 in the Zodiacal sign of Aquarius. This new moon is sextile Saturn and a great time to put into form your unique talent; the one thing you do better than anyone else. The key phrase for Aquarius is "I Know" so, look for the thing you brought into this lifetime something that is under your belt, comes easy to you, but not necessarily something you like to do. What seems to come naturally and effortlessly-- then start to develop it into something useful and enjoyable. How can I contribute to the greater whole of the universe?  Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance as they continue  with the importance of Dharma or Duty; find your collective purpose. 

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