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    The Lies CEO's Tell Themselves: Patrick Rettig

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    Patrick Rettig - The Business Turnaround Expert.
    For over 20 years Rettig and Fox have successfully brought failing companies back from the brink. Their system is a unique blend of bankruptcy expertise, exceptional teaching and personalized coaching. This dynamic duo transforms a company from the top down by saving CEOs, jobs, business relationships, marriages and the American dream.
    Visit http://therettigcorporation.com/
    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com/     and     https://twitter.com/GreenskyDeb

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    PATRICK RETTIG: He Helps Business Owners who Have no Hope!

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    Patrick Rettig is often the last stop for a business owner in financial turmoil who may be looking at an empty bank account and possibly closing shop. The situation may look hopeless but not to Rettig. He knows that somewhere deep inside, their dreams are still alive. He understands the fears they live with and, most importantly, he knows how to help them not only face them but work through them. He has saved thousands of jobs and today, you’ll find out why! 
    Patrick is a soldier for his clients. He adheres to the letter of the law and is excruciatingly honest about what his clients must address to achieve their goals. His manner and technique is unorthodox, unruly and irreverent. He is a tireless defender of each business that he works with, and, in so doing he has saved hundreds of companies over the years.
    To learn more about Patrick and how you can work with him, visit his website at: www.therettigcorporation.com

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    Save your Business from Bankruptcy with Patrick Rettig

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    America's Top Turnaround Man

    For over 25 years Patrick Rettig has successfully saved companies from bankruptcy. He is passionate about helping the American entrepreneur - the companies $20 million and under, which are the backbone of this country. Rettig appears regularly on TV and radio shows including Fox Business' Varney & Company.

    Rettig says it's all about the CEO. He enters the company and goes directly to the CEO. He knows that if the CEO can get back on track, then the rest of the company will get back on track as well.

    The first step is to find the origin of failure. This might take awhile and often isn't visible until the end. In order to do this Rettig takes the CEO out of the office and talks to him about his dreams and goals. When the inspiration is back, the rest becomes easier. Another key lesson Rettig teaches is dimensional jumping. It is important to focus on the now and not on the future. Taking care of current problems not only builds a secure foundation but also a strong future.

    Rettig’s instincts are hyper-keen. His approach is direct, honest and pragmatic. He has a talent for identifying operational problems, structuring, implementing solutions and restructuring staff. As such, he ensures maximum productivity and efficient financial management. His experience includes companies of all ages: start-ups, turnarounds and restructured environments.

    Rettig knows that most people have a hard time with change, but successful turnarounds require change. Survival through insolvency can be extraordinarily difficult. It's important to talk to someone who has experience. By waiting too long things will only get worse. The time is now!  TheRettigCorporation.com


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    Guests: Patrick Rettig and Wendy Oliveras

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    Charmaine welcomes Patrick Rettig and Wendy Oliveras to the show. For over twenty years, Patrick Rettig has been known by CEOs as the top 'Turnaround Man' in the country. His unique philosophy focuses on ‘the triangle’ – balancing the mind, body, and spirit of each CEO. This real-life superhero is passionate about building a stronger America by saving one corporation at a time.  Website:  www.TheRettigCorporation.com
    Wendy Oliveras is an Entrepreneur and Author of Let's Play SHESS. She is also a columnist for Examiner.com, search consultant, motivational speaker and career mentor. Wendy is Founder and CEO of Oliveras & Company, Inc., a prominent full-service legal search firm specializing in the recruitment of intellectual property attorneys and partners globally since 2001. Her purpose and passion is to empower women of all ages and backgrounds worldwide through chess.  Websites:  http://www.oliverascoinc.com and http://www.playshess.com Host Charmaine Hammond known as The Bounce Forward expert is a sought after expert in leadership, team resilience, and courageous dialogue. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, she helps teams move beyond the barriers to success.   Website:  www.hammondgroup.biz

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    The Patrick Shaffer Show -Ep. 37

    in Motivation

    Patrick, Bri, & Johnathan are ready to bring you yhe best in politics, music, and more with today's special guest is singer Dante Hall

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    This Christmas: A new holiday recording by soprano Angela M. Brown

    in Classical Music

    Across the arts takes a listen to soprano Angela Brown's new Christmas album "This Christmas."  No stranger to THE OPERA DIVA SERIES, the internationally acclaimed soprano shares her myriad of musical experiences in this fresh take on Christmas carols and holiday favorites.  Turn the speakers up and continue the holiday celebration!

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    This Christmas: A Listen at Angela Brown's new holiday recording.

    in Music

    A listen in at the internationally acclaimed soprano's new holiday album just in time for the holiday. The recording is available at Amazon.com and CD Baby.

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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: Patrick Modiano’s ‘Suspended Sentences’

    in Books

    This week, Alan Riding discusses Patrick Modiano’s “Suspended Sentences”; Alexandra Alter has news from the literary world; Judith Newman talks about Ruth Goodman’s “How to Be a Victorian”; and best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

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    Patrick Rettig - Saving One CEO at a Time

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    TheRettigCorporation saves struggling companies from insolvency. For over 25 years, Rettig and Fox have successfully transformed companies. Creditors, family members and employees alike gain confidence, and get their business back in good standing.

    It is Rettig’s unique blend of bankruptcy expertise, training, marketing, operations, labor control, cost accounting tools, exceptional teaching, coaching and implementing systems and controls, which set him apart from any other turnaround specialist. Do your company and yourself the service of taking advantage of every resource available by hiring the advocate that will do the job immediately.


    Call: 760.662.9668


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    Civil Chat with Lee

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at what's trending around the United States on this Tuesday, December 23rd. Main story is on blame put on President Obama and the alleged "blood on the hands" as well as on the steps of city hall as stated by NYPD union president Patrick Lynch and ex mayor Guiliani. Sony to release "The Interview on a limited basis Christmas Day". Did US cause internet to shut down in North Korea. 



    December 23, 2014 at 5:00:00 PM PST 1 minutes


    Civil+Chat+with+Lee North+Korea+gets+hackedBlood+on+hands+of+president+according+to+Guiliani Lynch+calls+out+mayorCops+turn+their+back+on+mayor Proterstors+chant+Kill+CopsTheaters+release+The+Interview+on+Chiristmas+Day










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    Dancing with Relatives with Patrick Dean

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    Black Belt Selling cohosts, Stephanie and Anna Scheller, weclome Patrick Dean, President of Seminar Systems. Patrick specializes in leadershp and team building training. His seminars help people become great communicators, transformational leaders and successful business people. He will be sharing valuable insights on how to survive those get togethers with relatives that you may be dreading. The same skills you use to influence customers can help your holiday be more peaceful. 

    Join us for this insightful conversation as you head into the the Christmas week.

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