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    Episode 15: Special Guest, Mr. Greg Popowitz

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    This week we will have Mr. Greg Popowitz, Esq on the show.  The topic will be about how to protect your business at every stage of the process.  We will discuss Intellectual Property Law, which includes patenting an idea/invention, copywriting your business content, and getting your business concepts trademarked.  The question we will be answering is "What needs to be protected in my business?"

    Mr. Popowitz is an Associate Attorney with Assouline and Berlowe: The Business Law Firm.  In addition, he is a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and focuses his practice on Intellectual Property.  His main area of legal specialty is Intellectual Property Law and Business Litigation.  So no matter what level of business you are in.  You need to know how to protect your hard work and how to prevent any unethical business matters. You not only have to listen to what he has to share, but need to for the sake of your business.

    Link: http://www.assoulineberlowe.com/


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    Are you in a relationship with baby mamma / baby father drama !? How do you deal with dating someone with a child !? What are some things that you can do in order to keep the peace ? Has the drama ruined your relationship ? Do you feel like they use their title to their advantage , overstepping boundaries? Are you against dating someone with kids ? What challenges do you face as a parent , when your baby mamma or baby father gets into a relationship ? 

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    Charles Herbers – Charles is a commercial plumbing contractor who has developed 2 inventions and gone through the patenting process.  He will be talking about this process, the pros and cons as well as his personal experience in developing a product.


    For more information about the Laws of Material Wealth Personal Development Program, please visit us at http://thelawsofmaterialwealth.com.  If you decide to order the program, please call James Renford Powell at 901-358-2226 to get the program for a discounted rate.

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    Growing a Family Business: Lisa Schaffer President FinPan

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    Few women can lead a family business in a male dominated industry like tile related manufacturing.  Fewer can balance grace, humility and ingenuity while putting family first. Lisa Schaffer nee Clear, now President of FinPan Inc. and T.Clear Corporation, has done it all: even patenting a new solution.

    ClearPath is the result of the family's need for accessibility. Lisa's niece Amy has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) aka brittle bones-leaving her confined to a wheelchair. Mother of 2, Amy could not use and enjoy the family summer home with the bathroom not accessible.  At 88, Lisa's mother struggled with a curb step and extended shower standing. With no available solution, they invented one. Now the family home has an accessible shower and the industry has a beautiful solution that doesn't require costly floor joist modifications.

    The youngest of 4, Lisa, her husband, and both sons all work for FinPan. Lisa’s family has always had a family business. Her father oversaw her grandfather’s Drywall & Plastering business, while her mother started a Laundromat and Dry Cleaners where Lisa learned to read and write starting at three years old. She and her brother Steve, who also now works for FinPan companies, would watch them as they developed the product in her father’s friend garage, learning to mix concrete. Fin Pan Inc. was born around the kitchen table, forged from the strength of family.

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    Border Security; Patenting Human Genes; Student Loan Rates

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    The Senate today rejected an amendment to the immigration overhaul bill that would have increased border security before providing a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented residents in the United States. Sen. Chuck Grassley called the process flawed and said that before handling those who are already here, measures should be taken to ensure more don’t come into the country illegally. We talk to The Hill Reporter Ramsey Cox.
    Coming up later in the program, the Supreme Court has declared that the human genome cannot be patented, at least as it occurs in nature. In what might be something of the Court trying to find a middle ground, justices did say something they create out of gene isolation could be patented making it a win for Myriad genetics – one of the players in this case – because they created a synthetic form of the genes. We will talk to Andrew Torrance, Law professor at the University of Kansas.
    Then, there’s a little-covered battle over student loan interest rates playing out in the final weeks leading up to a July 1 deadline. That’s when a prior Congressional agreement on rates expires leaving rates to double adding to the ever increases student loan debt load. Republicans want a new agreement that leaves rates more amenable to free market rates while Democrats are insisting on something more static. For more on this we now have Dylan Matthews, Reporter for the Washington Post where he focuses on taxes, budgets, and other elements of US economic and fiscal policy and currently contributes to the Post’s Wonkblog

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    Boston marathond bombing. Patenting human genes. STOCK Act.

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    Part 1: Boston Marathon Bombing
    We will get word from Boston to get an update on multiple explosions near the marathon killing at least 2 and injuring dozens others.
    Part 2: Supreme Court hears case asking whether human genes are patentable
    This morning the Supreme Court heard arguments in AMP v. Myriad in which they are being asked if a coproration can patent a human gene they extracted. The case wll likely have huge significance regarding future research into human DNA and the pursuit of cures.
    Part 3:  Congress Repeals Major Tenets of STOCK Act on Congressional Insider Trading
    Although politicos everywhere are talking about  immigration and gun control legislation this week, little is being said about one piece of legislation that was quietly passed by both houses at the end of last week and signed by President Obama only hours ago. the legislation repeals some crucial parts of a year old law, known as the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, or “STOCK” (S. 716), which required everyone from the president, down to congressional staffers, to disclose and post records of their investments online.
    Passed and signed by President Obama one year ago in order to restore public trust in the federal government and prevent insider trading, some elements faced opposition from those claiming that such disclosures are dangerous to high end political staffers.
    Today, part of the act was walked back to exclude staff level employees from the disclosure requirement. The changes do not include Senators, representatives, and executive staff.

