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    Up Close and Personal with Patty Farmer

    in Business

    Patty Farmer, The Networking CEO™, is an award-winning and in-demand marketing professional, social media strategist, professional speaker, radio show host and co-author of two highly acclaimed books: Make Your Connections Count and Success in High Heels.

    BizLink Networking, a national face-to-face professional business networking organization that has helped thousands of business owners effectively grow their businesses using dynamic collaboration strategy. Patty’s role in the networking arena connecting businesses to the people, tools and resources they need most, combined with her unique ability to leverage ROR (Return On Relationships), has established her as a leader in collaborative strategy as well as a “go-to” marketing expert.

    As CEO of Patty Farmer International, Patty creates custom action plans using marketing, social media and networking strategy to help entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals. Patty provides a definitive system and level of accountability that ensure her clients’ success. A brilliant business trendsetter, Patty utilizes strategic vision to redefine, reshape and remake stagnant or struggling businesses into thriving, prosperous entities. Patty’s diverse client list includes start-up entrepreneurs to established business owners and executives in industries including healthcare, insurance, real estate, mortgage, event planning, photography, technology and direct sales.

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    Morning Coffee -Dr. Patty Interviews Sharon Hirsch CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC

    in Motivation

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. Every child deserves a great childhood because children are essential to the future of our society. When children grow up with abuse and neglect, the constant stress of living in fear and “on alert” causes a toxic stress reaction that results in long-term harm. Find out what you can do to prevent neglect and abuse in your community, by joining Dr. Patty for a LIVE interview with Sharon Hirsch, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC.

    7:30 am, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Patty Greer - Crop Circles

    in Spirituality

     Crop Circles have mystified people for centuries as acres of grain are seamlessly swirled down into precise pictograms, codes and mathematics. They have been deciphered as star maps, sacred geometries, political warnings, advanced propulsion technologies & free energy schematics. People always look up to the sky for answers, when the signs are already here on earth in Crop Circles!

      Award winning UFO filmmaker Patty Greer is a leading edge speaker on the Crop Circle phenomenon. She visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles, and lay down in the center of most of them. She has produced 6 illuminating movies, and received 6 prestigious awards.  The productions began after a “Contact” experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle. Greer premiered her 1st 6 films at the Intl. UFO Congress and received 3 EBE Awards!

     Greer exposes Balls of Light and Plasma Fields as an integral part of the Crop Circle delivery process. She discovered a binary code of communication between 2 Balls of Light just before they laid a Crop Circle down in seconds!

     Greer shares a tremendous library of stunning footage and images in her movies. She’s a vibrant public speaker across the USA and Canada & the only researcher presenting the advanced scientific theory of the late, great scientist William Levengood.

    PBS screened 2 of her films.

    Greer was interviewed on Coast to Coast 3 times & her explosive honesty caused her to become the most hacked UFO filmmaker to date! 3 uncouth film distributors have hidden her movies from the public for the last 8 years. Her response: "The movies must be pretty darn important, so we produced 2 NEW ones coming out in April that are even more over-the-top!







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    Morning Coffee - Dr. Patty Interviews Jessica Rich - GCFlearnfree.org

    in Motivation

    Join us for Morning Coffee with our featured guest, Jessica Rich, Curriculum Coordinator for GCFlearnfree.org and find out how you can take advantage of their wide array of free training tutorials.

    For more than a decade, the GCFLearnFree.org program has helped millions around the world learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. From Microsoft Office and email to reading, math, and more, GCFLearnFree.org offers 125 tutorials, including more than 1,100 lessons, videos, and interactives, completely free. 

    7:30 am, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    Morning Coffee - Dr. Patty Talks About Reasons Why You Are in Debt

    in Motivation

    This week Dr. Patty talks about 10 Reasons Why You Are in Debt. Grab a cuppa joe for your body while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!  7:30 am, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

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    Remembering Patty Duke 1946-2016

    in Politics

    Patty Duke, an Oscar-winning actress renowned at midcentury as a child star of stage, film and television, who, amid public struggles with bipolar disorder, went on to cultivate a respected career in adulthood as an actress and mental-health advocate, died on Tuesday at a hospital near her home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She was 69.

    During her presidency, the Guild devised a low-budget motion picture agreement giving advantages to productions that hire more women, minorities, seniors, and disabled performers; the Screen Actors Guild Foundation was created; and two strikes were conducted (a six week animation strike in June/July 1987, and a three-week commercials strike in March/April 1988) New York Times

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    Love of Heart Movement Radio Show Spotlights Patty Farmer-Networking CEO

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts interviews Patty Farmer-Networking CEO

    Top 6 reasons to listen to this interview:

    1. Patty's mission was developed as a young girl-she always wanted to strategize and figure out additional ways to make money.

