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    Protecting the Rights of Your Pets with Debra Hamilton

    in Pets

    Debra Hamilton is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, author, understanding trained high conflict mediator, conflict system design consultant, animal venue executive consultant, educator, and founding principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation PLLC established in 2010 in the New York Metropolitan area.  An expert in high conflict pet disagreements and multi-party pet ownership disputes; she was trained by Jack Himmelstein, Gary FIsher, Mark Kleinman, and Simeon Baum.  She works with everyone who wants to further their passion in the care of pets while reducing their exposure to conflict and litigation. 

    Debra's area of interest is resolving conflicts between people over animals, from divorce, and neighbors with a barking dog to animal rights/welfare & zoos/factory farms.

    Questions Judy will ask:

    1. What is mediation?

    2. How does it work?

    3. Why would people choose it?

    4. What benefits are derived by the parties from having such discussions?

    5. Are there any draw backs?

    6. What is the value to the animal of having a mediation conversation?

    Contact Debra to find out more:



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    Sacred Journeys/Ghoul Talk and Pets connection on the Other Side/Rainbow Bridge

    in Spirituality

    Tune in Tuesday January 19th 7-9 with Gail Peters and the Ghouls as they discuss, our pets who have crossed over.  Where do they go? Do they travel to another dimension or go to pet heaven? Where is the Rainbow bridge we have heard of? we will discuss some of these possibilities and maybe have some stories of ghostly visitations from beloved k-9 and feline friends. We encourage your call ins with your experiences and stories. 347-850-8292 to listen on phone if you would like to speak with us press 1 after connection. Follow link to listen on computer!   Heart touching subject.  Let us celebrate our connection we had with them then and now!

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    Messages from your pets in the Spirit World

    in Spirituality


    Come join June Elaine psychic medium and animal communicator along with her Co Host Susan Littlefield as they welcome their guest Patricia Pepin psychic medium and animal communicator.

    This will be a great high energy show. Patty and June have worked together many times and have brought through some great messages from pets who have passed into the Spirit World.

    Make sure you have a pen and paper for messages. 


    Here is a testimonial June got from one of her shows :

    "Working with June was truly life changing. She has this incredibly kind and dynamic demeanor and she is able to truly retrieve the message that you need to hear. Our session was unlike any other medium and truly changed my life and inspired me. I loved every minute of it and truly came away feeling very enlightened. June is spot on and will make a believer out of anyone. Aside from her incredible gift, June is also a wonderful lady who truly cares about you and wants to make a difference. For anyone that is looking to work with a physic medium I recommend June, she is the best and  will make you feel so calm and at peace. 

    Thank you June for being such a light!”


    Thank You for this testimonial Victoria.

    It's the evidence that we all love to hear to show that our beloved pets are still with us. The burden of proof is on our loved ones and pets. June brings through what she is given. 

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    Have your Christmas Pets spayed and neutered for their health and safety

    in Current Events

    Ruth Steinberber, animal advocate speaking about taking care of your Christmas animals so they are treated with respect.  A pet is part of the family and must be treated with respect. 

    Pets are not disposable by the New Year, take care of your pet.

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    How Pets talk to psychic What Fluffy have to say about you?

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop Radio Show, hosted by Aeson Knight and Sophera Light, where we will be meeting Every Wednesday night, to talk about Hot topic from the psychic view

    Giving you information on a topics and often will have guest stopping by to share with us a cup of Joe and Some good conversation. So set back enjoy a cup of coffee and join in with the conversation.

     Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials. And then I learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path.

    Sophera Light, is an empath, a clairvoyant and have done some channeling work as well. I am also a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Pow-wow practitioner which all have assisted me in my spiritual journey. Her Name that has meaning of love, loyalty and courage and that is what I would like to offer and share with you in a reading.

    These two energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of your week. Each week we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we encourage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life. It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.