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    Taking ideas from concept to completion

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    Have you ever had an idea for a new product but you just don't know how to move forward and put it into production?  Listen to Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BS as she speaks with Tom Gillen a Mechanical Engineer and Patented Inventor take you through the steps of concept to production. 

    Tom Gillen has 30 years of practical experience bringing products from concept to production.  He has designed for Wilson Sporting Goods, Ocular Sciences, CooperVision, Baxter Healthcare and Bisco Dental.  Tom’s visionary design is evident in a wide array of products in diverse fields from automotive to x-ray products. Currently Mr. Gillen brings his extensive knowledge to ClikTech, Inc. and works on the design, engineering, and patenting of the ClikRay products.  You can visit the ClikRay web site at www.clikray.com.

    Now, let's get your ideas out of your head and into production!



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    Supreme Court Rulings and Student Safety Month

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    Today we’ll give highlights of the major Supreme Court rulings from DNA patenting to interpretations of the Voting Rights Act to the future of Same Sex Marriage in our country. Sweeping changes are expected because of their ruling, and the economic and social outcome of Americans have now been significantly influenced by this month’s rulings.  The nine justices are now on Summer Break, but they didn’t depart without leaving their footprint on this country’s social and economic infrastructure.We’ll also give you specific ways to protect our youth during Student Safety Month...a monthlong commemoration I created in tribute to the death of my son, Mickarl D. Thomas, Jr. sixteen years ago.Insight, Information and Action....that describes today’s show topics.

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    Red Horse Unleashed!
    Mondays *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ “Red Horse Unleashed”, join your host Chris as he talks about the the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that prohibits the patenting of human genes! Imagine the horror of corporations OWNING parts of your genome!  What kind of abuses and slavery would that lead to?  Can you imagine Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, or any other less than ethical corporation OWNING a gene in your body and being able to use the courts to force you to submit to their wishes as they make a profit off of you?!   Chris Watson https://www.facebook.com/#!/chris.prepperspoitin https://www.facebook.com/ThePreppersPoitinHour?ref=hl   Tags: DNA, SCOTUS, Supreme Court, 13th amendment, Rights, politics, liberty, education, gene, genes, genetics, genome

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    Cosmic Vision News

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    Cosmic Vision News - 14JUN - Show Summary
    FULL SUMMARY WITH LINKS: http://bit.ly/11frNhD
    TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE
    FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/OjJlEq
    1.  NSA revelations - a major scale earthquake under the cabal-controlled groups.
    2.  Turkey:  Government action, concession, indigo youth love-fest , or all of them.
    3.  Greece:  Austerity cuts lead to closure of state TV network, causing large protest.
    4.  Iran election:  Iran is more like US than Americans taught; new president will not likely bow to Israeli bullying.
    5.  NASA:   ‘Alcubierre Drive’: a new hypothesis for warp-travel based on Einstein formulae.
    6.  Mars:  Planetary rovers reveal surface once had not only water, but freshwater and lots of it.
    7.   Media and disclosure:  HuffPo finally takes notice of FBI ‘Smoking Gun’ paper on disclosure.
    8.  Levitating youth blows away crowd at America’s got talent
    9.  Wildpoldsried, Germany:  Town produces 321% more energy than it uses.
    10.  CVN Re-loaded:  New website up and serving.
    11.  Not for patent:  US Supreme Court strikes down genetic patenting of human body.
    12.  Hemp farming returns to US after 60 year drought, and its benefits.  States moving on hemp legalization.
    13.  Fix The World:  Documentary film covering global issues and solutions launching on June 15.
    14  Final Words:  ‘intellectual property’ and proprietary rights in a 5D paradigm.

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    in Politics Progressive

    On tonight's episode of Liberal Dan radio I focus on DNA. Plant DNA. Human DNA. And if we have time, I will go back into some of the recent developments into the Kate Hunt case.
    Whe owns your DNA? I have already discussed how corporations are trying to patent your DNA (when what they really should be patenting is the process to find that specific gene). Now, government believes that it has the authority to keep your DNA it collects in perpetuity. Something just doesn't seem right about that. 
    Then in ruling that seems in complete contradiction to the previous one, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Monsanto and is treating corn seeds as if they were mp3s.
    That, words of redneck wisdom, headlines, tweet of the week and more, tongiht on Liberal Dan Radio: talk from the left, that's right.
    To discuss the show after the podcast, please go to liberaldan.com.