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    Patrick Yandall

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    December 6 - Jazz guitarist/composer - Patrick YandallNominated Jazz Artist of the Year by Lifeswork Entertainment, and with endorsements from Elixer Strings, Levy's, Leather's, LTD to name a few, Patrick Yandall has earned a place as one of today's top contemporary jazz guitarists/composers.Join me as Patrick and I discuss his brand new CD "The Window," and other things, right here on Jazzin Em up With Cres O'Neal

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    A Cool Jazz Conversation with guitar master Patrick Yandall

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    Bringing the same kind of emotional depth and stylistic diversity to contemporary jazz as his heroes and chief influences Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton, guitarist/composer Patrick Yandall has blazed creative and commercial trails that have inspired a new generation of independent instrumental musicians to pursue their dreams without compromise. With his 16th career release, the multi-talented performer is as dynamic, passionate and inventive as ever on his Innervisions Records debut The Window, which marks his incredible 11th release to date. Join us for a cool jazz conversation with Patrick Yandall

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    Talking Smooth Jazz welcomes Saxophonist Shilts to the show for the first time to talk about his new cd Going Underground scheduled for release on Tues., Aug. 17. Guitarist Patrick Yandall returns with a new album The Window.

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    Patrick Yandall is an international recording artist with 9 international releases. Rhapsody lists him as a middle of the road guitar-god! See why his music is relaxing, melodic, fiery and reflective.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Patrick Yandall!

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    Internationally known guitarist, Patrick Yandall, has been fine-tuning his gift for a long time.  At 8, he was playing - at 13, he was in nightclubs (supervised and supported :)  
    The pull to perform - as well as write and produce - has been something inside our guest for most of his life.  We've heard him branch out, bloom, and burst since 1994 - when "That Feels Nice" did just that.  A passionate love affair with well-grooved guitar licks can't help but tickle your ears in the best way.  Over a dozen projects later, Patrick is not only tickling - but tearing it up!  
    "Soul Grind" is creating commotion - way past San Diego, where Patrick calls home.  The lead single, "My Lady", has moved quickly on the charts - and there's interest and curiosity regarding the other tracks on the album.  Mostly originals - but three covers.  And let's just say that when you cover Larry Carlton, Steely Dan and Michael Jackson, you had best believe in your ability to deliver.  
    Patrick Yandall is no stranger to success, for sure - he has had chart-toppers, he has been a subject for a PBS special, and his compositions have been chosen for multiple TV and film endeavors.  A true feather in his cap has been the inclusion of his "Mr. Fatburger" in the extraordinary Sundance award-winner, "Fruitvale Station."  
    Stopping by the show to catch his breath, Patrick will allow us a glimpse into his golden life - one that blessedly has given us so much wonderful music.  And we'll hear more!  Three tracks from "Soul Grind."  While we're at it, let's ask him about that title.  That's worth finding a seat in The Chat Room ;)

  • Dancing with Relatives with Patrick Dean

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    Black Belt Selling cohosts, Stephanie and Anna Scheller, weclome Patrick Dean, President of Seminar Systems. Patrick specializes in leadershp and team building training. His seminars help people become great communicators, transformational leaders and successful business people. He will be sharing valuable insights on how to survive those get togethers with relatives that you may be dreading. The same skills you use to influence customers can help your holiday be more peaceful. 

    Join us for this insightful conversation as you head into the the Christmas week.

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    Patrick Christopher Chouinard: Lost Race of the Giants

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    An exploration of mythological and archaeological evidence for prehistoric giants 

    • Examines the many corresponding giant mythologies throughout the world, such as the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, and the biblical Nephilim 

    • Reveals recent finds of giant skeletons in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and India 

    • Explains how giants passed on their sophisticated culture and civilization to humanity before being wiped out in the great age of cataclysms and floods 

    Giants are a cornerstone of the myths, legends, and traditions of almost every culture on Earth. Stories of giants are often considered fantasies of the ancients or primitive attempts to explain natural phenomena, but archaeological discoveries of 10- and 12-foot skeletons--many of which have been suppressed--confirm the existence of a forgotten golden age of giants before recorded history. 

