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    Breast Cancer Awareness - Patrice Keeling WineMiller

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    Patrice says "In November 2009, after an 8 and a half years with the disease, my mother gained her wings and joined her oldest sister and her mom (both cancer victims) in heaven.  With one maternal aunt surviving cancer, I saw no choice but to find out all I could of this horrible disease and how to keep it from affecting me and my daughters.

    As my mother’s last gift to me at her final doctors visit, she donated to me her DNA, so that any testing needed could be done.  WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT!   In January 2010, I started my first doctor visits.  I spoke with my mom’s Oncologist regarding how in depth the cancer was and what my chances were at the time of possibly getting cancer.  I spoke to specialist about testing for certain genes that my family might have .  I finally decided something more HAD to be done.  The doctor stated with my chances of getting cancer, that it would be best for me to have testing every six months or I could go ahead and have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  That weighed heavily on me at first but with thoughts going back to all my mom and aunts had gone through, it became an easy decision….I was having surgery!  I spoke to mom’s Oncologist who recommended the perfect person to perform my Mastectomy and a great friend who had already been through the procedure introduced me to my plastic surgeon.  Together, we had the perfect team!   This was something I had to do not just for me but for my future – my kids.  I wanted to be around for them."  

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    Cyrus Webb and Patrice Tanaka introduce JOYFUL CONVERSATIONS

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    Media Personality Cyrus Webb and Joyful Living Coach Patrice Tanaka come together to form Joyful Conversations, a place where individuals can not just share their own experiences of finding joy and living in it but how they have been able to inspire others along the way. Webb and Tanaka will be hosting 4 weeks of conversations with individuals beginning Oct. 4th (and continuing Oct. 11,18 and wrapping up on the 25), using this as a springboard for other activities including joyful seminars. 

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    Patrice Peters Owner of COSMIC ENERGY FITNES

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    Changing Lives with Dance Intensified Fitness Instructor Patrice Peters

  • Patrice Rakhshani Founder of LinkedIn's Irvine Newport Linkedin Group

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    Patrice hasExpert level knowledge of LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups. Connected to group owners worldwide. Founded LinkedIn groups in the top 1% on LinkedIn globally. Dhe will share tips on linked in to help you and your business.

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    Black Bottles and John Speaks w/ Hip-Hop Artist Ron O'Neal & John Dabla

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    He is a hip-hop artist, representative of the Black Bottle Boys LES movement, and he has definitely come a long way with a ways to go. We welcome Ron O'Neal to the show to get us familiar with his music, background, the black battle movement, how it felt to receive blessings and praises from Rick Ross, and just how good is the taste of Belaire.

    We welcome a new monthly segment to the show from all the way in Minnesota to your ears. He is the host of "John Speaks" radio show on BlogTalkRadio and is an extraordinary young journalist. John Dabla is his name and from here on out he will be joining us every second WinsDay of the month to let us know what is on his mind in the segment "John Speaks."

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    Patrice Tanaka of Joyful Planet returns to #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back Patrice Tanaka to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the work she is doing through JOYFUL PLANET and how she hopes to inspire others to live a life of joy.

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    The Late Night Girls: Coiled, Confident & Chic

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    The Late Night Girls: Coiled, Confident & Chic
    Join us as we interview Naturalista and Blogger Patrice Jolene of Coiled, Confident & Chic! She'll be sharing some style tips and what natural hair meet-up she might be having next! Visit www.patricejolene.com to find out more!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Viral Rap Sensation ~ Ron Oneal

