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    NSFW - Thailand Travel Tips and Adventures part II

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    We continue our look into Kenneth's trip to Thailand with part II in this special Thailand Bonusode. On day two in Bangkok, Kenneth and Marcus hook up with two German girls and decide to go to one of the most sacred temples in the country... where Marcus pukes and one of the girls gets half-naked. 
    Then, Marcus and Kenneth head to a town called Pattaya based on several recommendations on how great of a party town it is, only to find out that it is instead one of the most notorious sex destinations in the world, and possibly a haven for child molestors. Yikes.
    Find out what happens in part II right now!

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    Live with Harley Marie

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    Our guest to day is Harley Marie from Flirt4free
    We will also be discussing:
    MilaMilanxxx East Pattaya Webcam Sex Show operators arrested by Police

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    Amazing Thailand, Amazing Value! A Nicholas Snow Travelogue

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    SnowbizNow with Nicholas Snow. "Small screen. Big queen. Worldwide audience!"
    Nicholas Snow transports you to Coffee Society (a 24-hour coffee shop in the heart of Bangkok’s Silom District), The Camillian Home (an orphanage), The Sansuk Sauna and Guesthouse in Pattaya (for gay men), Sacha’s Hotel UNO in Bangkok (for everyone), and to Paul’s Antiques in the heart of Bangkok.  Nicholas also describes the origins of “The Power To Be Strong” HIV Testing/Safer Sex Awareness Campaign, and gives you some interesting basic info about speaking Thai.
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    Paul’s Antiques
    Coffee Society
    Sacha’s Hotel UNO
    Camillian Home
    The Power To Be Strong
    Music Producer Bruno Brugnano

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    All Things Health

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    Klaus Moeller, president of The Amazon Foundation, is Heather Lounsbury's guest this week. The Amazon Foundation was established in 2009 to acquire and to preserve large tracts of the Amazon rainforest in their natural state in order to maintain its ecological function, biodiversity, and climatologic function and to protect the region's long-term ecological viability and to create global awareness for the cause via marketing campaigns and charitable events. Klaus grew up in Portugal and England and traveled extensively through the Amazon in his youth. Klaus has a long history in fundraising and has been a supporter of the Pattaya Orphanage and School for Handicapped and Blind Kids for over 20 years. In 1998 he was blessed by Pope John Paul II for his charity work. Klaus also started a sustainable Teak Wood plantation in Costa Rica 15 years ago. Take a listen and call with questions!

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    Cheap flights from Thailand

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    Cheap flights from Thailand is what David Cavanagh will be talking to Guy from MTT Travel from Pattaya this week. Get discount flights from Thailand and save money traveling from Bangkok Thailand to Europe, Australia, USA and more.