     This Week we will be talking we take a look at This week we will take a look at How Pets talk to psychic What Fluffy have to say about you? does fluffy really like their life.

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    When Pet Saves Lives (The Merry Merry Pets Episode)

    in Pets

    We've already had our "Heart Warming Pet Stories" episode; so why not keep the uplifting good cheer going, with an episode showcasing the loving bond between pets and their parents?  How about pets saving lives?!  In this episode of The Missy Show, hosts J and D share special true stories of animals saving the lives of their human companions.  What better way to beat the dropping temps than to cozy up and spend part of your Saturday listening to these delightful stories of love and courage.  So join us, December 12th at 5pm Central.  We'll see you then!

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    "My Old Dog - Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

    in Pets

    How could an old dog end up in a shelter? Would you believe that one family dumped an old dog at a shelter because she got CANCER? The good new is that there are a lot of wonderful people out there looking out for these old souls, bringing them into their homes and giving them a second chance at experiencing life with humans the way they should: loved and valued. "My Old Dog - Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts" shares many inspiring stories of senior dogs who were given a second chance. George Clooney, the Nordstroms, and Judith and Lee Piper are some of the many families featured in this loving compilation. There's nothing like an old doggie!

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    Soul Healing for Animals & Nature w/Master Robyn-Gratitude for Pets & All Souls

    in Spirituality

    Join Master Robyn and May (the dog) to learn powerful wisdom & teachings on How and Why focusing on Gratitude is so important to serve our pets, animals and nature and all souls.  Receive many powerful blessings for you and your pets to heal and transform all aspects of life.

    Master Robyn offers private consultations and powerful Healing/Divine Services for yourself and/or your beloved pets…in person, or via skype and telephone. She loves to serve you and your beloved pets. Book a session to receive soul guidance, healing and more!

    Call Master Robyn on + 61 412 652 703 or email Master Robyn at robyn.rice@drsha.com.

    Or contact via private message on her Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/robyn.rice.14  or on her Soul Healing for Animals FB page  https://www.facebook.com/SoulHealingforAnimals. Why not Like these FB pages to ensure you get updates and notifications for upcoming workshops, teleconferences & more.

    Visit her YouTube Channel for more teachings at https://www.youtube.com/user/robynrice

    Join Master Robyn & May on her blog  http://soulhealingforanimals.blogspot.com.au/ 

    Join her on TV.DrSha.com on the Chanting Channel every weekday at the NEW time of 9-10am AEST at http://tv.drsha.com  to chant for animals, mother earth & nature. This is a Free Service for Humanity.


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    My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

    in Relationships

    My Old Dog introduces readers to endearing elders like Marnie, the irresistible shih tzu who has posed for selfies with Tina Fey, James Franco, and Betty White; Remy, a soulful 9-year-old dog adopted by elderly nuns; George Clooney's cocker spaniel, Einstein; and Bretagne, the last known surviving dog from Ground Zero. They may be slower moving and a tab less exuberant than puppies, but these pooches prove that adopting a senior brings immeasurable joy, earnest devotion, and unconditional love. Of special interest are the book's stories about retired working dogs--such as military dogs, law enforcement dogs, and racing dogs--who can find themselves languishing in kennels or left in overcrowded shelters after they age out of their vocations. The book also includes a comprehensive resource guide to help readers take action and help senior pets in all sorts of ways.

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    and now for something completely different- episode 71- around FB, the big game

    in Culture

    coming up  at 10:00 pm EST-Episode 71 of and now for something completely different- Around facebook and the big game:

     Ray Update. KAB Family enterprises news, Facebook updates for Cook's Club, PDS, the Group for the Insane, Can Am League baseball, fantasy baseball, people, pets and fun Ebay, Avon, Amway, SCIFI and more.


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    Mushing Radio: The Yukon Quest Part 1

    in Pets

    Join hosts Robert Forto and Alex Stein as they talk about the Yukon Quest on Mushing Radio