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    Ron Oneal is a viral sensation, born in Brooklyn, NY October 25th, 1985. He is a rapper who goes by his given name or simply ‘O’. All Star Weekend February 2015 the opportunity presented itself in the form of Ron Oneal being in the right place at the right time. The scene is set in the projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side Jacob Riis Houses, Ron Oneal found himself face to face with the Rick Ross. Seizing the moment Ron Oneal unleashed a verbal assault that drew onlookers and had Rick Ross not only rocking but amazed and admiring the talented MC. The result, Rick Ross exchanged contact information with him and later placed him in the “Movin Bass” video. Scores of onlookers captured the moment immediately uploading the clips to social media making it go viral. It was published on several sites such as WorldStarHipHop, Media Takeout, Bossip & More. Ron Oneal essentially broke the internet with now over 2.2 million views collectively and 1 million views on WSHH alone! A few years ago Ron Oneal got, what to him was his biggest shot, a coveted spot on BET’s 106 & Park to showcase his skills to the world however the pressure to succeed was so immense it caused Ron Oneal to choke making him lose. As fate would have it, he would redeem himself but stay humble after the Rick Ross encounter. He has since been working on his Mixtape “IF NOT ME WHO”, has his song “Double Check” (All Eyes On Me) ft  Sv Skee -https://goo.gl/LtRQQX  currently spinning on Power 105.1 by Dj Will & Dj Self, collaborated with R&B artist B. Morgan & rapper Haitian Jak on song “Come N Get It”. Opened up for French Montana Memorial weekend in Portsmouth Virginia and has internet radio buzzing with songs “Hitta O”, “Ya Boy O” and “On My Job”.


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    Upon the release of his comedy album Muscle Confusion, Comedian Mike Vecchione gives us a look into the mind of one of the most respected comedians and joke writers in New York. Mike talks about his experience wrestling and how it shaped his work ethic, discipline, and daily practice. Other topics: Sam gets a part in a movie; hot yoga; meditation; Dan Soder; earning an MA in special ed; dealing with negative feedback, Penn State, Greg Warren, Foxcatcher; joke writing tools; Opie & Jimmy; healthy eating; Sam & Phil respond to a listener who felt offended by last week’s episode; relationships; "I’ve Had It, Bro"; 30 For 30; Anya projects onto Mike; everyone gives advice to a listener who had an uncomfortable hookup with a friend; favorite comedians & specials; Patrice O’Neal; ego, spirituality; Bill Cunningham; existential meaning; goals; getting in your own way.

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    Comedian, filmmaker, boxing enthusiast Wil Sylvince joins the pod for an X rated / extra large episode touching on robots, Haitian parents, Wil’s weight gain / loss / fitness, losing both parents, depression, long term celibacy, former and roommate and pal Patrice O’Neal. Other topics include: cake trains, a 911 insult, "I’ve Had It, Bro,” and a great email from a listener wanting to know how to break it to a friend who may be interested in you that you are unavailable. Anya defends Sam, Sam freaks out, the friendzone and sexism.

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    WorldWide Solstice Festival LIVE!

    in Science

    As THOUSANDS of people across the WORLD take part in the WorldWide Solstice Festival, we'll be sharing and discussing just a few of the FANTASTIC images and news of the events here on this episode of At The Eyepiece. We may also have founders of the WorldWide Solstice Festival, Pamela Shivak and John W ONeal II call in as well and share how their individual outreach events are going LIVE on the air!  

    Have a Solstice Festival, or post solar or solstice related photos! It's that easy!
    Join the SOLARACTIVITY Facebook group for more worldwide events and post up your images!

    Our goal to share our love of all things solar with as many people as possible, to extend our reach, to cross cultural and ethnic lines, to share with the masses. Art, music, good food and good company will bring many more people to us and our telescopes, than an ad in a local paper advertising an astronomy outreach program.

    The festival will encompass BOTH solstice dates. In June, northern hemisphere participants can do outside venues while Southern Hemisphere participants can schedule indoor activities, if weather warrants that. On the December date, we northerners can host indoor or virtual events and presentations while, our southern hemisphere participants can host their WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL during their local summertime.
    If there is no local festival in your area, clubs and individuals can partner with Metroparks, civic groups and/or business interests to start their own festival. You can invite musicians, bands, artists, crafts people, food vendors, solar power representatives, etc. Let your imagination be your guide! You can partner with Metroparks, Museums, libraries, your local NASA office, etc, etc