    Patrick Chouinard examines the staggering number of corresponding giant mythologies throughout the world, such as the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, the Hindu Daityas, the biblical Nephilim, the Celtic Formorach, the Sumerian Anunnaki, and the multitude of myths in which the sky or world is held aloft on the shoulders of a giant. He links these stories to Atlantis as well as other legends of prehistoric civilizations lost to cataclysm and great floods whose survivors spawned the rise of ancient civilizations. 

    Patrick Chouinard is a writer, freelance journalist, and former producer of Archaeology TV. The editor in chief of The New Archaeology Review and the author ofForgotten Worlds, he lives in North Largo, Florida.

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    The Patrick Shaffer Show - Ep. 36

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    Patrick, Bri, & Johnathan are back to bring you the best in politics, pop culture, and more. 

  • Critical Discourse – Black Men, the Mayor of NYC and the NYPD; Viva Cuba?

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    The reverberations from the Richmond County Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, of the NYPD, continue to be felt.

    While protests on behalf of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, have been largely peaceful, if not very inconveniencing for New Yorkers, there have been sporadic instances of violence,

    During a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge last Saturday, two men, both white, one a college professor, allegedly triggered a melee and assaulted police.

    In the meantime, the events and reactions from that fateful day has caused tension between Mayor DiBlasio and the head of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, who has accused the mayor of making remarks that are disrespectful of the police.

    In fact, some of the NYPD have supported a pledge to disinvite the Mayor to their funerals.

    On the international front, Barack Obama has decided to establish diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba, citing that the embargo, in place since 1961, has “not worked”.

    Again, as expected, the reactions vary, with intense criticism from Sens. Marco Rubio Robert Menendez, both of whom are of Cuban heritage.

    On the other hand, Jimmy Carter praised Obama’s “political courage”. Perhaps he sees this as a sort of redemption from the Mariel Boatlift?

    I wonder out loud, what this means for black people economically, with an anticipated influx of Cubans to this country, just 90 miles away.

    For those old enough to remember, this conjures memories of the Bay of Pigs (1961) and Cuban Missile Crisis (1962).

    By the WAY, Obama says that black people are “better off” (HE said it, NOT me!)

    So be prepared to discuss these pointed issues on the Critical Discourse University of the Blogosphere.

  • Live with Belle Salisbury Round Table Discussion: Are There Aliens Among Us?

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    Join Belle tonight as she welcomes special guests Christina Nelson, Lisa and Patrick Shalosky, Mandy Peterson, Nick Fox and Solana to her round table to discuss the topic of Aliens. Do you believe in Aliens? Do you feel that Aliens walk among us?

    Some believe that our very DNA is changing which accompanies the great shift we have been experiencing. Does this change come from Alien interaction?

    Listen in and Join us in our conversation in our chat room and share your views.

    You can learn more about Belle or schedule a session by visiting her website at www.bellesalisbury.com.
    Follow Belle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BelleSalisburyPsychicMedium.

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    White House Travel Summit

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    Study abroad and global citizenship were front and center at a recent White House Travel Summit.  The White House invited the most influential travel journalists and bloggers to join policymakers here in Washington, D.C. to discuss how the U.S can build stronger relationships to the rest of the world with the help of young Americans, especially through study abroad programs.  World Footprints was there and today we will bring you some of the highlights from the speakers and panelists who spoke.

    The White House Travel Bloggers Summit on study abroad and global citizenship sought to build on President Barack Obama's vision of studying, learning and working together as a way to bring prosperity to the United States and the world.  On today's show you'll hear from policy makers and thought-leaders like (in order of appearance): Benjamin Rhodes (Dep., National Security Advisor), Evan Ryan (Assistant Secretary of State), Bernadette Meehan (National Security Council), Patrick Dowd (Millenials Trains Project), Paula Froelich (Yahoo Travel), Johathan Greenblatt (Special Asst. to Pres. Obama), Daniela Kaisth (Inst. of International Education), Penny Pritzker (Secretary of Commerce), Tina Tchen (Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff), Robert Reid (National Geographic), Robin Goldberg (Minerva Project), James Howard (iHeart Radio) and Don Wildman (Travel Channel).

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