    2. Patty states that effective networking is the BEST thing that you can do for your business. Networking can the GIFT that keeps on GIVING!!!

    3. Patty states that we should know who our target audience and we they go and we should me them there.

    4. Patty states YOU CAN NOT ASK others to INVEST in you, if YOU will not INVEST in you.

    5. Patty states you should know your gift and YOUR ZONE of GENIUS!!!

    6. Patty states this is the most important question: Where else do yo like to attend events?  Powerful people hang together. 

    Patty Farmer is a multi-award winning marketing and business growth strategist, international speaker, author, radio host and event producer.

    Patty has been featured  on the covers of magazines such as  ACCOMPLISH, EXPERTpreneur, Unleash Your Bold and Be the Boss Magazine and is the social media expert and contributing writer for Living the Dream Magazine as well as a featured expert on the Rocks Digital Blog.  Patty has received numerous awards including “International Collaborator of the Year” and “Social Media Influencer of the Year” award and is known internationally as the Networking CEO.

    The difference between a contact and a contract is an "r" and that stands for relationship.




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    Morning Coffee - Dr. Patty Interviews Brenda Barnes for Parent Leadership Month

    in Motivation

    Parents play an important role in shaping the lives of children and families. Parent Leadership month is a time to recognize individual parent leaders whose contributions make a positive difference to their families and communities. This month we are recognizing our guest, Brenda Barnes. Brenda was recently reappointed to serve as member of Prevention Network Leadership Team for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. Every community needs to have parent leaders who are working in the trenches everyday to create a secure and loving environment for children who may be at risk or who have special needs.

    Join us every Wednesday at 7:30 am and grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!


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    Morning Coffee - Dr. Patty Interviews Author Samantha Bryant

    in Motivation

    Tune in to hear Dr. Patty and author Samantha Bryant talk about "Going Through The Change", a superheros novel on menopause. It's also Glaucoma Awareness Month, Dr. Patty will be speaking with Dr. Leon Herndon, Professor of Ophthalmology and Chief of the Duke Eye Center Glaucoma Divison.



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    #15 Self-validation in difficult times – Guest: Patty Blue Hayes

    in Motivation

    When we are experiencing a difficult time in our life we often internalize the event in a negative way. We take on the identity of what people think about us and then we often make unhealthy decisions based on that new identity. Learning how to self-validate during these times allows you to make healthy decisions which leads towards a healthy future.

    Award winning author, Patty Blue Hayes shares her personal story of loss and the struggles she encountered as she started her healing process. She turned her heartache into many successful books and she continually influences the lives of her clients through life-coaching and other powerful services. www.PattyBlueHayes.com

    For more information about James Miller visit: www.JamesMillerLifeology.com. Subscribe to this Podcast and to YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive daily lessons. At JamesMillerLifeology.com you may enroll in the Lifeology Academy courses created specifically for successful people like you. Consult with James to simplify and transform your life.

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Audible. Get your FREE audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/JamesMillerLifeology. Sign up today.

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    Patty Greer~Movie Maker/Crop Circle Researcher

    in Paranormal

    Patty Greer

    Surely one of the greatest wonders of the world, Crop Circles have mystified people for centuries! Acres of grain are seamlessly swirled down into precise pictograms, codes and mathematics. Many are seen as messages and have been deciphered as distant star maps, sacred geometries, political warnings, advanced propulsion technologies, and even free energy schematics. People always look up to the sky for answers about spaceships and ET communications. What if the signs are already here on earth in plain sight all around us - in Crop Circles? Award winning UFO filmmaker Patty Greer suggests this is true and has become a leading edge public speaker on the Crop Circle phenomenon. She visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally, and laid down in the center of most of them.  The greatest discovery yet in Greer’s research has been the footage and explanation of how Balls of Light and Plasma Fields are an integral part of the Crop Circle delivery process.  Greer received a standing ovation at the 2014 International UFO Congress Convention for her presentation on Crop Circles. She screened all 6 of her movies at this prominent UFO event, winning 3 EBE Awards for best film (2), and best music. PBS affiliate CPT12 TV has proudly screened 2 films by Patty Greer. Greer introduces inventors of 3-D printers, free energy devices, and movers and shakers of the new energy movements such as Sacha Stone (New Earth Nation) and Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement).  Greer connects Crop Circle messages to advanced technology schematics that offer solutions to help save the planet. Stimulating and illuminating, this movie will make you think out loud - And that is exactly what's needed today!  Patty Greer has 2 new films in production now: one about Wise Women and one about telepathic communications with the Circlemakers. Enjoy the movies at ~ www.PattyGreer.net