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    Patrick Yandall

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    December 6 - Jazz guitarist/composer - Patrick YandallNominated Jazz Artist of the Year by Lifeswork Entertainment, and with endorsements from Elixer Strings, Levy's, Leather's, LTD to name a few, Patrick Yandall has earned a place as one of today's top contemporary jazz guitarists/composers.Join me as Patrick and I discuss his brand new CD "The Window," and other things, right here on Jazzin Em up With Cres O'Neal

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    A Cool Jazz Conversation with guitar master Patrick Yandall

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    Bringing the same kind of emotional depth and stylistic diversity to contemporary jazz as his heroes and chief influences Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton, guitarist/composer Patrick Yandall has blazed creative and commercial trails that have inspired a new generation of independent instrumental musicians to pursue their dreams without compromise. With his 16th career release, the multi-talented performer is as dynamic, passionate and inventive as ever on his Innervisions Records debut The Window, which marks his incredible 11th release to date. Join us for a cool jazz conversation with Patrick Yandall

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    Talking Smooth Jazz welcomes Saxophonist Shilts to the show for the first time to talk about his new cd Going Underground scheduled for release on Tues., Aug. 17. Guitarist Patrick Yandall returns with a new album The Window.

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    Patrick Yandall is an international recording artist with 9 international releases. Rhapsody lists him as a middle of the road guitar-god! See why his music is relaxing, melodic, fiery and reflective.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Patrick Yandall!

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    Internationally known guitarist, Patrick Yandall, has been fine-tuning his gift for a long time.  At 8, he was playing - at 13, he was in nightclubs (supervised and supported :)  
    The pull to perform - as well as write and produce - has been something inside our guest for most of his life.  We've heard him branch out, bloom, and burst since 1994 - when "That Feels Nice" did just that.  A passionate love affair with well-grooved guitar licks can't help but tickle your ears in the best way.  Over a dozen projects later, Patrick is not only tickling - but tearing it up!  
    "Soul Grind" is creating commotion - way past San Diego, where Patrick calls home.  The lead single, "My Lady", has moved quickly on the charts - and there's interest and curiosity regarding the other tracks on the album.  Mostly originals - but three covers.  And let's just say that when you cover Larry Carlton, Steely Dan and Michael Jackson, you had best believe in your ability to deliver.  
    Patrick Yandall is no stranger to success, for sure - he has had chart-toppers, he has been a subject for a PBS special, and his compositions have been chosen for multiple TV and film endeavors.  A true feather in his cap has been the inclusion of his "Mr. Fatburger" in the extraordinary Sundance award-winner, "Fruitvale Station."  
    Stopping by the show to catch his breath, Patrick will allow us a glimpse into his golden life - one that blessedly has given us so much wonderful music.  And we'll hear more!  Three tracks from "Soul Grind."  While we're at it, let's ask him about that title.  That's worth finding a seat in The Chat Room ;)

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    Shame and Pride; Pity and Sympathy: No Match for Wholehearted Empathy

    in Health

    I'm forever grateful to David Aspy, EdD, now a mentor from heaven, who taught me empathy and more.  He had directed the National Consortium for Humanizing Education in the 1970's and wrote Kids Don't Learn from People They Don't Like with Flora N. Roebuck, EdD in 1977, among other works.  I was looking for teaching strategies to help resident physicians improve their teaching skills as head of a workgroup for the AMA Resident Physician Section.  

    Al Vastyan, PhD in the Humanities faculty at Penn State-Hershey gave me an article about by Dr. Aspy.  I liked it and called him at Eastern Kentucky.  We talked a good while.  He sent me a packet of books including the one above.  I was hooked.  And excited about others of his writings such as Toward a Technology for Humanizing Education.

    He invited me to Richmond, KY to learn more.  Dave spent two days teaching me about empathy, congruence and genuineness as applied to audio and video-tape analysis of teacher-learner situations.  He showed me the work of Robert Carkhuff, PhD about teaching and helping.  The Art of Helping, The Skills of Teaching:  Interpersonal Skills and the Carkhuff Interpersonal Skills Scale were included.

    Two key pieces of the training were included in the Cognitive Functioning Categories Training Module by Dr.'s Aspy and Roebuck.  Listen in for more.  What about using these strategies for humanizing healthcare?


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    Can Hypnosis Really Work to Alleviate Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach interviews Suzanne Keller-Zinck who has found hypnosis to be an excellent treatment for Sexual Addiction.

    She has written a book on Sex Addiction and will be discussing her  approaching to reducing or eliminating SA triggers and urges through the use of hypnosis.

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    Big Blue Views - UK/ILL St Post-game Show - Plus Football Wrapup

    in Sports

    Tonight is call-in night!  We are going live at the conclusion of the UK-Illinois State game at a special time of 9pm.  Call us and let us know your thoughts on tonight's game.

    We'll also be talking a lot of football and we welcome your calls on that topic as well.



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    SFTL 97 LIVE | Kevin Hale & Russ Hinkle

    in Entertainment

    join host Kevin Hale as he shoots trending topics with a variety of guests - totally unfiltered.

    10:05 | UK Sports

    Heather Tungate | SFTL Correspondent
    Patrick Daniels | writer for KY Sports Connection

    10:30  | R40 Fan Video | a JON GREGORY production

    Jon Gregory | The Click Studio | Video Producer & Super Fan of the SFTL Rush40 for 40 Super Fan Series
    video premier 12.1.2015

    10:45 | the Reality Report w/ Russ

    Russell Hinkle 

    11:05 | The County Line weekend gig for 12/4

    Chris Lucien
    Brooke McBride

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    The 110 Nation Sports Show

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    Here we go, its time to get the week started.  We have a lot of things to jump into, so lets get to jumping!!!  Mr. C.J. Sports will get this show started talking Kobe Bryant, NASCAR and college football.  Then we will be joined by Line Blower's Patrick Taylor at 10 PM EST.  They will talk Week 12 in the NFL.  Make sure you tune in!!!

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    Join Apostle Natalie Young for the FIRST YOUTH PRAYER MARCH with SELMA MAYOR GEORGE EVANS on RHL Ministry Radio Mayor George Patrick Evans A History Maker has served as Mayor of the City of Selma since 2008. He became Selma’s first African American City Council as President in 2000 and is only the second African American Mayor in the city’s 192-year history. In 1994, he became the first African American Superintendent of the Dallas County Schools system. Mayor Evans being  the most qualified and experienced mayors in Selma’s history. 

    Mayor Evans known as A Bridge Builder One of Mayor George Evans’ favorite poems is “The Bridge Builder” by Will Allen Dromgoole. It is about building links for the future and passing the torch along for the next generation. “The Bridge Builder” inspired the slogans for both his runs for Mayor.



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